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  1. Performancemini

    A Little History?

    Hi. Haven't been on in a while. We acquired a new mini mare this past fall. I wondered if any of you could give me a little history and photos on a couple horses in her bloodlines? Graham's Hot Topic 305712B (Graham's Little Tramp HOF x Graham's Sooner Doll). Oh Cisco 52159A Bertrand's Doncha...
  2. Performancemini

    AMHR look up/photos/information

    Trying to research some background on a mare we purchased. Interested in finding out more on her side and on another stallion that is in both sides of her bloodlines. The side is Jazz' Starlite Sparkles 217482B black/white pinto 35.75". The other stallion is Paqueno Amigo 45529A black/white...
  3. Performancemini

    Mare kicks

    We bought a driving mare that drives single and clear up to 8-horse hitch and tandem. She comes to you, nickers and stalls well. But she is horrible when in heat. Squats, squirts, messy down the back legs and kicks- horses and people. She is not trustworthy when out of heat either. Still might...
  4. Performancemini

    Reclast for Osteoporosis

    Just wondered if any of you out there are using Reclast to treat Osteoporosis and what you think of it? Did you have trouble with the 'flu like' symptons and how and how long? Anything else? Is it horribly expensive? I'm not a good candidate for the orals because I have IBS and a 'nervous'...
  5. Performancemini

    Miniature Australian Shepards/MAS

    Who out there has Miniature Australian Shepards or Miniature American Shepards? I'm not totally unfamilar with them; but wanted to hear about some of yours. Different energy levels, temperments, drawbacks and positives. I am just obsessed to own one, but my husband is not sure yet. He has only...
  6. Performancemini

    Help tonight? Swelling on belly...

    I am going to call the vet bright and early in the morning...but...thought I'd check to see what some of you think too. Our 10 year old gelding has a large swelling on his belly. Runs from girth to near his sheath (sheath and area are fine/normal). It covers the whole area. It's hard. It...
  7. Performancemini

    Costume Class

    Anyone want to share your costume ideas in photos? With so many from all over the country (countries? world?) it would be fun to see how creative or funny we all are! ('course, if you have a few you want to keep 'close to your heart', that's ok too). I will share a couple of mine and my...
  8. Performancemini

    Belvidere IL Hometown Christmas Parade

    My husband, myself and my Mother participated in the Belvidere IL Hometown Christmas parade on Saturday, December 6th. Was a great day with sunshine, very little breeze and around 38 degrees. We joined another group of mini people participating and they won the "Best Walking Unit" Award! Here...
  9. Performancemini

    Working with Sculpey Clay or similar

    Just started trying to work with Sculpey brand clay. Bought it at the local 'Hobby Lobby' store. It's so STIFF!!!! Is it supposed to be that stiff. I worked it in my fingers, held it in my warm little hand, tried rolling it thinner. Tough Stuff!!! Am I doing something wrong. Am I supposed to...
  10. Performancemini

    What's for Thanksgiving this year?

    Are you doing Thanksgiving this year? Are you at home or traveling? Are you letting the restraurant do the the cooking? Tell all and let's enjoy the different menus and activities! We will be hosting the meal this year. Planning to eat at noon so my niece and her family can then go and...
  11. Performancemini


    Thought I would throw this out there one more time-because my husband would be interested too-as she was his "baby" at the time. Does anyone out there own "Pony Farm Lady Stetson"? ASPC Shetland mare.Classic. Black and white tobiano. Can't remember if she is an over or under now-think under...
  12. Performancemini

    Brag Time!

    What do you want to brag about on your kids or grandkids, etc. from this summer? My grandniece, who has been enjoying our minis since she was 18 months (she's 9 now) had a great time at the county fair-1st in Jr. Showmanship (her first time with only 6 times of practice) and 1st in "Pet Pony"...
  13. Performancemini

    Frustrated Horse?

    Our one ten year old gelding has started giving us troubles off and on in the past year. We had his teeth thoroughly done by an equine Dentist (that helped a couple things). But he is erratic in his performance in harness. One time he goes fine, the next he fusses or totally refuses to do...
  14. Performancemini

    Summer Cookout Favorites

    What are some of your favorite/standard cookout fares? 1. steaks, chicken, brats and burgers of course 2. corn on the cob with butter, salt and pepper. 3. potato salad and baked beans 4. "jello poke cake" with Cool Whip topping
  15. Performancemini

    Putting show housing on draft harness?

    OK. So I bought my husband show housings for his draft collars for christmas. Now how do we put them on correctly? And how/where do the sidechecks hook? Can't find any good photos with enough detail. He wants to use one in Single Draft at our mini show this weekend. Bryants-are you out there...
  16. Performancemini

    Tips from those with experience with Disabilities for showing

    It looks like I am going to have a permanent disability making it hard to negotiate uneven surfaces (grass, arena compositions, etc.). Walking on hard surfaces is not bad, but my ankle is somewhat stiff and it and my toe area sometimes hurt or ache; making me somewhat unstable. I cannot jog or...
  17. Performancemini

    What's Happening For Mother's Day?

    Just wondered what all of you have going for Mother's Day? My son and his fiance are taking me and my husband to supper that night. They wanted us to give them at least 3 restaurant choices and they are going to pick it and surprise us. I think I am going to take my Mom to lunch Friday or...
  18. Performancemini

    Cavalier aking Charles Spaniels

    I had to put my dear feisty little Schiperkee down 3 weeks ago. My husband has said no more dogs now; but maybe in the future. I miss him and am not ready for another anyway. For the future; I was considering the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I want a breed that is intelligent (well-there's...
  19. Performancemini

    Hay Choices

    We have just found a new hay supplier. They are a private yet commercial supplier. Their hay is forage analysis tested. We have seen samples (from 2013 anyway) of some of their bales. I just wondered how many of you felt about the different grasses. We generally don't feed straight alfalfa...
  20. Performancemini

    What will your Easter menu be?

    Do you have a standard Easter meal or dish you serve? Do you have family over or just yourself? My sister had Easter breakfast once with family and one extra couple who's grown kids couldn't make it home that year. She had eggs (however you wanted them), bacon, sausage links, toast and muffins.