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  1. kay56649

    Can I breed Jasmine safely this year?

    Ok, so last year my paint mini, Jasmine had a little palomino filly named Josie (for those of you who helped me alot when she foaled). I started weaning her last summer/fall, but winter came so fast and I had to put them back together because we don't have any other little pastures with a water...
  2. kay56649

    UPDATE!!! Jasmine and Josie

    Well, if you remember way back this spring when my mini mare, Jasmine, who is a dark brown and white pintaloosa gave birth to my 2012 palomino filly Josie!!! We had about a 70 page conversation about it (lol). Josie is now 6 months old and is doing great. She has been exposed to just about...
  3. kay56649

    Does My Mini Look Like She Could Be Show Quality?

    I had a mini foal born this spring and is a buckeroo great great granddaughter! From the pictures I have posted, does she look like she could be show quality? I am new to the mini horse showing world, so I would love some input! I'm just wondering if she could be a halter mini, a driving...
  4. kay56649

    My mini has little or no frog and hollow hooves in the front!!!!!

    My mini made has hollow hooves and either a small or Or no frog! Our farrier said its pretty weird but I have no clue what to do about It!!!! Please reply of you have any suggestions!! Do you think mini shoes would help?
  5. kay56649

    Jasmine and Josie are back

    Well, after a while of being off of the forum and since this topic helped me through Jasmine's foaling, I figured I should update you all on what they are up to!! I will post some pictures of her soon!! Jasmine is in driving training right now! I decided to teach her how to drive, even though...
  6. kay56649

    What should I do with Josie and what is happening

    My mini mare is 307 days in foal today and is bagged up, hips sunk in, vulva sagging, rubbing butt on stuff, biting at sides, and being more clingy. Does anyone know if she is close to foaling? She is bred to a stud tat is the great grandson of boones little buckeroo! I am very excited and I...