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  1. Rebecca

    Recent Artwork (in progress)

    I've designed tattoos for friends, but other than that I haven't been paid for my work. I could, of course, start somewhere if there's interest! Wow, what a great response! You are all very encouraging. I'll be sure to show more of my work here as it appears! I love what I do. Thank you all...
  2. Rebecca

    Recent Artwork (in progress)

    I haven't posted in ages, but I've been doing a lot of artwork (various types) and I thought I'd share some of my recent work. I'll be taking quite a few art classes this year; studio classes and an AP Art History class. First, here's a piece I meant to share months ago, as it was done in...
  3. Rebecca


    Wow thank you all!
  4. Rebecca

    Video of Rusty

    Thank you! Yes, he has front splint boots and bell boots. Both were ordered from National Bridle Shop, and I love them! The bell boots are the Davis brand, the cheap ones just don't do the job. Not quite sure how the splint boots are working yet, but I like them so far. Usually I don't use them...
  5. Rebecca


    Just thought I'd share a quick video of my gelding Rusty ground driving today. We've been ground driving a lot recently since one of our cart tires popped, and our first show is April 9th! He just got clipped Friday and is wearing 3 blankets most of the time, poor guy! He's been very full of it...
  6. Rebecca

    Video of Rusty

    Just a quick little video I put together of Rusty taken this afternoon. One of my cart tires popped so we've been ground driving a lot recently, as our first show is April 9th with my high school equestrian team. I know there are a few things I can fix and work on, I'd like his head set a bit...
  7. Rebecca

    Pics of the show horses

    Wow! Lookin' good! I bet they'll look FANTASTIC all cleaned up, seeing as how they all look awesome now.
  8. Rebecca

    Comment by 'Rebecca' in media '"Martins Mardi Gras Eligent Man"'

    Gorgeous! Oh my, what a looker Eli is!
  9. Rebecca

    Waiting on spring

    In hand work, long-lining, ground driving and more ground driving! Rusty's been stiff in one shoulder, causing him to turn his head to the side when hooked to the cart, and now that we've been working I've gotten him to straighten and be comfortable and happy. We're having a lot of fun...
  10. Rebecca

    Color Dilemma....

    I like the two shades of blue idea! Love their blue eyes!
  11. Rebecca

    Pictures of your 33-34" horses?

    Great topic! Here's my gelding Honeysuckle Knoll Toys Little Rusty, who is 33". This is a photo of Rusty and I at Eastern Regionals this past August, taken by the lovely and talented Sandy Revard. Rusty in his youth hunter class at Regionals, where he placed Reserve Regional Champion...
  12. Rebecca

    If you would like to see a foal being born

    Sadie is such a special mare and I'm so happy for Karen and Sadie! What a beautiful, precious filly Susie is. Sadie kept us all waiting but it was worth the wait! Becca
  13. Rebecca

    Comment by 'Rebecca' in media 'IMG_7697.JPG'

    Wow, love the photos of this guy--- he's gorgeous!
  14. Rebecca

    Just sharing

    Gorgeous photographs and lovely subjects. They seem very comical and amusing!
  15. Rebecca

    Just some winter pictures

    Very handsome snow pony. Great pictures, I love watching them run through the snow.
  16. Rebecca

    Panda- Ravenwood Aristocrats Only the Best

    Congratulations Sandy! Panda is just so gorgeous! Can't wait to see her baby. You must be so proud.
  17. Rebecca

    Rusty & I Go Sledding!

    Oops, that's what I meant by shortening the traces. Not shortening the traces themselves, but the ropes behind them. He is definitely a very good boy, and patient with all the trail and error work that goes into figuring these things out! This is how Rusty's staying in shape for show season...
  18. Rebecca


    These videos and the people in them disgust me and make me want to cry. At my high school equestrian team state competition last year there was a rather large girl riding her mini around bareback. I saw her and approached my coach, who upon seeing how upset I was went to talk to the authorities...
  19. Rebecca

    Rusty & I Go Sledding!

    After our big storm Wednesday (about 15 in. of snow total), I hooked Rusty up to the sled because we had a snow day. Tried it again yesterday, he's a blast! Steering isn't as easy as it looks but I think shortening the traces and tweaking a few things will help. We're having so much fun in all...
  20. Rebecca

    Lunging my 4 year old Paint Mare

    She is gorgeous, love the color. Hope you don't mind a bit of advice, just something you could try- She's lunging towards you in the beginning of the video, and for me, that's a biiiig no-no. Try asking her to walk out to the circle rather than trotting, so that she won't buck, remains calmer...