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  1. Squeaks

    Everything Pictures & Video

    I thought since some of us like to share and not all of us are comfortable posting a thread for a lone picture... I thought it would be a good idea to create a thread for "Everything goes" in regards to pictures or videos. Share your latest achievement, experience or just share the love of your...
  2. Squeaks

    Someone close the potato chip bag!!

    So I got myself in trouble perusing Facebook. This gorgeous registered 1 1/2 year old dun colt crossed my feed this morning and I playfully asked hubby if I could have a "mini for Easter." He kind of smirked and told me to send him the listing. Thought he was cute and told me to find some...
  3. Squeaks

    "Gliding" the trot in halter?..

    I was looking into showing this year and have plenty of work to do in hand with the minis. I'd love to get Remi going and of course Coal back in show shape... My question is in halter (or Showmanship) a particular trainer I follow "slinks" when she has the mini trot. I guess, "glide" is a little...
  4. Squeaks

    An Auction Gelding's Tale

    His picture is at the end if you don't want to read the "story" I don't mind We haven't quite decided on a name just yet. I spotted him out of about a dozen other mini's, most were plenty flashy enough... but he was the size I was looking for. It was clear he'd gotten the rotten end of a pair...
  5. Squeaks

    Boots for driving

    I'm looking to invest in a set of hoof-boots for the mini's when driving. Typically the footing can be anywhere from grass, gravel, to asphalt and I want to protect their hooves. The Build-A-Bear shoes fit our smaller guys, but of course aren't very resilient. Suggestions? Thanks!!
  6. Squeaks

    A River Visit!

    We somewhat bent the rules (although nothing says no Equine...) Took them to the river for about 20 minutes to enjoy the cool water on a very hot morning. Stayed briefly and left no trace we were there. Best way to not overstay ones welcome! Remington LOVED it. Sierra, enjoyed it for the most...
  7. Squeaks

    Remi a year later

    I'm not sure if some of you remember me (It has been awhile) Remi was the "oops" baby from a mare who was supposedly not pregnant (per a blood test) and then a year ago today he popped out! Remi is doing absolutely wonderful, freshly gelded about two or so weeks ago and mended beautifully! We...
  8. Squeaks

    Our New Driver...

    The driving bug struck when I was struggling to find a purpose for the mini's. Especially since Remy hit the ground. Friend of mine let me know a decent harness was sitting on consignment for a great price. So I snatched that up. It needed some adjustments, but a quick visit to an Amish Harness...
  9. Squeaks

    Remy "Frolicking"

    We decided to name the new addition "Remington" or "Remy." I threw together a handful of clips of him over the last couple of weeks. I have not met such a mouthy booger though. Other than that he's quite impressive! The music starts up a little late, so don't...
  10. Squeaks

    Unexpected and Waiting

    Hi Everyone, its been awhile since I've posted here, but things have been incredibly chaotic!! Hopefully some light can be shed on "Misty" here. First and foremost, thank you for reading and please forgive me on the size of the pictures. I am on an unfamiliar computer and Photobucket doesn't...
  11. Squeaks

    Smokey's First Outting

    This past Saturday we shared Smokey with our Car "club" community at our local cruise in. "Smokey" was completely and utterly unflappable. Between the loud cars, the barrage of people, and the loud music... He could not have cared less about his surroundings. We were fairly busy and it was hard...
  12. Squeaks

    My Two :)

    Good morning all, I'm new here... So first and foremost, Howdy!!! I come bearing pictures of my two little guy/gal! The first one here belongs to my husband, she's three this year. A spitfire and full of sass... Nice little mare, out of "Reece's Thunder Bay." She was purchased as a therapy...