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  1. willowoodstables

    Draft type miniatures

    Just found this thread! I broke a four for a friend and this was their first outing at a show..I did not roll the manes or braid the tails as I was more worried about getting them in and out in one piece lol. Had a friend very experienced at driving a 4 up drive them. FUN fun
  2. willowoodstables

    If you had Minis first,

    I am in Ontario Canada near Ottawa. Yes Desiree there are a bunch of the Michigan ponies in our area~ Kim
  3. willowoodstables

    If you had Minis first,

    One is a Heartbreaker the other I am not sure..both out of same mare...Running Fawn...the boys left this morning to go back to Ron's this morning for the winter..I miss them already!!!
  4. willowoodstables

    2010 Royal Champs

    Michigan's Soaring Eagle (42.5" as pony 38" as a mini) and his owner Ron McRostie were the 2010 Reserve Royal and Canadian Champions in Harness. Eagle and I were 2010 Grand Champion Stallion in hand....great way to finish the year. Many thanks to Ron for entrusting Eagle to me to train and...
  5. willowoodstables

    If you had Minis first,

    Always had hackney ponies, client had minis so I trained them all. Then he wanted a fancy mini and found him this... Michigan's Soaring Eagle 2009, 2010 Open Shetland and Reserve Grand Champion Harness Pony AND 2007-2010 Grand Champion Stallion in hand at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto...
  6. willowoodstables

    English Bulldog

    If you wish email me at [email protected] I have a way cute Bully named Max (aka Mr. Saturday Night). Got milllions of pictures of him Kim
  7. willowoodstables

    Wow...I thought my horses were bomb proof. I found this post on Youtube and I have to say I am impr

    Wow and I thought mine were traffic safe!!! I got a lot of ideas from that clip!! I LOVE the balloon! I would love to go over and learn from them!!!
  8. willowoodstables

    Video of my Modern Shetland stallion

    Andrea... What is his breeding and how tall is he at the wither with that foot/shoe? Very nice Modern, he will be very fancy and explosive in harness for sure!!! Nice nice pony! Kim
  9. willowoodstables

    Legal Calming supplements for AMHR shows?

    The Zen is herbal.....
  10. willowoodstables

    Legal Calming supplements for AMHR shows?

    Andrea.. Had a half crazed pony this summer with major brain farts at times. I started him on Cavalor Zen and wow does it work great. It is european and al FEI approved, which has a lot tighter drug rules than any state or breed association. They have tons of great great products and...
  11. willowoodstables


    Well Katherine...look me up and all you other FV and FT folks. Another great one is Country Life..i love that one the most right now feel free to add me as your friend Kim (Studholme) Macleod Ottawa, On My avatar is my bull dog
  12. willowoodstables


    I have the FB addicts forum LOL I am on Farmtown (level 42) and Farmville (level 20) and I play bejeweled. Add me as your FB friend (Kim Macleod-Ottawa Ontario ...picture of my bulldog as my avatar) and lets get higher levels LOLOL Kim
  13. willowoodstables


    All the things mentioned are in Freedman Harness. He will custom make mini harness, but traditionally makes hackney or shetland size. If wishes were harness, mine would be a Freedman mini harness. freedman harness This link takes you to the limited edition harness (I am SOOOOOOOOO lucky to...
  14. willowoodstables


    Please PM me, have had, raised, trained and bred them for 25 years. Not all you read is per say true. Kim
  15. willowoodstables


    Uber cuteness alert
  16. willowoodstables

    Nationals web cam....

    I just watched Louisville World's Championship a week or so ago and how they did it was through the Breed Association they had a full package purchase (cheaper for members) of say $80 could have been more or you could buy days for $12 a day and on the last 2 days of the Grands they charged $18...
  17. willowoodstables

    Michelle Duggar is hvaing 19th child...

    Whatever floats your boat ..have at 'r but I guess what went through my mind is how in the world could they afford to put them all through college or university?? I struggle with one paying his tuition as he is going big..(great for him)..what if they all wanted to be doctors or lawyers or vets...
  18. willowoodstables

    Performance of horses at Nationals

    never mind...wasn't worded right
  19. willowoodstables

    Fine Harness

    Oh don't kid yourself, Castledream (the winner) is no slouch! He is pretty fancy in his own right, themare was just such a freak..I can see how he (winner|) was much more consistent in his gaits, but that mare with some experience will be unbeatable. I was happy for Misdee (she owns Dreamer)...