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  1. fourluckyhorseshoes

    Liberty Pictures

    I finally ordered a couple pictures from a horse show in April. Dancer was really loving the song! Thank you to Tempus Fugit Photography.
  2. fourluckyhorseshoes

    West Virginia Miniature Horse Championship Attendees?

    Hey-- Just wondering if anyone here is planning on going to the West Virginia Miniature Horse Championship this weekend? We will be driving up on Friday night (5 + hours). It will be our first time doing an out of state and overnight show. I'm very excited and can't wait!
  3. fourluckyhorseshoes

    Aloha Select Sale Prices

    Sorry... a little late, if anyone has any questions or wants further information let me know Lots of beautiful horses at great prices Jenny #1: 32' bred to spotted jack--$150 Jenny #2: 32' bred to spotted jack--$100 1. 2012 A filly $2800 2. 2012 A/R Mare NS wanted $1500 3. 2002 A mare $300...
  4. fourluckyhorseshoes

    Green Lawn Sale Prices

    Hi-- I saw some forum members' trailers at this sale, but I didn't really meet anyone new besides a creepy guy who sat down beside me....Anyways I wrote down about 1/3 to 1/2 of the prices if anyone is interested. There was a driving horse that seemed nice, but it was hard to tell since he...
  5. fourluckyhorseshoes

    Sand Clear, Sand Colic?

    Hi Everyone-- I finally got around to getting fecal egg samples done on our horses. The vet said that there is a large amount of sand in the feces. I find this very unusual because the horses are out on fairly lush pasture, not a dry lot. The area where the horses are kept is "normal" soil, no...
  6. fourluckyhorseshoes

    Lack of Shows and Wanting to Do Something About It

    This summer my plan was to go to 2 horse shows: a small, local show in VA and the World Class Registry World Show. After being disappointed with the first one and the WC show being canceled a week before the show, something told me it is time to do something. Why are there so few mini shows in...
  7. fourluckyhorseshoes

    Fecal Egg Count Tests

    Hi-- A few years ago I got a fecal egg test kit from Ozark Mini Tack for about $15 each. I am trying to get more to test our herd, but I can't find anything cheaper than $20 each. The vet charges $12, but $50 for a farm call so that isn't the best deal. Does anyone know any good sources? I am...
  8. fourluckyhorseshoes

    Happy Fourth of July

    Happy Fourth of July!
  9. fourluckyhorseshoes

    How To Start Your Own Farm....

    Hi-- Almost everyone on the forum has an established farm, so hopefully I can get some good advice. My big question is how do you start a farm? I am looking to have a farm name even though I don't really have any land or capital yet. Just me and my minis which are boarded (for now). In the...
  10. fourluckyhorseshoes

    Bell Boots and Roadster

    What are the rules and guidelines for using bell boots in roadster? -Do you have to wear them even if your horse doesn't need them? Or is it just a "look"? -What color do you pick? Should it match your silks? or your horses color? Thanks ** I didn't realize it was registry specific, rules...
  11. fourluckyhorseshoes

    Graduation and Move to Maryland

    Hey-- I just wanted to give an update on the big changes in my life--all happening this month. I graduated from NC State on May 11th and on May 15th I got an offer letter for an internship at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland (DC area). I packed my bags, drove up...
  12. fourluckyhorseshoes

    Amongst the Roses

    Despite having to give her a bath in the rain on Saturday I think I did a fairly good job of a barn clip. She'll be in a show in about a month so I left her legs and ears undone.
  13. fourluckyhorseshoes

    Anyone going to ECMHC Spring Fling?

    I'm surprised no one has posted this yet, but ECMHC Spring Fling is this Thursday though Sunday in Williamston, NC. I really wanted to bring Dancer, but I have to help out with our class livestock auction on Saturday, so I'll be there Thursday though Friday afternoon. I really love this show and...
  14. fourluckyhorseshoes

    Feeding for Show Day

    I am looking for feeding suggestions for the day before and day of a show. I have an all around performance horse that will be in quite a few jumping, obstacle, and driving classes. What is a good feeding plan the day before and day of to make sure she has enough energy, but also doesn't get the...
  15. fourluckyhorseshoes

    Sew for Good

    Hey-- Just wanted to share what I've been making---they are little "smock" for premies in the NICU at hospitals. I can't wait to deliver them next week. I found the pattern online and got hooked. So far I've made over 40. Although they are simple it takes forever (and a ton of threat) to surge...
  16. fourluckyhorseshoes

    Update on my Lil' Chips

    A couple pictures of my guys--- Dancer: Poor southern girl probably hasn't seen this much snow in a while Treasure-: I was worming another horse and he was sooo convinced I had a treat I let him "sample" the wormer. He bit the tube and wouldn't let go. I guess later he realized it didn't taste...
  17. fourluckyhorseshoes

    Quick Clipper Question

    I have an Oster A-5 Turbo and someone was offering discounting blades that fit his Double Ks and Andis Super 2s. Will these blades work with my Oster? Thanks
  18. fourluckyhorseshoes

    Calling all VA Mini Owners

    Hey Everyone !! The Virginia Miniature Horse Club has a new Facebook page and we'd love for people to "like" our page. We are trying to increase our web presence and make sure our events are more public. Our summer show (open to all minis and show ponies) will be June 22, 2013. I will post...
  19. fourluckyhorseshoes

    Pictures Needed for a Show Flyer

    Hi-- I'm putting together a flyer for a miniature horse show and possibly a program. I am looking for good pictures to put on the flyer, so if you have any horse show pictures that you don't mind me using can you please post them? Thanks
  20. fourluckyhorseshoes

    Name Ideas for a Summer Show

    Hi Everyone-- I'm looking for some fun and creative names for a Mini Horse Club Summer Horse Show. It doesn't have to be completely original but I'd like something better than "Summer Classic." Thanks