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  1. Boss Mare

    Ulcers? Weather?

    This isn't mini related, but horse related. Please move / delete if it's not allowed. I appreciate any advice. Thank you in advance. I have a 17 year old (estimated) QH cross. I've never really had any issues with him. The last few days he seems more low key than usual. Our weather is bitter...
  2. Boss Mare

    Much Advice Needed

    Some of you may remember my other post about opening a grooming salon with a friend of mine.. Well, we opened about a month late and things aren't exactly what I expected, maybe I am the harsh one here. My name isn't on the lease nor do I have an obligation contract to my business partner - we...
  3. Boss Mare

    Grooming Salons, Help

    What do YOU look for when choosing a grooming salon for your pet? After all of these years of being a professional dog groomer I have decided to take the plunge and open my own salon. I am actually opening it with a co-owner / a friend. She already owns her own successful mobile grooming...
  4. Boss Mare

    Household Tips

    Please share your household tips! I am sure I will think of more as I am a clean freak and always cleaning or organizing.. and look forward to all your tips and hints! -Cover your box spring with a fitted sheet. My adorable, yet so "bad" puppy used to think it was fun to go under the bed and...
  5. Boss Mare

    Hay Bale Wire Warning

    I didn't want to post this on the horse forum as it's not entirely horse related. For many years, I have used hay bales that are bound with wire. Always knew the 'dangers' and always tried to be careful - folding wire ends once cut, bagging the wire & safety disposing. Yesterday, as usual went...
  6. Boss Mare

    New Hampshire

    What can you tell me about the state of New Hampshire? Please list all pros and cons. It's always a state I've considered moving too -- don't know why, just have always been intrigued and am considering it as a possibility when buying a house and land in the future (a year or so?). Never even...
  7. Boss Mare

    Older Dog, New Behavior

    Pepper is an older Beagle/Pointer? cross.. Age is unknown, she was a rescue. My partner rescued her a few years ago. She was used as a breeder at a puppy mill. A dog that should weigh about 45-50lbs. was 27lbs. at the time of rescue. She gained weight (got up to 55lbs.), spayed, vetted, etc. She...
  8. Boss Mare

    Housebreaking A Dachshund

    I feel like I have really messed up training my last dog. Spencer is a 15 month old Dachshund, spayed. I bought her at 8 weeks old and she was wee wee pad trained by the breeder. I knew better but continued using them. I also never crate trained her, instead she has a dog play pen. She is not...
  9. Boss Mare

    Marriage Proposals

    I've decided to ask my Girlfriend to marry me. Thanks to the Maryland Law passing! We are trying to have a baby.. She is my best friend and was my best friend before dating. She makes me a better person and overall I have never been so content and happy! I've known her for many years and...
  10. Boss Mare

    Tax Question

    Any help would be appreciated, I have an email to my district manager and am waiting to hear her reaponse -- I worked at three locations in 2012. I received my W2 from my previous jobs. From the end of November 2012 - current I am with a new employer as an independant contractor (dog groomer)...
  11. Boss Mare

    Heated Mattress Pad

    Can I just say I am in LOVE with my new heated mattress pad! I am not a fan of heating pads, heated blankets or seat warmers in cars. However -- I decided to purchase one the other night because I seem to always be cold lately. It's so soothing and not to mention feels great on my back, knees...
  12. Boss Mare

    Littermaid Litter Box?

    Recently purchased the Littermaid brand automatic litter box. They were 50% off for all Petco associates / where my GF works, so decided to give it a try. We have two strictly indoor cats, scoop their pervious litter box several times a week, disinfected it once and totally replaced it every...
  13. Boss Mare

    Lawyers or Similar?

    I have some legal concerns I have been researching.. If any of you guys are lawyers (or alike) or believe they can offer me advice please contact me: [email protected] Thank you!
  14. Boss Mare

    Retained Puppy Teeth?

    When should I start being concerned about my Dachshund Puppy? She was born 12/24/2011, spayed just before four months and no sign of losing puppy teeth yet. Now at going on seven months within the last month or so has been losing her puppy teeth. However three canines (two bottom and one top)...
  15. Boss Mare

    Ground Turkey Recipes?

    I am in need of some ground turkey recipes. I am not a big fan of red meat, however I do love a good steak! I already substitute ground beef for ground turkey for the usual - tacos, burgers, baked pasta dishes such as lagsana and ziti.. However I am looking for alternative ideas. I am somewhat...
  16. Boss Mare

    Coincidence? Dog Food?

    My almost three year old Miniature Dachahund has been on Natural Balance -Duck- most of her life. Natural Balance released a new line of "Alpha" food I wanted to try, the protein source is fish. I gradually introduce the new food. Each dog loved it and handle the transition well. Jaycee has...
  17. Boss Mare

    New Job / Taking Clients?

    I am a professional dog groomer that has had the same place of employment for seven years. Obviously, over the years I have developed a relationship with my customers, their pets and have a large list of clientele that only wants me to groom their companion. April 7th is my last day at my...
  18. Boss Mare


    I am curious at why age you prefer to spay your female puppies? Spencer is a miniature dachshund, born 12/23/11. I have done spaying and neutering before but at 5 to 6 months. Also, laser or traditional? Is laser worth the additional charge? Thanks!
  19. Boss Mare

    My Two Little Loves!!

    This is Ayden the day we purchased him from Lyn! We had to stop by my work for a bath and nail trimming.. Ayden, so determined to follow me! Ayden's shirt says, "Here Comes Trouble": AND then I purchased another pup from Lyn back in Feb.. Meet Jaxson! Jaxson has the most amazing...
  20. Boss Mare


    Warning # 1: Some photos contain snakes doing what they do best - eating!! If you do not wish to view these photos, please don't. Also I may add - I only feed frozen rodents, NEVER live!! Warning # 2: LOTS of pics!! My "Snake Room" complete with 8 ft. wall unit cages. Sniper & Zajonc...