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    Recommendations! WHO IS RELIABLE?

    Hi, wanted to know if anyone out there would recommend a hauler they have personally used themselves? I need one to haul a mini for me and want to get one I can trust. I need to get a colt hauled very soon from Kansas to NC and want one that will stall him byhimself and take really good care...
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    need a web site address

    Could someone help me find Timber Ridge 's web site ? I have looked and can not find it. Thanks in Advance!!!
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    Hi, First time here. Have always been on the mini board. My daughter wants a bigger pony to show at world class show and do some open shows. I have search high and low to no avail. Does anyone out there have a quiet very broke pony gelding for sale for a 5 year old. Mostly all lead line and...
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    Help! Equine Retirement centers

    Wanted to know if anyone knows of any equine retirement places close to NC or VA? Have a freind who is interested in opening one and needs some pointers. Also someone who is looking to find a place for her horse for retirement only - not to be put up for adoption. This would be for big as well...
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    What do you call this pinto

    Ok, Looked at a pinto todaymaybe will buy her. Don't know all the pinto names yet. She is what I would call a bay pinto mostly a bay body color and white with the color over lapping and seems to have those paw prints everyone talks about, she has a solid head with big star and a large snip on...
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    Where do I find

    Where do I find this clipper info page. Do I go to Lil Beginnings home? Sorry must be blind but trying not to bother anyone on the clipper buying thing, I don't want to wear it out but trying to make a decision. Thanks anyone who can direct me.
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    Help! Maybe I messed up!

    I guess I should have come here with all my questions! I just purchased the Stewart by Oster Clipmaster clippers for body clipping. I haven't read a thing about them on here. Did I mess up? Also, I was going to buy another set to do the finish work and small or hard to reach areas. Had thought...
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    Driving horses feet - how to trim

    Hi everyone! I need some advise on trimming my driving horses feet please. I went to a show not long ago with plans on showing a mare I have in all the driving classes I could. I started out in lead line and daughter won first place with this mare, I went in color class and won 4th. Everytime...
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    trying to post picture
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    Posting Pictures

    Do I need a web site to post pictures on this forum? Any help would be great with this.
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    Another mini mule born last night!

    Hi everyone, Well we did it again! My second mare delivered her little mini molly mule last night at 8 pm. She has a beautiful heart shaped blaze, white sock and spots with a white belly! I think she might be grey and white or go a little darker. Mom is a true black mare and dad is a grey...
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    mini molly mule baby

    Hi, Just wanted to let everyone know I have sold my mini molly mule baby at three weeks old. She is top notch and has perfect conformation. Second mini mule baby due any day and she will be for sale also. Will keep everyone informed. Wanted to brag a little also- I took the mini jack that is...
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    Sorry for all the posts- age and no sleep really is getting to me!! Does anyone know how to get pictures from a CD to this forum? I'm also not veery computor smart too Thanks
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    Mini Mule Born!!!

    Hi everyone, The mare I had that was due in Oct. had her baby! She is a week old today!! Everything went fine. I checked her the last time at 3:25 am she was standing and sleeping in her stall (momma), the next time we checked her was at 7 am and there stood the foal. She was still wet and the...
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    Mini Molly Mule born today!

    Born early this morning between 6-7am. We checked her the last time at 3:30 am came back in and fell to sleep . She was sound asleep herself! My husband went out to work at 7 am and went to let all the horses out and there she stood!! Surprise! She was less than 30 mins old and already...
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    Mini mules soon to be born!!!

    Just wanted to let everyone know my mini mule babies will soon be here. Both of my minis are due anytime. Actually, from what the man said whom I bought them from, they were supposed to be a month apart. But, I think they are going to deliver together or very close to each other. One was due in...
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    New Donkey Owner!

    Hi everyone! I am new to the Donkey Forum . Just went and bought two new minis mares and in the deal I got a mini spotted donkey thrown in for good measure. The two mares have been bred by the donkey and I got the test back yestarday that confirmed them both postive. So looks like I will soon...