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    If it wasn't for bad luck...

    We lost our mare and her colt this year. The colt's head was wrong and it took three hours to get him out. The vet did what he could for her, but the damage was too much for her. We lost her two days later.
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    RIP Bickels Tattoo Shady Lady

    I am so sorry for your lost. I am glad that she knew love and kindness.
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    Leslie, I am your Secret Santa. I am sorry I have been working long hours and this is the first time to check forum. I am glad that you like the gift. Marion
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    Pedigree Help

    For AMHA stud book LBFs Birthday Surprise only has two offspring listed. The breeder was Wade Burns. He might be someone you can contact to get information on her.
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    Handling a mini stud who wants to rare up

    I know that our stallion started rearing up after he had EPM. The only time he does it though is when we trim his hooves. He is still not certain about were his feet are suppose to be. He never reared until then and has done so ever since; however we get him to lay on the ground and do his...
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    Thank you, Denise for all the wonderful gifts. I wanted to tell you my husband is from Indiana. I love the pictures of the barn. We want to build a new barn so we are looking into a new barn. The Santa was great, the pillow is wonderful, and the calendar was beautiful.
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    What a wonderful surprise....

    That is awesome.
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    Mare with EPM --

    Someone sent me an email last night to a place that sells Marquis by the tube and I will be buying it tomorrow. So far the vet has her on anitbotics and it is not working as well so we are going to buy one tube. They will not sell it without a prescription. So have to wait until the vet is open...
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    Picture of my 3 year old and our foal

    They are both very cute.
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    D.M. Miniature Sale Forum Family Pictures

    Sounds like you had fun. Love the horses you bought.
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    Mini Trailer Arrived - Additional Pics for Those Who Asked

    I was raised 10 miles from where they made those trailers. My grandfather used them all the time. We are going to buy one for our minis this year. Your trailer looks great. :aktion033:
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    What would you do in regards

    I have used lots of horses in my pedigree reference page. I have tried to credit everyone I got the picture from and give a link to their website. I have not linked to their site because of the bandwidth problem. My website crased, and I have been trying to get all the information back below...
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    Critique w/out regrets

    She is pretty, and she would definately fit right in with my herd of horses. I like her looks, but then I see what you are calling faults in her. But I still like her.
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    Mare with EPM --

    I have a mare that has contracted EPM. Right now we are giving her antibotics twice a day. We were going to buy the tube "Marquis" that is made for EPM but you have to buy for a 1000 pound horse and mine only weighs 200 pounds. Is there anyone out there that nows of a vet or has an extra tube of...
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    AMHR Look-up please...

    I checked for you and she is not under that name. She could she have another name that she was under?
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    I clipped a few of my foals :-)

    They are cute. I have one that is not much over 19" this year. He acts like Cowboy too. He thinks that he is the stud of the herd until the stallion comes around then he acts very nice until he turns his back then he is back to acting bad. Oh well, his is just like his father.
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    New Pics of Diva and Prissy

    They are very pretty girls.
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    Rest In Pease THR Justa Pistol Pipper

    I am so sorry for the loss a truely loved mini. No words can express help your sorrow or pain, but many hugs and prayers for you over his death.
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    looking for pictures and information

    I have a picture of Sligo Sam on my website