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    Lipizzan Stallions

    They were gorgeous! The performances were beautifully done, with great classical music and an announcer who had a flair for telling the information and stories between performances. When the horses first came out I began crying. I know, crying?! Yeah, horses get to me that way. I saw the...
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    This little hen has to crow!

    My mother called me last night to tell me about my (Nov) b-day present, so I wouldn't duplicate. She bought me (expensive!) tickets for the December 3rd performance of the Lipizzaner Stallions in Atlanta! Less than 45 minutes from my home! The Lipizzaner Stallions have not performed in...
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    Wounds and scarring on pasterns, a "?"

    My 2 year old filly injured her Left rear pastern about 10 days ago. I do not know how she did it, it looks like a twine-tangle injury, but I could find no twine! I feed round bales and remove the twine when it goes into the feeder. She is also kept in a pipe-panel corral. Each panel has a...