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    registering 2 mares

    I am buying 2 sorrel mares and neither has been registered, ones 10 and 0ne is 3, I have the mother of the 3 year old here with us, How much would it cost me to register these 2 horses in AMHR, and can the 10 year old be registered?
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    New filly

    Had a new little filly born May 31, at 4:50 AM, wasn't home to see it being born, I was in the hospital didn't see it till a week later when I got out, Hubby brought pics to hospital so I could see them, Nurses all came in and looked at them some never seen a new foal before or even a mini. Here...
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    My Blue Roan

    My Blue Roan before I got her was bred and it was still born the placenta tore and the baby was born dead. I didn't know this until I talked to the old owner to get some info on if she has had a hard time breeding, I bred her last July to my stallion, could this happen agin to her? If I would...
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    My Kitty

    My little kitty who I had for 22 years died in his sleep last nite, I got him one day when we were having a family picnic in are yard, Someone dropped him and his brother off on the road they were just little kittens and they came over to join the picnic, his brother died about 15 years ago his...
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    Filly Fairy did not show up here but

    The filly fairy did not show up at our place Saturday morning but we got a beautiful little colt, stands about 17 to 18 in. Don't know what color he is yet, he looks white and has pink coloring around his eyes. His name is Golds Morning Rae, we will call him Rae, He is named after White Gold...
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    Sand Colic HELP

    Hi, I have a big horse that is laying down alot today we went and checked her, she has sand colic, we are walking her and when she poops its got alot of sand in it, We went and got some Metamucil and are giving it to her. Is there anything else we should be doing, this has never happened her...
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    My preg. mare

    Had vet out today to check my mare, she has been coughing alot, so hard that she almost falls down, started bad day before yesterday, Yesterday I called the vet to come out and they didn't have time, their so busy. Well today a vet came out not one I usually have, this one didn't know to much...
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    any one have this before

    I have a mare that is pretty close to foaling, this week she started coughing alot, she does have allergys, I do have allergy meds for her but don't want to give them because of the baby, Everytime she turns around she is coughing also shaking her head, Could this have anything to do with the...
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    Breeding buckskin pinto and palomino

    I have a buckskin stallion and a palomino mare that I was thinking of breeding together next month, I was wondering if this would be a good match, My main stallion is a pinto and is hemog. I know I would get another pinto out of him and I would like to try for something different. Could I...
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    My preg. mare

    My preg. mare acting funny, thought maybe she was colicking but vet said no, he said when they colic they stay down and are in pain and roll, my mare has been down 3 times since 2:45, she gets down rolls a couple times gets up and eats alittle, her tail is really swishing side ways and up and...
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    My prego. mare

    Hello, I have a preg. mare that should have her baby in the next week or two, The problem is she is not getting any bigger, she looked bigger a couple weeks ago and she is not bagging up much, the baby was very active but in the last few days it isn't moving, is this normal being she don't have...
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    would like info on these 3 horses.

    I would like to find some info on these 3 horses, El Pandita a gray pinto and Double O's Mr Ralph "Moto" (AMHA) and Doug's Patchy Girl. Thanks.
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    Michelle Halverson's in River Falls, Wisconsin, free clinic

    Does anyone here know how to get to her place? We can get to Park Falls. I wrote to get some info but haven't heard anything, tomorrow is the clinic. I think it will be very interesting and it would be good info for us being that were new to minis, We've only had minis for about a year and half.
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    How much oil for weight gain?

    Hi, have a couple horses that need a little weight put on, how much do I give them and what kind of oil Corn or veg.
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    Fires in Texas

    Hope everyone that lives is Texas live away from the fires, Stay safe, take care yourself and your animals.
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    My preg. mare

    My little palomino pinto is just starting to mush up in back and bag just starting, About how long after she starts to mush up does she have. Her due date is end of March first part of April we think, The lady that had her last year said she foals early and gets a large bag. She is very...
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    preggo mare shots

    I have a preg. mare that is suppose to have baby toward end of month, I did not give her her shots yet, time getting away from me, can I give her her shots now and if so which ones can I give her.
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    Do not understand futurity

    My stallion's sire was futurity nominated in 1997 with HAME(futurity Champion) MN. AMHR futurity Champion, MN. AMHA Futurity Reserve Champion, and in 1998 quilified for Futuritys in all above and MMHC, never knew what this meant, Could someone explain this to me and is this for show horses or...
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    how to trin 8 month old foals for lead rope.

    My 2 - 8 month old foals will not get use to a lead rope, I don't want to pull them or have them fall and hurt themselves. This weather doesn't help either, can't get them out where I can train them we have about 90 in. of snow on the ground here. What is the best way to train them? they are use...
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    Will a wireless camera work in a barn with medal roof and wood siding

    My barn has a medal roof with wood sides, do you know if a wireless camera would work in my barn being it has wood siding?