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    Ebay Sellers, need guidance

    I am not an Ebay seller but am thinking of doing a bit of it here shortly. I need to get any advice I can from those of you that sell regularly on Ebay. I have not done this at all in years now and will be starting from absolute scratch. I am currently reading all of the selling topics on the...
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    Not Obama, Not MCain, then who?

    Ok, so, the choices are which is the lesser of two evils at this point. For the most part we all agree on that. So, out of curiosity, if you could decide someone else, who would you like to see in office as President of the US? You can choose anyone that would be of the right age, and...
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    A link, A video, and a Question

    Ok, this is a link to a video, yes it is about Obama, but I am posting more as a question. Please go watch it and someone tell me why Obama does not just produce the requested papers? I must have missed something as I just don't understand why not just hand them over and have it done...
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    Samantha Update

    Okk so it is just one quick picture but I will try to add more. This ended up being the highlight of our event this weekend and there are now people all over California and Oregon with this image as their screensavers on their phones. LOL She loves to be in things, boxes, bags, under the...
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    We have EYES!!!!!!

    I just had to post the eyes open picture here. These are the two yellow females we have. One obviously had her eyes open first and they are a little more wide.Both are alreayd spoken for so it is safe to post this. LOL They are 2 1/2 weeks old now.
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    Totally kissable!!

    LOL, here is a full face shot of one of our pups. Since we have fifteen right now it was hard to choose which one to take a picture of. LOL But this little girl was so cooperative. They are five days old now. And just so sweet!!
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    Newborn Puppies!!!! Pictures included.

    Our black lab, Sadie, was bred to our yellow male, Gauge and on May 25th Sadie gave birth to 10 puppies. We had one not quite right and we did lose that one but nine are healthy and happy little pups. We originally had five yellow and five black, we lost a yellow male. We travel in a forty...
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    New baby to share here! Thank you Matt!!!!!

    Ok so first the little story to share. When Matt's cat had the first litter of kittens I told him I really thought one of them needed to come to my house. Well, it wa all worked out but we found out that the flight was not allowable due to temerature constrictions so, I had to let the little...
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    Ooohhhhh MMaaatttttt..........................

    I know I am a pain huh? But I sure would love to see what they look like now with all their eyes open. How are Abbie and Jenna doing? How are all the babies? I know youa re a busy man but could you maybe post a couple of pictures if you have a few minutes? Pretty please???
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    Here kitty kitty kitty..........

    Could we have an update on the kitties? How is Mama Abbie doing with all of her babies? How is Jenna doing? Oh, and I don't think anyone would say no if you wanted to post a picture or two........
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    Heath Ledger

    28 year old Heath Ledger has passed away. Nothing yet on why or what of but they found him in his New York Appt dead today. So sad. I really liked his work.
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    The sexy new blond man in my life!

    Yup! There is a new man in my life and boy is hubby jealous! After looking high and low for a couple of years now, I have finally found my new stud muffin. Here is the new guy "Gauge". Gypsy Winds Golden Gauge 10 week old Yellow Lab He is just a great pup. Smart as a whip! I usually...
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    Update on my daughter

    Well, the good news is we are home. Finally! Four days in the hospital has not been anything good. We are both very very tired and very worn out. My daughter had a bone marrow biopsy yesterday so she is also very sore today. We will get the results of that next week and they plan to do more...
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    Prayer request please

    This is fast as I am on my way out the door. My youngest daughter Kaitlyn who is 15, has been sick off and on for the last three weeks. Short story so I can leave and I will fill in more later, she has to go to the hospital right now for a blood transfusion and then tomorrow or Wed. I have to...
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    Something nice to read

    Kind of long but worth it. Even if you are not a horse lover this is so well written... by Lauren Davis Baker God gives us horses and compels some of us to love them. Yet why does the horse, an animal with such a big heart, live such a short life? Perhaps it's because if our horses lived...
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    Must see video

    I just got this in an email. It is a video of a baby elephant being born. Kind of poor quality but so neat!! Baby Elephant
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    Foaling Season Reminder

    I just wanted to remind ourselves and our new people to the board especially. Foaling season is about to begin here on the forum and it usually does not start off happy. This is the time of year when our mares have a month or two or three to go and we tend to get those late term abortions. It...
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    Ahnya's First Christmas

    Here is Schon Ahnya Vom Gypsy Winds on her very first Christmas. Notice her smile. : She is a happy dog. She also talks. I am working with her on I love you and she is very close. Her breeder says German Shepherd Dogs don't talk. I said come on over and see for yourself! This is my...
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    Embroidery, anyone have a high end machine?

    I have never embroidered anything. I am completely new to it, but we are thinking about adding an embroidery service to our business. It would be mainly hats adn shirts, but occasionally a duffle bag or jacket as well. Does anyone have a machine like the Tajima NEO or the like that could tell...
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    Someone teach me to say NO!!!

    Ok, so here is the story. (kinda long though) My oldest daughter had this beautiful cat named Mischeif. He was incredible. Well, he got out one day and got hit by a car. This was about three years ago now and she and the rest of us too, have all be devastated by his loss. He was quite the...