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    Question about Dentist

    AT what age do you have their teeth done? I have a appointment at the local dental school this week and we are taking all of our horses. MY question is I have 4 weanlings-yearlings should I take them also or just skip them? Cost is not a factor, the work is free because it is the students...
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    PtHA 2006 World Show

    Am I seeing things or actually "not seeing things?" :
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    Well I learned a very hard lesson, we leased one of our horses (big) to a friend of ours for their daughter to ride. I know these people and have seen their other horses so I was not concerned. My husband and I went to see our horse and we were shocked! He is a quarter horse and a very stocky...
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    Question about AMHR

    My stud will be three on March 19th, do I have to wait until that date to send in permanent height papers? Thanks
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    Looking for a vet

    I need to find a vet in Michigan around the Saginaw area that does minis!! I have a couple of mares that need to be checked and my regular vet can't do it!! So if anyone knows of a good vet in Michigan that does minis, I am even willing to haul them to get them checked!! Thanks
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    Lookup Please

    Can someone lookup in AMHA my studs pedigree, Little Kings Blaze My Dream Thank You
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    I need help

    I am having an outbreak of strangles and my 2 yr old stud is in bad shape, his temp is 104.5 and he is foaming at the mouth, and breathing is very bad. The vet was out yesterday and said it has moved into his sinuses. I can't put him on antibiotics cause it will make the strangles worse. Our...
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    Strangles!! Does anyone know if I go and get the vaccine to give to the others if it will help or is it to late? I know you are not vets but if anyone can suggest an answer I would appreciate it!! Thanks
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    Need help finding

    I am looking for a trainer in Michigan or surrounding area that can train and show but doesn't cost a mortgage payment!! I have a stud that I would like to have shown and trained, but my husband won't let me spend alot of money in training fees so if anyone knows of any good trainers in this...
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    Help, with color

    I have a two month old colt who's sire is a silver dapple pinto and dam is a red roan color. What color is my boy? Can some email me and I can send them a pic of him to post!! Thank You very much!!
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    Does anyone have pics of the following

    Can anyone tell me what color these horses are and if they have pics? I am trying to decide if the mare I have is a red roan or an appy. Thanks Mhoon's Little King's Rose Little King's Monarch Mhoon's Spotted Rose 4 G's Fashionable Short Stuff Thank You!!
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    When to Geld?

    What age do you geld your foals? I have decided to keep one of our boys for my daughter to show next year and I am wondering when do you geld? We have always gelded our QH & paint horses around 1-2 yrs old. What about jacks also? Thank you
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    New to mini donkeys

    We got our first donkey a few months ago and he just turned a year old the end of July. He has not dropped either nut yet, when should he and should I be concerned? We are going to have him gelded, we were trying to wait for him to drop, but should we just go ahead and do it? Thanks
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    Lookup Please!!

    Can some one lookup Burkes Sadie in AMHR #64771A. Thanks
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    Where can I find...

    Where can I find the pregnacy tests? I have a couple of mares that are suppose to be bred for this year and I am wondering if they are!! Thanks
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    Help, I need advice

    I am having a very hard time trying to decide if we should put a mare down. We got this mare 2.5 yrs ago, from a breeding farm, I had gone to look at some riding horses with a neighbor, well they were telling me about some of their bloodlines and this mare is bred very well, I looked at her and...
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    AMHR question and lookup

    Can anyone tell me if you can register a foal, AMHR, if one parent is AMHR/AMHA and the other is AMHA only? Thanks Also can anyone lookup Crescendos Flaming Patriot in AMHR Thanks Heidi
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    Help, with a yearling needed

    Last winter my girlfriend and I rescued 11 minis, well she kept 4 of them and one of the yearling fillies has always got the runs, there is some form but very little. She is always messy in the rear and rear legs. She has been wormed and had shots, she is very cow hocked which I think is from...