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    Infrared Sauna, anyone have one?

    I have been reading about the Infrared Sauna and would like one for my home. Does anyone have one and would like to give their opinion about it, the pros and cons.
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    Mud Wrap..Dead Sea, Herbal Question

    Has anyone ever had or done a mud wrap? My sister and I have decided we need to have spa days together, to beautify ourselves, which is going to take along time, LOL so I have been purchasing items to use. I have purchased some dead sea mud and was wondering about the proper way to use it...
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    Need information on gelding?

    I recently made arrangements to have 2 of my boys gelded and was surprised when the receptionist, after consulting with the vet, advised that I did NOT have to withhold food prior to surgery. When I had my other male gelded that Vet Clinic told me to not feed him 12 hours prior to surgery...
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    New Foal - Colour Question

    Well, my new colt came into this world 19 days early, but everything is fine. I believe he is a TRUE tobiano, but am a bit confused. If someone would offer to post his picture, I will e-mail it to you, otherwise I will describe him. He is a b/w. The only white he has is about a four to five...