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    Tail worth money!!!!!!

    Got this email and thought I would post it for this lady that I do not know But anyway --here's a way to pay for gas this summer... Start brushing and braining those tails. I used to keep my mini stallions tail long.. When he showed he looked like a little Saddlebred as he had that kind of...
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    Tunica Show!!

    Hello to all, Just wanting to check in with you and let you know the Tunica show will be taking credit card charges for your entries in case you need that cash for gas.... I can take your credit card with your entries sent in or you can charge your entries at the show.... The show is...
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    Tunica Show

    Hi All, Just thought I would remind you all that the Tunica show flyers are out and if you did not get your show book, please ley me know, would be more then glad to send you a booklet!! We are still planning a great time....... Please plan to join us for a fun filled four judge...
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    Tunica, Tunica, Tunica

    Hey Gang, Things are really wrapping up for the Tunica show... Four judges, Sonny & Cher guest appearance, Elvis on stage to sing with the live rock band. Mardi Gras Parade to kick off the party Saturday night. (Custom Gold watch to be awarded to the best turn out in the parade donated by...
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    Tunica Information

    May 30, 31 & June 1, 2008 “SAM’S TOWN SHOWDOWN X’ S THREE Plus One” Offering Four Judges officiating the following ASPC/AMHR Divisions Classic Shetlands Over’s & Under’s - Modern - Modern Pleasure - ASPR American Miniature Horse “A” & “B” Classes Judge George Connor, Gaitlinburg, TN 2008...