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    Love :)

    Lets chose love insted of hate. Some questions for those who oppose gay marrige. How does gays getting married effect YOUR straight marrige?, They arent going to legalize gay marrige and ban straight marrige. Why do some of yall think marrige is only for christians? Becuase my parents...
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    My photography!

    =] I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section. I will add more later =]
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    Okay,please dont be offended. I don't want haters,but I am posting this on a public fourm so thats what I get...xD I dont understand "god". I mean,do you honestly belive in the bottom of your heart that there is a magic dude in the sky that controls who we love,what we do,and such? Do you...
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    Hair style?

    I just got reall bored with my hair style latley. I've had it forever. xP Any ideas for a new one? Btw,here is a pic of me. (sorry for poor quality,I took it with my dads cell phone.)
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    Whats your youtube username? We could all be friends xDDDDDDD
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    It's the first ever DCT for 2mro!

    Hello!,uh we used to have this on the youth form but since there are more people here and I wanted to start the new one here!....this is just a chat thread! We can talk about ANYTHING! This is the one for January 5th 2009! So on the 10th I'll start a new thread! K......? Post away!
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    what was your favorite thing you got for christmas?!

    What was your fav item you got for x-mas? Mine was a vera bradley bag! The Amy in Java blue!
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    J♥nas Br♥ther's Fans

    What do you think of joe jonas dating taylor swift I know alot of fans ARE NOT happy about this I like it there both amazing singers and they will probily break up soon anyway Nick jonas dating selena gomez ALOT of people like her more than miley and are happy about this I like selena but she...
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    Help I am deathly affraid of grass hoppers!

    They scare the crap out of me HELP! please! please! please please! I would like rather die then see one!
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    Blog entrie delete

    i had an entrie deleted but didnt say anthing in ipropriat i just said please vist my website! well heres my website My Website
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  12. M My username is GOAT4BROKE you can pm me on there if you want!
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    guitar hero 3

    I got it for my b-day and i finished easy but i cant beat anything on medium any tips!
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    I was @ king island yesterday and i was trying to catch up to my friends and parents and i walk in front off this rude lady I WAS NOT IN LINE and this person followed me and then BEAT ME like hit me on the arm and it really hurt KWIM btw its good now. But after the assult she said SCUZE YOU my...
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    Giant dog owners - what are you feeding?

    We have a 5 year old great pyrenees and I'm searching for a new food. Right now he's getting Nutro Ultra but it just doesn't seem to be doing much for him. Tried Science Diet before and that didn't agree with him.... he spent years eating something from the local feed store, but they changed...