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    I believe that this is very normal for the tongue to be sticking out. I remember when my colt was born and his tongue stuck out, it was a bit of a shock, but I remembered reading in Theresa Jones's book on foaling, that it was normal. Congratulations on your filly, she is adorable. Looking at...
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    The good news is the mare is okay.

    Judy, I am so sorry to hear about Pewter and her foal. Will keep you in my thoughts.
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    is mare maiden who lost first two foals

    I would NOT consider her to be a maiden mare. I look at it this way, if I were looking to purchase a mare and she was described as a "maiden mare", I would assume, yes I know, makes a butt out of YOU and ME, that this is her FIRST pregnancy, and would be VERY upset if it were found out that she...
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    Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. They are getting very sophisticated about these e-mails. The last one I received, and notified Paypal about, they knew my name.
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    New Baby

    So glad to hear that he is improving. After seeing that he is a pinto, I would think that his gums are normal coloured and NOT bruised. You will see alot of pintos have pink with purple spot gums.
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    Infrared Sauna, anyone have one?

    I have been reading about the Infrared Sauna and would like one for my home. Does anyone have one and would like to give their opinion about it, the pros and cons.
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    Really Cool Horse Video!

    Thank you, very much, for posting that link. It was spellbounding. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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    Serial killer or Computer Geek

    I was told not to go into Law Enforcement LOL. I had a pathetic score of only 4 right.
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    You won't believe what I found this morning

    Too cute, and pretty little thing. Did she at least leave an egg behind so you could have breakfast? LOL
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    Christmas draw,,,,,we draw "A Family"

    Here is an idea: Do they have a DVD or Video player? Buy them a movie, throw in some popcorn, licorice allsorts, etc. and let them have a family night.
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    I Got A Big Time Biter?? How Do I Make Him Stop??

    I have read all the posts and I just want to say, THANK YOU JANE (RABBITFIZZ) for your common sense approach to this situation. Not everyone takes offense to what you say. I have raised four boys, 1 was 6 months old and totally wild when I got him, 1 was 13 hours old when I purchased him and I...
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    Check out my new buckskin!!

    His mane and tail look really great, what a difference. I know you can dye the mane and tail but I did not think it was legal to dye his legs. I believe this is an open show and NOT a sanctioned show so I don't think it matters but for future reference I would double check on the colouring of...
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    Question about Colts

    I have had the pleasure of owning four colts, two of which were born at my place and descended at birth and sucked back up, but ALL of them were fully descended by 11 months of age. Enjoy your new bundle of fun.
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    Prayers needed for house deal

    Keeping my fingers crossed so that all goes well and that you sell your property.
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    We're back from the vet with "IT" !!! YAY!!!

    That is fantastic news, and I am so happy. Just to mention though that Fancy Feast is NOT a good feed for cats. Although I do give my 2 full grown cats this, 1/4 can each in the morning and night, I know it is basically "junk food" for them. It is given as a treat. Keep the pictures coming.
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    Mud Wrap..Dead Sea, Herbal Question

    Thanks for the information. When I do things, I tend to go a little overboard. I am a DINK (double income no kids) and have a room in my house set up as my craft/spa room. I purchased a massage table and almost every conceivable contraption to use on our spa days. LOL I just wasn't sure how...
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    Important Religious Truths :-)

    Love your sense of humour.
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    Mud Wrap..Dead Sea, Herbal Question

    Has anyone ever had or done a mud wrap? My sister and I have decided we need to have spa days together, to beautify ourselves, which is going to take along time, LOL so I have been purchasing items to use. I have purchased some dead sea mud and was wondering about the proper way to use it...
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    Yearling colt -- likes to rear up and put his legs

    Maybe Dona (Kickapoo) will come on and post a picture of her stallion that does this. Is he bothering any of the horses as they go by, or is he just watching? Are you afraid he is going to jump out or hurt himself on the gates? My one gelding has to see everyone eating so he puts his front...
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    Been wondering about this..........

    At least you had the Vincente right. LOL Sorry, I was laughing when I read Al B's response, he said it so nicely, as he usually does.