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    World show results

    Results are finally posted!
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    Love :)

    I think if all the other wives, and husbands are OK with it people should be allowed to have more then one spouse.
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    Susan Boyle didn't win

    While it is obious that Susan boyle is really talented... I dont see her on radio like apparently everyone else in this world does. I think she will be great as opera/theater but who really listens to that in the car? And if she was a hot 20 year old with that voice susan boyle wouldent even...
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    Lady GaGa, love her or hate her...

    I really like the songs she's written for Britney, and Christina.
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    Love :)

    :ThumbUp Prop 8: The musical (Starring Jack black)
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    Love :)

    Thank you crponies, and everyone else who has looked at this thread. But has anyone thought of this? Gay marriges could TOTALLY save the econamy!!
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    WOW! Adam Lambert may have been cheated!!

    I liked Jordis and JD
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    Ok parents, internet advice for teens needed

    Any teen who is smart eough to design a myspace page is smart eough to uninstall programs and hack.
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    Love :)

    Thank you everyone. You would think if people belive it's wrong to hate women, blacks, asians, ect they would learn that it's not ok to hate on gays either.
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    Love :)

    Lets chose love insted of hate. Some questions for those who oppose gay marrige. How does gays getting married effect YOUR straight marrige?, They arent going to legalize gay marrige and ban straight marrige. Why do some of yall think marrige is only for christians? Becuase my parents...
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    Lady GaGa, love her or hate her...

    She is so frikken annoying!! xD JK Well kinda I think she seems really nice, and when she actually sings (I.e. Eh Eh, (Nothin else I can say)) I think she is awesome...and her songs I dont like (P-P-P-Poker faceeeeeeee) get stuck in my all day and I almost start to enjoy them.
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    Ok parents, internet advice for teens needed

    Having "horrible" parents, Obiously I do to xD But I need to add a 12 year old point of veiw to this. I would like kill my mom if she looked at the messages i've sent on Youtube, Facebook, Myspace,Twitter,whatever, even if nothing inipropriate is in them and im just talking about ice cream and...
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    macaroni salad

    The walmart stuff is really good
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    Cell Phone Tapping

    I'm not surprized. But i'mma a geek who probaly could figure out how to put spyware on your phone if I wanted to. It would totally suck to have spyware on your phone.
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    My photography!

    =] I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section. I will add more later =]
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    Thank you for all your replies!! I will make a long post later but right now i'm drinking too much coffee to make a decent responce. ^^^ Yeah that.
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    I'm asking,becuase I feel like everyone except my mom and my best friend will hate me for being an atheist.
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    Well,actually I tried that...that is kinda what drove me to this thread. I've lived 11 years of people trying to get me to see the way,and I dont like people pushing me to do anything. Heck,I have memorized many bible quoats,read alot of the storys,and gone to it's not like I havent...