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    place for hurricane vic.

    I have several acres that can be used if need. All is high and dry. WE only have wind and the rain is getting less. I can understand what you all are going through. Wish I was closer. If anyone from Katrina is in need please pm. me I can help. Now some of you can understand what ole Louisiana...
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    Hurricane another one

    We are preparing for this one named Rita. Storing gas. Getting Generator ready. Storing food. All of the power lines still has trees and limbs on the lines. I'm sure we will lose power again for a while. Glad I didn't start repairing house yet. (Waiting on insurance company.!!!) We don't know...
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    No has ever experienced the level of destruction of a Cat 5 Hurricane. Katrina affected more States & parishes than anyother catas. WHO IS TO BLAME? The local Goverment. The State Gover. The Federal. The Pres himself. The people. It's over! A new plan needs to be done for all Sates &...
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    Thank You all

    I thank you all for your kindness. I also need to state that we lived 45 miles from the city and wasn't in the direct hit area. Blessed the storm moved east. The winds were just that strong. So, you really never know what is coming your way. We are great and will survive, rebuild. I had...
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    Old topic

    Sorry to bring up old topic. But I just was able to get power and phone back! Sorry if this hinders any one. Or may cause you a problem! I like this forum but some needs to be considerate all others.
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    HURRICANE WE made it.

    We are alive and glory to God. What and experience it was. The horses all made it fine and not a scratch on them. The barn, House, Fence has damage. Today is the first day for power and phone. Others are still with out. MRE's are not that bad when you are hunger. Water,fuel, food was hard to...
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    Here we go again. Getting ready for hurricane. Seems to be coming right over us. I have 13 horses,2 llamas, 60 chickens, peafowl. Guess we will stay up. Traffic flow is all north. Any suggestions on bedding down the animals? Joyce
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    Thank you

    I would like to thank all of you who took the time to vote for tazzy & Brandon. They won photo of the day, now we will see if they get for the month. Those who voted I will return the favor. I wish blessing to all. Thank you, Sunseri Farms
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    equusite contest winning a spot

    Brandon and tazzy won a spot in equusite .com contest. Please go vote for him and Tazzy. It will post on 08/25/05. under the name Tazzy Thanks Bunches Joyce
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    I can see photo's

    I can see,,, I can see photo's again. I am so happy. Thanks to who ever fixed it.. Joyce
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    Janell, Thank you so much for posting the photo's. I am a dummy when posting photo's. Joyce
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    Special visit

    Sorry to make you all cry. I really thank all for replies. We enjoy the visits we make, the girls enjoy all the attention. They are wheeled around in a special cart made just for them so they don't get tired and every 30 min. they have a rest break to eat, drink,potty, and walk around. I...
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    Special Horses

    Today was my new little girls first visit to nursing home. You see Jesse and smurfette are very small dwarfs. Jesse with leg & hoove problems. Jesse wears Special Magic Shoes! AS we were on our visit a woman in a wheel chair came beside the girls and began to touch them. The lady had very...
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    I have a therapy clinic for abused/ neg. children, Elderly service, Day care, hospital, etc.. The demand for our services is so great. I don't have enough animals to go to all the places needed. If any one has or knows of a dwarf or very small mini, donkey please let me know. It can be of...