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    Can dark skinned horses get sunburn?
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    Repeat Matings

    Just a question for breeders, perhaps more so for the ones that use outside stallions or have more than one of their own. If you bred a foal that you were very very happy with do you usually repeat the mating in the hopes of getting a similar or better foal (I know the variables with genetics...
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    Angular Limb Deformities

    Hello I was wondering if anyone can answer this for me. Im wanting to know what usually causes angular limb deformities In the scenario that both parents are fine with straight legs but the foal isnt. Foal turning out from the knee in both front legs and a very symmetrical fault (a bone or...
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    Hello I have a 6 months old filly who is quite splayed out in the front legs (bones not hooves). I was hoping someone could give me some advice as to why this may be. Neither her sire nor dam have this fault. Is this a genetic fault? Nutrional perhaps? (mare was on a good diet and in great...
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    Breed again?

    Just wanting some opinions please. I bought a mare in foal a while back. Shes a nice mare (not show quality but I like her all the same.) she came to me in foal to a stallion I would call average (I didnt buy her for the foal though). The resulting foal is a darling but not show quality but a...
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    Hi I had a foal born here 6 weeks ago. He was born with some leg/hoof problems I have been working with my vet, an although a horse vet is a bit at a loss at what to do. He was hoping theyd come up on their own but its not going to happen. We have tried homemade shoes they were made of...
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    Double K Clippers

    Hi I have a set of Double K clippers and was wondering what maintenance they require. The last time I clipped my mini horse the clippers seems to get stuck in his coat they left HUGE lines. They work fine for the first 10 mins and clip great then this happens. They also overheat quite quickly...
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    I only breed 1 foal per year. I was wanting to buy my own stallion/colt instead of using outside boys all the time. What I want to know is only breeding one mare per year (with no outside mares) is that ok ? He would have alot of human attention being shown, also at home doing jumping etc He...
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    Maiden mares

    How long before foaling can a maiden develop an udder?
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    Maiden mares

    Hi guys I was wondering if anyone could show me photos of their maiden mares throughout the last 3 months of pregnancy. Side on shots and front shots would be fantastic Thanks
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    Foal Rug

    Hi guys I was hoping someone could help me. Im wanting to buy a rug for a newborn foal. If the foal is somewhere between 16 - 19 inches what size rug would i be looking at Cheers
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    Hi I have a mare that is registered tobiano. But she has some white on her face (white chin, snip and star) does this make her splash aswell? She is in foal to a solid stallion so I tried the colour calculator and it says shes now has a 75% chance of a pinto foal if she carries tobiano +...
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    Udder development

    Just wanting to know if anyone has or knows of any good sites that has photos of udder development in the weeks/months leading up to foaling Cheers
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    Serving while pregnant

    Hi I have a mare that was served, then less than a month later was served by a different stallion. I had no idea they would accept a stallion again if they were pregnant. Found that out on this forum (thanks!) She is in foal but the vet isnt sure exactly how far along, as its less than a...
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    Hi guys I have a mini mare that I just clipped and she has very long ergots (think thats what they are called) What do I do to them lol are they like chestnuts that can be taken off or not. I dont want to hurt her as shes very touchy around her feet anyway so dont want to upset her too much...
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    Gestation question

    Hi I was on the crayon box mini site before (thumbs up on the info pages on your site kim!!!) and was wondering the approximate gestation time (in days) that a foal develops hair? On the fetus timeline their is a bit of a gap. So was wondering Thanks
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    Hi I have just clipped my horse for the first time and shes come up with terrible clipping lines all over It looks horrible. I was wondering what usually causes this? My blades are sharp and clean as was the horse. Im using Double Ks. Or is it my technique? Any help would be great!! Thanks
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    Foaling stall

    Hi I was hoping someone could tell me the best kind of water containers for foaling stalls that are safe for the foal Also how high should they be mounted? Any pics would be appreciated if possible also Thanks
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    Hello One of my mares overuns me when im show training her. She trots beside me beautifully until we have to turn. When we turn I have to push her in the right direction. What is the best way to teach her what im wanting her to do. Do I just do it at a walk then build up to a trot when she gets...
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    Training Problem

    I am currently training my mare for halter. She hasnt been shown for a few years so im starting from scratch (ive only had her a few months) I know her old owner used food rewards during training, which I dont. The mare is constantly nipping/mouthing me (not biting and theres no aggression) it...