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    2009 LB's Forum Sexiest Male and Female

    Male: JWC Sr. His post are always among the best on a thread. Female: Leia. Not a more helpful person with horses around, especially driving.
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    What is your favorite halter? Barn, show, etc.

    For barn halters I like any good nylon halter. The only thing that I don't like about some nylon halters is some have the adjustable chin, I hate that. Too much bulk where my lead rope is and it gets stuck through the chin hook and I just hate it. I know alot of people here dislike rope halters...
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    Harness Critique

    Evrything looks pretty good, but you do need to raise the breastcollar up quite a bit. It sort of looks like it slipped under his shoulder. The only other thing would be maybe raise your shafts a hole up. The picture is taken at an angle so I wouldn't make any changes to that as I'm not...
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    mane and tails

    I keep my show horses tails braided, folded and wrapped with vet wrap, and MTG. I've found that there are no supplements or miracle sprays and this is the only combination I have found that works. And even my appaloosas have long manes and tails. MTG stands for Mane Tail Groom and you can find...
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    I believe it was you I told on FB, my AMHA performance mare can just barely get to 44" (amha regulation height). Are you sure the height you typed wasn't a typo? 53" is extremely tall and I doubt a mini could clear that...How tall is your horse?
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    Favorite Halloween Movies?

    Last night we watched The Exorcist. It was very very good. Want to see the Blair Witch Project and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
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    What feeds do you prefer?

    We have tried many different feeds in the years we have had horses. I too am not a fan of Safechoice, and Nutrena For that matter. I have never fed Purina before so I wont comment much on them. I do know top trainers and showers that use Puria and swear by it, but I has never been in my area...
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    How Many? :)

    Were up to 4 now. We are starting to get in to appaloosas so we have a few to start. 1- 2yr old blanket appaloosa filly(2010 halter, multi color and liberty horse) 1- Senior pintaloosa mare(2010 Performance Horse showmanship, liberty, halter obstacle, hunter, jumper, Country Pleasure...
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    Clipping Question

    Body- 10 for appaloosas and pintos, 15 for solids. Some people use a 30 but I dont. Legs- If the are white a 10, solid I use a 15 or 30. Head- I use a mix of 15-30-40-50. There is a face clipping diagram out there some where that came from arabs that I use. Maybe look at the LB info pages and...
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    Anybody try watching Nationals from their Blackberry?

    Yes, how? I have tried to get live video before but it always told me I needed to download flash player which is un-downloadable...
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    More Hay choice

    I have always liked a grass hay with some alfalfa in it. Timothy is usually very nice too. But, honestly, with those prices I would be looking for the hay that was decent and for the best price. My grass hay mix that has a little bit of everything in it is $2.50 a bale! There isn't really any...
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    Clipping around the eyes

    I totally agree with you. The more shows I go to and and the more magazines I look at, It seems like almost everyone is on board with this trend. People will tell you that it makes the eye "pop" which, honestly, it DOES. But it is just not something I can put my horses through. My horse with...
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    Appy coloring

    Is is thought that few spot and snowcap appies, with about 5 spots or less, are homozygous for the appaloosa(lp) gene. I have seen many loud appaloosa stallions that werent either of the above bred to a solid mare and had a solid foal, but few spot stallions bred to solid mares and have leopard...
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    Where to find electric fencing

    Take a long peace of long grass and hold it in your hand and put it against the electric wire or rope and you will feel the pulse of the electric but not an actual shock. And no, it really does not hurt. A free fence tester!
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    I need a new camera

    Whatever you do, don't get a Kodak. Canon is the way to go!
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    Need All Of Your Help

    I am somewhat fluent in french, and I like the language and culture, but I like the Spanish version alot. I think the French version would be to hard to pronounce (correctly,anyway). So my vote is for Riverdances Tigresa Marmolada.
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    For those who went to/showed at Eastern Regionals

    Does anyone know if there are results of the show posted somewher, if so where?
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    Manes and Tails after show season??? What do you do

    Whenever I have left a horses tail down during winter the tail shortened, thinned and overall looked terrible. I like my tails to look like QH tails. During the winter I wash the tail, dry it, braid, add MTG, fold it up and wrap it with vetwrap. Every few weeks I redo it. And by winter they are...
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    tell me about your verbal cues

    I really dont use cues when woeking in the ground. All of my horses respect my space and do not invade. When I walk towards them in the front they back off. When I walk to their side they sidepass. When I walk they walk, when I trot they trot and when I stop they stop etc, etc. Repitition and...
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    what is your favourite bloodline

    I like a lot of bloodlines. Rotens Little Dandy for his movement that every one of his get and grand get seem to aquire, I love Blue Boy bred horses for their wonderful heads, but overall, my top 2 favorites would be the Orion line and of course Buckeroo.