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    Stupid Old AMHR Breeder

    We still only have half the data. This is the second year in a row of the reduced price. How many of the hardshipped horses were overseas horses? I have such a hard time wrapping my head around people paying thousands for the horse, thousands for quarantine and thousands for shipping but...
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    "Straight" Miniatures?? I dont understand

    No matter when the association started an official paper trail on the "miniature" horse the miniature horse itself has been around for a much longer time. The Rocky Mountain horse Association didn't start up until the late 80's but the horse itself has been around since the 1890's. AMHA is too...
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    Over sized Miniature Horses in AMHR

    When and if (and I don't think this will ever be allowed to happen in AMHR any time soon) the association is closed to hardshipping then yes anything with AMHR papers (and think the same thing for AMHA) should be allowed to keep their papers with one stipulation. You cannot breed oversized to...
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    AMHR/ASPC Cross Enter at SAME SHOW Proposal

    I have to respond to this. Our local fairs are struggling to justify keeping their AMHR shows. I go every year. I hear all the excuses not to go, I don't like fair shows, it's too close to Nationals, it's too expensive, the judges aren't very good, not enough compitition and so on. I agree...
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    AMHR 10 Years and Older Senior Halter Class

    Generally speaking I'm not for adding more classes to an already busy Nationals schedule but with the addition of draft halter this year and a roadster in hand (under had 3 entries-over 3 entries), I think this class would garner more interest than the other two combined. I went and did a not...
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    What does AMHA need to do to survive?

    I show AMHA and AMHR, I have shown at Nationals and World and very much am the "little" guy. I showed at Nationals only this year, started with some B's on the string and only had enough money to do one so went R this year. I fit well, not trainer well, but hold my own locally with trainers in...
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    What does AMHA need to do to survive?

    It's not that hard to qualify for World, taken right off the website. World Show Hardship Qualifying under Reasonable Attempt 1. The horse/exhibitor must exhibit in a minimum of two (2) AMHA Approved local shows under a minimum of six (6) judges. An AMHA Championship Show qualifies for one...
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    Gelding at 6 mo's

    I do agree with Michelle, I think as a society we over medicate, over vaccinate and over analyze. On the gelding issues I have to disagree. I PREFER to geld while still on the mare so even younger than six months. It is so easy on the foal they are back to normal the next day, mama keeps 'em...
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    AMHA Hardship Closing

    Out of the rule book: No horse, regardless of parentage, who measures over 38 inches shall be allowed to become an AMHR registered miniature horse. From the Show division in the book: If a miniature horse is measured and found to be over 38” the Steward shall not allow the horse to show and...
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    AMHA Hardship Closing

    While I posed the question at you Amanda it was simply because you had posed the question at Charlotte. When I read what I wrote it looks like it has a "tone" to it but it was not written with one. With the rise of popularity of the "B" horse common sense says that there will be more over 38"...
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    AMHA Hardship Closing

    Alright Amanda, a horse out of two AMHR parents that goes over 38".....still a mini? Not by AMHR definitions. AMHA wants to be separate and different from AMHR. That is not a bad thing folks! If both associations were exactly the same what benefit would there be to being a member of both...
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    Area VI ASPC/AMHR Members

    Amanda has it right, no problem with ASPC horses, breaking up the A and B classes just didn't work for me.
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    Area VI ASPC/AMHR Members

    Planned on coming but with a show sting that consist of both A and B sized horses but no ASPC horses decided against it. If all the AMHR classes were on one day I would have been there. I know you can't please everyone just stating why I decided against it.
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    Youth AMHA AOTE Question

    YOTE is the youth form of AOTE, which is pretty cool but I've found only offered a limited number of places. I don't think that the horse has to be in their name. The AOTE program the horse does not have to be in your name but must be being shown by a family member to the person listed on the...
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    What do I test for?

    In his fall pic he is not razoured, just a 15. For Nationals and World I did find a really neat pot eyeliner for people in a dark gray that worked wonders on his eyes but there is nothing for his muzzle.
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    What do I test for?

    Frost's grand dam and great grand dam have an odd taupe cast to their coats that I've not seen a "normal" palomino. I've always figured, even though they say it doesn't show on red based, that the silver modified their coats but maybe it was the Dun gene? He does have heavy flexing and the...
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    What do I test for?

    Sorry all, had a Basketball game to go to. His dam is parentage verified as his sire. My brother has a appaloosa but is 15-20 miles away so "through the fence" would be rather ambitious on his part. His dam is sired by Marystown Cowboy Cool who is straight up bay. No striped hooves, no...
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    What do I test for?

    I hear ya, I kept trying to figure out how I got an appaloosa in the "wood shed" so to speak but with parentage verifying that ruled out that equation. His sire is a son of Redi or Not and a buckskin pinto double bred Winks Jingles mare. We have used his sire for a few foal crops now and have...
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    What do I test for?

    Nope their not roan, we raised roan QHs for years so that is one modifier I have no issues with. If they look close in color it's your screen because they are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Dam has perpetual "dirty" blonde appearance but brother doesn't have any smatterings of white...