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    Teens Who Care - Ribbons for Linda

    Thank you Mary Lou & LB for being so supportive the last few years and in helping Ribbons for Linda and Makayla to raise awareness about pancreatic cancer. A local TV station did a segment on RFL that I would like to share.
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    4th Annual Ribbons for Linda Benefit Horse Show

    Ribbons for Linda (RFL) is a non-profit 501©3 organization. Our goal is to raise awareness and funds for pancreatic cancer in memory of Linda Best and the thousands of those who are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year.   We hope you can join us for our 4th Annual Ribbons for Linda...
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    Happy Birthday Normajeanbaker!

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    Event Insurance Question for RFL

    Hi, As you probably know, my daughter, Makayla, runs a non-profit called "Ribbons for Linda". The past 2 years she has hosted 2 miniature horse shows where the proceeds were to help the Best family. This October Makayla is hosting another show for both big and mini horses. All proceeds will...
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    Dog acting aggressive around horses.

    We adopted a dog 2 days ago. He is a 4 yo neutered lab mix. We thought he would make a great companion for our 2 yo neutered black lab. Since we have brought him home we have noticed that he is acting aggressive around the horses. When he sees them he growls and barks ferociously. It isn't...
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    Mini Trailer Question

    I have a 3 horse mini trailer which I love. The problem is I will have 4 - 5 minis to show next summer. I am looking for a 4 horse mini bumper pull trailer. I know there a few companies that make them. Can you suggest a good brand name? It needs to be light as I have a jeep to pull it with...
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    Weaning Question

    How many months do you generally keep your mare and foal separated during the weaning process? Thanks! Sue
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    Day at the Beach.

    My friend and I took our weanling colts to the beach yesterday and had a great time with them. I did a little editing of the pictures and thought I would share them.
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    Far Vista Farms Blue Buckeroo

    This was Bucky's first year showing. He is a 4 yo gelding that spent his life out to pasture before we got him last fall. He is very timid so we were pleased at how well he did and how far he has come.
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    Multiple lab owner question.

    We have an awesome black lab named Caspian. He is such a big goof and a lot of fun. He is 1 1/2 years old and still acts like a big puppy. All he wants to do is play. We also have a miniature daschund who gets really upset when the lab tries to play with her. I found another 10 month old...
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    Happy Birthday Fancy!

    Makayla, hope you have a wonderful sweet 16 birthday!  Love you,   Mom
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    Ben at 1 month old & first clip

    I am sending Ben's A/R papers in on Monday. What color do you think I should put down?
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    Ben watching his favorite movie...

    Another cold, rainy afternoon. Perfect weather to watch a movie. Ben watched "Flicka" with us. He was totally into it.
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    Linda Best Benefit Show

    If anyone wants to see or order pictures from the Linda Best Benefit Horse Show taken by the photographer, this is the link: She was only able to stay until noon so there isn't a lot but what she did take is very nice. Sue
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    Cami had her baby

    Cami had her baby at 2:19 this morning. My husband, Makayla & I saw the entire delivery. Everything went very smoothly. I will post pictures later (too exhausted right now). I am just so glad that Cami & Fred have a happy healthy baby boy! Sue
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    Please help to watch Cami

    Hi, Cami is 334 days now so she is getting pretty close. She has been bred to Fred, so as you can imagine, this foal is very special to us. This is Cami's first foal as well as ours. Therefore, we are very nervous and would really appreciate some help keeping an eye on her. Her link on...
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    Hi, We have been finding ticks on our dogs. We usually use Frontline but it is so expensive. Can you tell me the least expensive place you purchase it. I am assuming online would probably be the best place. Thanks! Sue
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    NBARH Miniature Horse Show Tomorrow

    Anyone going to the NBARH Miniature Horse Show tomorrow in Barrington, NH? It is their first pointed show of the season. We are going with two horses. My husband, David, is showing my 2 year old gelding, Rhett (Owsley Fork Rogues Ricochet). David has only shown once at a fun show so he is a...
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    What a great weekend planned!

    What a great weekend planned here in Northern NE (ME/NH)! Saturday April 25th Makayla and I are going to the NBARH Spring Fun Show in Barrington, NH. We cannot wait to finally get our horses out and do something with them after this long, cold, winter. NBARH fun shows are great. We have such...
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