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    We had a party!

    Great pictures, Michelle -- thanks! Had my colt gelded a couple weeks ago, but I had "rope" duty, and was unable to watch the procedure. :aktion033:
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    Sarcoids on an eyelid????

    Thanks for your advice and suggestions -- Marty, thanks for the references! Guess my vet will be coming out AGAIN to see what we can do......... :
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    Sarcoids on an eyelid????

    My vet was here to geld my yearling colt the other day and said "Ah, sarcoids, huh?". And silly me, here I thought the boy just had a case of warts...have had them on a horse before, they went away and never came back. So, in looking up sarcoids, they appear to be a whole different thing...
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    Miniature Donkey ?

    What you are referring to is known as a "broken crest" and it suggests that at one point in time (probably before you had her) your donkey was overweight. Donkeys are REALLY easy keepers, and they are prone to gaining weight. Once the crest is broken (very thick) it will NOT reverse, even if...