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  1. Christina_M

    AMHA Lookup Please

    Thank you for looking it up. I greatly appreciate your help.
  2. Christina_M

    AMHA Lookup Please

    WRMH Gods Golden Susie Q - A 189230 - Who is the "owner of record" and their address please? Thanks in advance!
  3. Christina_M

    News that Les Matheny passed away

    SORRY! Here are the CORRECT TIMES: Charles Leslie Matheny Friends may call from Wednesday 6-8pm and Thursday 10am-11am with the service following at Wellman Funeral Home in Circleville, Oh 43113. Burial at Jackson Twp. Cemetery. Memorial contributions may be made to the American Heart Association.
  4. Christina_M

    Cats are driving me nuts

    I'm so sorry you are going through this. I know how you feel. You get one mess cleaned up and another spot appears some where else. I have a cat that marked everything that smelled like me (he marked me once while I was sleeping). He now lives outside in the garage. We put a cat door in the...
  5. Christina_M

    Pictures for the AMHA & AMHR registration - an example, Would you want to post your 4 pics?

    This was a previous topic, however, most of the pictures have been deleted from that post. Would you care to add some current examples for AMHA & AMHR Registration pics along with any advice? I have a question about the picture of the head for AMHA. Should I crop out the feet so the picture...
  6. Christina_M

    How/Where to sell used books?

    I keep posting my used school books on Craigslist, but I can't seem to get any buyers. Personally, I think Craigslist is the cheapest place for me to buy used school books. I would rather not sell them back to the bookstore, because they don't want to pay any money for them. Since my school...
  7. Christina_M

    Winter cold and safely working horses

    I live in Ohio, so the winters here get cold and snowy. I've heard a few different opinions on when I should and shouldn't work the horses, but I would like to know more. Someone told me that you shouldn't exercise the horses when it's below 10 degrees because it is bad for their lungs. I'm...
  8. Christina_M

    Conditioning a harness

    I need to condition my driving harness, but it's cold outside so I can't condition it outside. I'm worried that I'll get the conditioner on the floor from the harness. I was thinking that I could put plastic down on the floor? So I decided to ask the driving experts....How do you condition a...
  9. Christina_M

    Poll for Ohio State World Show 2010

    I'm sorry I've been tardy on my post. I had a nasty cold that turned into a sinus infection. Yuck! I'm not looking forward to getting in shape either. As far as I know, for now, they are only considering adding the Mini liberty and hunter or jumper. Thanks for your votes and comments...
  10. Christina_M

    Poll for Ohio State World Show 2010

    Hello everyone, Bud Stephenson (president of Area 2 Club) asked me to poll if Area 2 added Hunter or Jumper classes for A & B minis would it be supported? So please let me know if: A) You would support A & B Hunter or Jumper classses if they were put in the Ohio State Fair World Show in 2010...
  11. Christina_M

    Driving Reins for ground driving

    Yes, I mean snapping the lines to the terrets, and then up through the bit & then back to your hands. You say those are draw reins....Thank you for replying! I won't do that then. I'll just use them by snapping to the bit, then running through the terrets to my hands to ground drive (same way...
  12. Christina_M

    ok Mark B. have a question for you

    Attention mini-mart shoppers! I love it horsefeathers! I agree, enquiring minds want to know.
  13. Christina_M

    Driving Reins for ground driving

    Thanks so much for the replies and idea's. So it looks like I'm searching for Long lines. Yes, I meant that the lines are hooked to the terrets then through the bit to my hands, makes it easier on the horses mouth. When I am ground driving, the horse is trotting, I am jogging to keep up...
  14. Christina_M

    Driving Reins for ground driving

    I'm looking to get driving reins for ground driving that fit through the terrets and D rings. I heard that using these helps to put less pressure on the bit when ground driving. Is this correct? Would it help to keep the bit a little lighter in the mouth with the kids who are going to learn...
  15. Christina_M

    Congratulations to Russ and Rico.......

    Way to go Russ!! It was great meeting you!
  16. Christina_M

    Little Update On My Cat

    You are a wonderful person! She is lucky to have found you! She looks sooo sweet. Bless you! I rescued a little black cat that looks just like yours. I gave her to my friend for her youngest girl at Christmas time (her name is Holly). A few years back someone dropped off a siamese cat at...
  17. Christina_M

    Pics on Saleboard

    To those that post to the saleboard...what photo site do you use to post your pics and link them to your sale ad? I'm with photobucket now, but it's not working for me. I don't have the money right now to purchase my own .com and publish my own site. I would love to hear which photo sites you...
  18. Christina_M

    HELP! posting pic to salesboard from photobucket

    ok here's a new try - this should work right? ok - so it works here as a url. here is the text missing some brakets so you can see the text, but it isn't showing up as a thumbnail or in the text. I'm sorry, I can usually figure it out. I can go into "Manage my Ad" and add the pic right...
  19. Christina_M

    Poor little dog

    Bless you for stepping in when you found out. I sorta rescued a dog that was 2 yrs old and not potty trained. She just kept going on the carpet in the dining room of all places. I really didn't think I could re-house train her, when she had to go, she would get up and walk in the dining room...
  20. Christina_M

    HELP! posting pic to salesboard from photobucket

    How do I post a pic in my ad on the salesboard. I opened the pic in my photobucket, left-clicked for properties, copied and and pasted the link in the box, but it doesn't show-up. I noticed that there are MANY options to get different links in the "share" options, like get link code, share on...