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    Illinois State Fair

    Hi Sandee, I was there as a spectator this year and I saw your granddaughter win her showmanship class, I remember seeing her in driving too. I just wanted to say I was so impressed, she had so much poise and focus! I can see why you are proud of her. And I would never have guess that gelding...
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    Bad bag of Omolene?

    Hi, I opened a bag of Omolene 200 last night and instead of the normal 'apple-y' kind of smell, it smelled like alcohol! As if it had fermented. It looked okay, maybe a bit darker than usual. It also seemed sticky and moister than usual. I had my husband smell it and he said it smelled fine to...
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    Clipper problems!

    Hello! Today was the second time clipping my mini, and the clippers are just not acting the way they were the first time! We have Oster A5 Turbo clippers. These weren't my first choice, I wanted the Andis 2-speed but they were sold out. So the first time they worked great, and other than our...
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    Need a mini blanket in Iowa!

    Thank you all so much for you help! Herron Stables has some options for me so I'm going to run over there today after work. I really appreciate those who offered to lend me one, you guys are all so generous. Now I know my little man will be comfy in his stall tonight, whew! As long as he's...
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    Need a mini blanket in Iowa!

    Thank you for the tip, I am going to see what I can find tonight after work.I have him inside at night and the temperature is usually +20 in the barn, so he should be okay. But I'm going to need the blanket for the fall anyway if we were to show later in the season.I am still kicking myself for...
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    Need a mini blanket in Iowa!

    Figures! I clipped my mini last week because it was up to almost 90 on Sunday and now I'm worried that he's getting cold at night. It's been down to the 40s and next week it might even be a bit colder. Does anyone know how I can get a mini blanket FAST? I found one on Amazon and it won't even...
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    Who takes care of your minis while you're away?

    Thank you all for your responses! I have some ideas on who to call around now to see about getting some help set up. I'm thinking it's good to do it now just in case an emergency comes up and I have to leave town on a whim.
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    Who takes care of your minis while you're away?

    <br /><br /><br /> I have a feeling if I find someone to come over and help I will have them on speed dial, LOL. When my dog had neck surgery I called the vet twice a day to get status updates and I still worried about him all the time! I am going to get a webcam out there, not to spy on his...
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    Who takes care of your minis while you're away?

    Hello! I'm planning ahead for my first mini arriving soon, I am very excited and getting things ready for him. I am relatively new to the area and haven't met very many horsey people yet. My mini will be living with me and so I will be responsible for daily care, which won't be a problem. One...
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    Halter color class

    I'm glad this topic was brought up, as it's something I'm curious about. On the flip side, what is allowed in solid color? No white at all? I tried to check the rule book online but I didn't see anything about color or solid. Not sure if this is the right link or not...
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    Low Prices!

    The sad thing is, I am in the market to buy a mini, willing to put down good money for an experienced show horse to teach me a thing or to, and a good portion of people I've reached out to haven't responded or act like they don't have the time. The nice lady down the road with the $50 mini...
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    Websites are nearly useless

    Yes, very annoying. When I find a horse I'm interested in I usually Google the name too see what other information is out there. Sometimes I will find that horse has been bought and placed for sale on the new owner's more up-to-date website!
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    Nationals...look for people here

    I will be there as a spectator and potential buyer of my first mini from Friday 9/9 - Sunday afternoon 9/11! I'm looking for a good showmanship gelding, preferably triple-registered so please PM me if you know of any for sale and hopefully I can meet some of you! I will be the one wandering...
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    AMHR Nationals - Sale?

    Hello, Is there an official sale held at AMHR Nationals? I will be going down either the first or second weekend and I'm trying to plan my trip around looking at prospects for my first mini. I've never been to Nationals so I'm not sure how it works. Is there a sale row like some other shows? If...
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    building your own stalls

    Do you have lights set up yet SweetOpal? I'm in the same boat you are, starting out with a shed and building a couple stalls inside. I would love to see more pictures as well. Also, if anyone has ideas regarding lighting and outlet placement I would love to hear about them!
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    New to Minis!

    Thanks to you all for your responses and those that responded to me by PM. You have given me a wealth of information to go over! And sorry for my delay in respond, I literally just moved and it's been crazy! I'm going to start calling around and hopefully I can find something that will work...
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    New to Minis!

    Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Tracy and I'm a long time lurker here. I grew up riding full-sized horses and still do on occasion, but I have fallen in love with minis! I'm looking for a farm in central Iowa that does boarding and gives handling/driving lessons. Is there...