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    Post Breeding Question

    Discharge has stopped, vet said it’s nothing; and likely just from “activities.” Yuck. 
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    Post Breeding Question

    She doesn’t seem to be in heat anymore. When she was standing she was STANDING! Now not at all. I did catch her peeing and winking a little today but then she shot down my studs attempts quickly. Maybe she’s just a hormonal little hussy early in pregnancy and peeing on her leg? 
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    Post Breeding Question

    She doesn’t seem to be in heat anymore. When she was standing she was STANDING! Now not at all, still in with the stallion who knows better than to try when she’s not in heat. Hoping it’s just nasty crud, but having the vet come anyway. Drove her today and she showed zero signs of being...
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    Post Breeding Question

    After many many years - I have finally begun my first breeding venture. Before the keyboard warriors emerge - yes I can afford it, yes they’re both registered (and darn nice!), yes they’ve both proven themselves in the show ring, and my plan for the foal is to keep it - as the stallion is my...
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    Mare kicks

    Call your vet. Sounds like a text book case of cystic ovaries. 1 $40 shot and maybe some regumate, and within 48 hours you'll be done with it all. My filly has had 2 flare ups. She's downright stupid, kicks, then gets both miserable too and 'promiscuous' with other horses. She'll about demand...
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    12" collar and Hames

    Where's the best place to find a 12" collar and hames, and a harness? Not looking to have one custom made this time
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    Looking For A Mare - Buckeye WCF Blue Star

    Probably a shot in the dark, but hopefully by next spring I will be in the place to take on another mini. Within the next 2 years, my mother (an experienced horseman) would like one of her own as well. I own this mare's first colt, Buckeye WCF Dance in the Clouds, sired by Little WarDance. I...
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    I'm to pretty for this

    My big bad stud did that once, outside the in gate at a horse show! He was sleeping, because you know how boring and awful shows are, and I wasn't paying attention (because he was sleeping), and he just laid right down all the sudden in the middle of all the commotion. Not sick, not stressed...
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    election next time around

    Why is anybody supporting either candidate?! I absolutely disgusted these are the two people our country has it down to. A totally unqualified, small minded, vulgar jackass and a lying, shady, already proven herself in trustworthy woman. You have Trump on stage talking about genital size at...
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    Problem child when hooked to cart

    My strategy for working a reactive horse is to make them bored. When she's bored of ground driving, ground drive with the tire. When she's bored of the tire put pvc poles on her sides. When she's bored of that hold her next to the cart and shake the crap out of it so she gets used to the noise...
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    Right forelimb lameness

    What qualifications does your equine massage therapist have to diagnose lameness? Not to be harsh, but the education involved to be qualified as one isn't anywhere near veterinary status and does NOT qualify her to diagnose lameness. More massages probably are not the cure. I'm SURE it makes...
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    Pawing Horses...

    As far as it being genetic - yup. My stud will "paw" when he's irritated or eating. If he wants to come in he taps the gate with his hoof and makes 'my friend flicks' noises. When he sees me he lifts one foot and kinda waves and whinnies. When he wants something g he does the same thing. The...
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    Has anyone had experience with founder?

    In Laymans terms, the sugars that cause founder is how nature preserves its grass. They are high in the spring because the grass had to survive the winter, the sugar was like an antifreeze for that period. The sugars also spike in the fall, because nature is gearing up for the grass to have to...
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    Mysterious wound

    In my opinion, vetericyn is useless. Is sterile water and some chemicals. I don't believe it's harmful by any stretch - but 99.9% of all wounds will heal up correctly with NO intervention. Vetericyn just likes to claim the credit for it. I had a cow deglove 1/4 of her udder. Severed veins; bled...
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    Trailering question

    Sounds like he was stepped on. My first mare had her back hoof split In half before we purchased her because she was stepped on in a slant load trailer. If the force was so hard to break her hoof, wraps wouldn't have helped too much. The dividers didn't go all the way to the floor...
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    Article on trimming mini hooves

    I trim my own. My mini I trim every 3 weeks. My pony has one kind of clubby foot that I rasp the heels down every week on, I trim her every 6-8. When I used to show it bothered me so much. So many very NICE little horses standing on tin can hooves!
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    Mysterious wound

    I have a horrible skin condition. And tattoo gel is the only thing that soothes! I swear by it for rashes, sunburns, scrapes that area large area but not deep, etc. it feels SO good. And it's gentle and promotes healing. Any drugstore should have jt
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    Mysterious wound

    Tattoo gel! Works wonderfully on pretty much all large area, not super deep wounds burns etc.
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    I'll admit - my Cloudy's main purpose is not breeding. I've had him 5 years. I've produced 2 foals - both to an 'outside' mare. Why don't I geld him? Because I have NONE of the issues the OP described (anymore anyway, the first 3 mos were a little rough, but he was 7 and had never seen a...
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    Active Service Military Dogs

    We have a retired police dog as a barn dog. They need TOUGH toys - they aren't your house pet! He has a 4" thick rope - and he LOVES it. The extra tough Kong toys are good, as are hard chews. B