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  1. wendi leigh

    Mini Horse Barn and Stalls

    I am going to be building a new center aisle barn and would love to see your minis stalls. Please share your pictures! Thanks.
  2. wendi leigh

    Rainbow Bridge

    So sorry for you loss Bev. R.I.P. Promise.
  3. wendi leigh

    Anybody located in Ashville, NC?

    Trying to help a friend arrange transport for a Collie and they still need transport for the Ashville to Greensboro or Hillsboro, NC. If you're willing to help out, please send me a message. Thanks much, Wendi
  4. wendi leigh

    Traveling to Nationals was too stressful

    Thank you all for your good wishes and messages. Unfortunately, my colt developed diarrhea last night so the vets are now thinking he may have a salmonella infection which has been causing the fever for the last five days. The diarrhea has also caused the protein level to drop off and if it...
  5. wendi leigh

    Traveling to Nationals was too stressful

    My yearling was supposed to be showing tomorrow at Nationals, but instead he is in the Sapulpa Equine Hospital. We thought he had done well on the trip out from the east coast, but by Monday he was colicing. The vet tubed him, and by Tuesday gut sounds were good but he was still uncomfortable...
  6. wendi leigh

    For Profit Business or Hobby Farm

    I would appreciate any input you all can provide on whether you claim your horse breeding operation as a for profit business or a hobby farm, and if you've ever been audited by the IRS. Thank you.
  7. wendi leigh

    Color Help Please !!

    I agree with Jane, just call her "super cute"!!
  8. wendi leigh

    please pray for butter

    So glad to read the latest update on Butter and hoping that she continues to improve by leaps and bounds. I have my own collection of "loafers" so I can totally understand your philosophy.
  9. wendi leigh

    older gelding needing home

    So glad he gets to stay with you!!
  10. wendi leigh

    Anyone else waiting?

    So glad to hear I'm not the only one waiting. I sent my temp-perms in on 12/31/10 in order to use the coupons. My new membership card came, the cc was charged, but still waiting on the registration paperwork.
  11. wendi leigh

    What's Your Day Job?

    I have been a patent attorney for over 20 years. Currently, I'm counsel in a 450+ attorney law firm. The 60 mile commute from the relaxing Eastern Shore of Maryland into the Washington, D.C. area is a bit much though, so five years ago I went part-time and I only have to make the drive 2-3...
  12. wendi leigh


    Glad the vet is coming this morning, and good luck. I agree that I would wait for the vet to do anything. The vet can do a snap test to see if she tests positive for Lymes, and if so, the antibiotic of choice is doxycycline not SMZ or the ones we normally use. Keep us posted.
  13. wendi leigh

    my barn cam is gone

    Barn Cam is back Thank you so much to Diana of for such great service. She had it back up and streaming in no time. Now I can go on vacation and have a little peace of mind being able to check in on the "kids" every now and then!!
  14. wendi leigh

    my barn cam is gone

    I'm back on line!!! Thank you so much to Diana at!! Reasonably priced and great service. She had me back up and streaming in hours. Now I can go on vacation and still check in on the "kids".
  15. wendi leigh


    My prayers are with you and the family.
  16. wendi leigh

    my barn cam is gone

    I keep my cam up year round for my own use, we're going out of town in a week and I like to check in on the kids when I'm gone, when I clicked on the link today, I learned that WeFoal is out of business effective today. Would have been to much to ask for them to give clients a little notice...
  17. wendi leigh

    Opinions on Mare/Situation

    These girls like to be tricky. I had one that got as big as a house through the winter along with the other bred mares, but come May, and waiting and waiting, turns out she was still open. I agree with the suggestion above, get a WeeFoal test and give yourself some confirmation one way or the...
  18. wendi leigh

    6 mos old filly making strange sounds

    Thanks Tagalong for the quick info. I think you hit it dead on. It seems to have worked its way through and she's happily eating hay with no snorting going on now. Some grain must have gone down the wrong way.
  19. wendi leigh

    6 mos old filly making strange sounds

    When I fed her tonight I noticed that the mouth was still going non-stop even though the feed is gone, it seems like she is grinding her teeth. That alone wouldn't worry me so much, but she has also snorting, kinda beathing with a rasp. I don't see anything in her mouth as far as I can get my...