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  1. maplegum


    Strange little horse. He loves to have his teeth and gums dried...LOL
  2. maplegum

    An Australian backyard

    Bailey and Willow with our resident koala...
  3. maplegum

    We have a little problem

    Willow watches the tv far too closely! LOL.
  4. maplegum

    What Are Your Hobbies, Other Than Horses

    Some very crafty people here! I love fish keeping, I have a nice aquarium at home and a small one on my desk here at work. They are good time wasters. I recently took the plunge and got my motorcycle licence. Hubby and I have done loads of trips and we have a blast. I still can't believe I...
  5. maplegum

    What was I thinking?

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I appreciate it.   I hope I haven't painted a bad picture of my Bailey. He really is such a good boy, a goof, but a good boy.   He is really playfull compared to Willow. She is my 'lady' and won't been seen doing anything to ruin her 'lady'...
  6. maplegum

    Where's Taz???

    giggle giggle
  7. maplegum

    Let's see everyone's

    Bailey.. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.
  8. maplegum

    Katies Close!

    Oh please! She is adorable, you must be mighty proud!
  9. maplegum

    What was I thinking?

    .His v shaped chest plate. Is the strap underneath too loose? It won't go any tighter You can see the kicking strap I made. is it in the right spot? Me and the boy yesterday before the 'bucking bronco' routine...
  10. maplegum

    What was I thinking?

    An update. I made my own kicking strap and tried it out tonight. Bailey didn't even attempt to kick tonight so I'm not sure how well it works! In fact, he was terrific, perfect in every way. Guess he had to get it out of his system last night. Anyway, I took some photos so you can see my...
  11. maplegum

    Sleeping on the job

    Bailey and Willow sleep as hubby works in the garage.
  12. maplegum

    What was I thinking?

    Thanks everyone. I didn't know that it was so common for horses to buck while driving. I feel a bit better now. Just how 'tight' should the girth be? I know it doesn't need to be as tight as a riding saddle but still 'snug'? And the stupid overgirth keeps slipping off the top of the 'under...
  13. maplegum

    What was I thinking?

    I have not hooked Bailey up to the cart for about 6 months. Prior to that, he was very green and so was I. Now I trust my Bailey to look after me as he is such a laid back little dude, nothing worries him.   I got my gear out last night including his new v- shaped collar and hooked hime...
  14. maplegum

    Help me with my fat mini =/

    I don't know, he seems over weight but not too bad...not as bad as I thought he was going to be. Although if he has that cresty neck, you might want to take on the advice of getting bloods taken,
  15. maplegum

    Clipping question(s)...Why/how did it ever start with body clipping?

    I have shown both Bailey and Willow with an unclipped coat. Yes, I guess it is kind of frowned upon by others but I'm not out to play by the rules. Bailey and Willow both placed well, in fact, Willow came home with numerous 1st place ribbons. I didn't cut off their eyelashes or whiskers or...
  16. maplegum

    My New Feeding Program

    I'm not familiar with your feeds over there, I'm on the other side of the world! Here is what I do. It's so simple. Free choice hay, and access to the back field on a limited basis. I feed a vitamin and mineral supplement daily. That's it. My 2 are fat, shiney and healthy. No additional...
  17. maplegum

    My Heart Won!

    yay! So glad you got a 2nd one. O'so will be thrilled too
  18. maplegum

    Winter Fuzzies

    Love the winter pix! Keep them coming guys.
  19. maplegum

    Decided on my cart

    Go Amy, can't wait to see it in action!
  20. maplegum

    Got my new runabout

    Well isn't that adorable!