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  1. dreaminmini

    Only a couple of minutes left to vote.

    Would love some votes for my Fleur in the Best Driving horse category. She is awesome. Check out the video of her pole bending. My son Nick and his horse Peek are entered in the Best Friends category. They are the cutest team and work so well together and love each other. I would love for...
  2. dreaminmini

    CMHR Online Horse Show

    Hi everyone, Voting for the Chances Miniature Horse Rescue online horse show is going on for a short time longer. If you haven't voted yet please go on over and take a peek. There are lots of pretty awesome pics to look at.
  3. dreaminmini

    Happy Birthday Wishes!!!!

    and the most awesome trainer....Milo Minis herself Lori Rafter.... I can't believe my/our good fortune to have found you as a wonderful trainer for our horses (that a kind person on the forum told me know who you are...and thanks), that my horses love, but I have found a wonderful...
  4. dreaminmini

    Halloween is a coming!!!!

    I don't usually post pictures of my guy but this was too much fun. For fun and also for a small project for work we dressed our guys for Halloween this weekend. They were so patient and good with allowing us to put all this stuff and and stand while we did our photo shoot. Thanks Lori (Milo)...
  5. dreaminmini

    Any Model Train Enthusiasts???

    My brother forwarded this link to me. This model railroad is unbelievable. 10 years in the making. Link for the video... Wunderland Train
  6. dreaminmini

    Merry Christmas

    We wish you and your families and all your equine friends a very Merry Christmas! Thanks Lori (Milo) for putting the card together for us.
  7. dreaminmini

    Driving Lessons

    I was back at it again last weekend. I really love filming my lessons and I try to learn something extra while I watch them. Show season is just a month away for us and we are trying to get my 3 year old mare ready for her first year of showing in the driving ring. I know I still need some...
  8. dreaminmini

    On the subject of bending...

    Since there is another thread going on about bending it was very helpful to read for myself as I am a novice driver, it also got me thinking about my mare Fleur. My 3 year old mare JEM Break N Pattern has been working on her driving and I am pretty proud of how she is coming along. She has...
  9. dreaminmini

    I am so proud to announce

    This was our very first year showing. It has exceeded our expectations! First our yearling gelding Jem Duke It Out placed 7th in Yearling Halter, Gelding at Nationals. Now we have two Canadian All Stars! I was totally shocked to see my filly Jem Break N Pattern or Fleur as she likes to be...
  10. dreaminmini

    All you need to know about driving

    Well, I came across this on another list I am a member of. I honestly don't know why anyone would need a trainer...LOL It's nice to see that they used Lil Beginnings as a reference for their article. How to train a mini to drive Enjoy!!!
  11. dreaminmini

    My first drive

    This past Sunday I was so thrilled to be able to finally see my mare take her first drive. I was so proud of her and it was still very early on in her training I was pretty proud of her progress. There is still work to be done but there is lots of promise there. She is taking everything in...
  12. dreaminmini

    Congrats!!! ZENYATTA!!!

    Anyone that is interested in Thoroughbred horse racing knows today is the Holy Grail of Horse racing. Anyone that was watching today got treated to a masterful display. Zenyatta is truly one of the greatest horses and male or female that has ever raced. She won against the top male horses in...
  13. dreaminmini

    Miniature Horse Racing

    This looks like a lot of fun. My hubby's friend sent him this link. The race was held on the racetrack's Extreme day where they held many different races, very long, very short, wrong way on the track and others. This particular race was new this year, I believe. It's the full lap of a 5/8...
  14. dreaminmini

    Hotel for Nationals

    a room? Sorry if this is in the wrong place, please feel free to move it if need be. Hubby, my son and myself had booked a hotel room at the Inn at the Expo (Microtel). Now, there has been a change of plans and it's just me going and so I will be taking a luxury stall instead. Does anyone...
  15. dreaminmini

    Ontario MHCO show at Jake Circle K

    Hey all! I was wondering who went to the show this past weekend. I haven't seen any posts. How did you guys do?? Anyone want to brag??? I unfortunately had to miss it but will be at the next one. It'll be our first show and I'm excited and nervous at the same time.
  16. dreaminmini

    Our new logo

    After much thought, and tossing lots of names around, we came up with a farm name, Wee Three Minis. There is three of us and now we have three minis. Lori Rafter (Milo Minis) made us this beautiful logo, she had this great idea right from the start. Our whole family just loves it and I...
  17. dreaminmini

    Secret Revealed!!!

    I am (or should I say we, Holly, Lori? ) estatic and proud to announce our family's new gelding joining our little herd of two. I am so excited about this guy! Thanks again to Mary Ann Bartkewich of Bartkewich Miniatures for allowing Duke to make his home with us in Ontario. You have...
  18. dreaminmini

    Little driving joke

    This came from another group a few days ago, I thought it was cute and funny and wanted to share. Enjoy! An Amish lady is trotting down the road with her horse and buggy when she is pulled over by a cop. "Ma'am, I'm not going to ticket you, but I do have to issue you a warning. You have a...
  19. dreaminmini

    I'd like to introduce

    JEM Break N Pattern I fell in love with her in this picture. A huge thank you to Mary Ann of Bartkewich Miniature Horses!!! Mary Ann has been a pleasure to work with, very honest and forthright. I will definitely buy from her again(wink wink) Thank you as well to Lori (Milo Minis) for...
  20. dreaminmini

    Vicious Dog!!!

    This is my dog, she makes people scream, run out in oncoming traffic, scream at me to stay out of the elevator, not let her on the TTC bus."...