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  1. Keri

    Road driving

    I road drive all over the place. I train my horses the "steady" command. So when I see something coming, I tell them steady and they'll be ready for it. Also carry a WHIP! Its not for your horse. A dog comes after you and onto the road, smack that dog with it and yell no. I can bet you next time...
  2. Keri

    To Late to Show *pictures added*

    Hi! Welcome! I'm the president of our Utah miniature horse club (also live in Northern Utah). I can help you get connected with people in your area as well as clinics so that you can start learning how to show and just have fun! Our local club website is: Please email me...
  3. Keri

    If you had Minis first,

    I too started out in minis. Love the little guys, but being 5'11, I wanted something a bit taller to show (I just look funny showing the minis IMO). I have always loved the look of moderns, but started out with a classic first. Then basically jumped head first into moderns. Won't go back. I...
  4. Keri

    Need bigger cart wheels

    You can also do a general search online for them. I would seach EE cart sites as your hubs are the EE style and not the show cart style. So just be sure to watch that.
  5. Keri

    Do I Need a Bigger Horse

    Bigger horse. Heehee! I'm a pony fan. :D
  6. Keri

    new to harness

    I ground drive mine a few times where I do most of my driving. I do a lot of road driving and want to be sure they are fine with cars, dogs, etc. So ground drive them everywhere. If they are safe for you, put them in the cart. Each horse is different as others pointed out. Good luck! Be sure...
  7. Keri

    Quick AMHA Reg. question

    Thanks! I was hoping that wasn't the answer as now I have to go take pics and get them developed so that we can hit our local show May 1st.
  8. Keri

    Quick AMHA Reg. question

    I don't deal with AMHA often and just noticed my guys papers need to go from temp to perm. Do I need to include pics with this or can it just be done without? Couldn't find an answer on their website. Thanks!
  9. Keri

    Wow...I thought my horses were bomb proof. I found this post on Youtube and I have to say I am impr

    That's awesome!!! I'm a firm believer that if I can't safely drive my horse in the road with all those distractions, then they shouldn't be in the show ring.
  10. Keri

    Learning to drive the hard way

    I think I'll let the picture explain itself! Hahaha! Boy, Braveheart was a saint! 60" pony cart and shetland harness somehow wrapped around him. I was an accident waiting to happen. Good thing nothing ever did. Once I got into the show ring, I got lessons on the proper cart and harnessing of...
  11. Keri

    new Jerald Cart with a red seat?

    You'll have to post pics. Is it a bright red or burnt red? Older Jeralds were done in that red color. My road cart is red. I plan on repainting it this spring due to the red clashing with my road silks (I'm not a red person). But a black cart with red pinstripping and a red seat would look...
  12. Keri

    protecting hooves on pavement/concrete

    If they wear fast, you can keep their hooves a little longer. My one mini will square off his back hoof sometimes. So we rasp his foot often to keep them shaped and leave them a bit longer so he can wear them down. But in meaning as a bit longer, they aren't really that long. Just a tad bit...
  13. Keri

    Is it bad to drive them five days a week?

    My trainer has always told me, if they are WP or CP horses, they can be driven everyday and should to keep up their stamina. As long as they are physically fit, its just fine. He said your pleasure horses/ponies should go every other day more so they keep up their form and don't wear them out...
  14. Keri

    Reality check: How many carts & harnesses do you own

    Okay...I have an excuse as I have ponies and minis. (okay, maybe not an excuse) -1 Graber show cart (mini size), 1 meadowbrook (mini size), 1 Jerald Road Cart (pony size), 1 Jerald show cart (pony size), 1 viceroy (pony size) -2 lutke pony harnesses, 1 mini mose miller show harness -2...
  15. Keri

    I can use this cart in what kind of shows and or classes?

    Oh yes. Its such a shame we "need" so many carts for our ponies. I'm running along the lines now that I need a carriage house to put all mine in! And I'm still drooling over more carts that I just absolutely "need" to add to my collection.
  16. Keri

    I can use this cart in what kind of shows and or classes?

    You can show in that cart. It can be shown in the country pleasure classes just fine. It looks like a meadowbrook knock off or something. I own a meadowbrook and love it! You can also do dressage in CDE courses with is as I've seen them used there. Nice out for a sunday drive type cart.
  17. Keri

    adobe cs3 help

    I bought an adobe CS3 Dreamweaver and Fireworks program. Thought my normal computer could handle it. But I had to buy a new computer (it was a sale and almost as cheap as buying more memory) in order to install my programs. I now have a lot of memory on my computer. Be sure to read the fine...
  18. Keri

    Roadster cart, OH I'm SO EXCITED........

    We need pics when you get it! I love roadster! Had to get a pony to do it for me as my minis thought it was too far out of their relm! :D
  19. Keri

    Spooky driving

    When I introduce my horses to blinders, I put them in their bridle and leave them tied somewhere safe. Then they can look around and get use to the type of vision they'll have. Then after a couple days and they are adjusting, I will hand walk them with them on. Do lots of talking so that she'll...
  20. Keri

    Do you trot on pavement?

    I do all the time. I don't have a huge pasture to work my horses in, so I take my seasoned ones out on the road and work them. These horses don't spook at dogs, etc., etc. Never had problems with my horses working them on it. They are all on joint supplements to ensure they are in good...