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  1. joylee123


    We at Vali Mini Ranch Are delighted to congratulate Ilse Smits of Tinkerbell Stables, Kessel Belgium! and Chesa Henkel of Deven Creek Miniature Shetlands, Clatonia Nebraska! on their co-partnership purchase of our yearling filly, Vali Mini Ranch Bodacious Bey B! Bill and I are so excited...
  2. joylee123

    A question on cavaletti's

    Could someone who does in hand obstacle class tell me how far apart cavaletti's are usually set for minis? and how far apart the ground pole are set when you make an "L" for the "L" turn? Thanks, Joy
  3. joylee123


    Can anyone suggest a quality leather punch? Name of manufacturer and where to purchase? I am just sick to death of fighting with the old piece of junk I have and it hasn't been the first one either. Nothing is worse than needing a hole punched in a fine harness and being stuck with a punch that...
  4. joylee123

    Just got my Web Site updated!

    Jean Barnhill Rudickof Dusty Lane Design just updated my Web Site for me Wonderful job. She's the best! Please check it out and see what you think:0) Vali Mini Thanks! Joy
  5. joylee123

    Look what I got in the mail today!

    What an amazing end to the 2011 show season! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to win an Honor Roll Championship... Let alone two I am just beside myself So proud of my little gelding Beloveds Double Divine One Way to go Double   Thanks for letting me share   Joy
  6. joylee123

    Foal milk test strips

    Hi there, Yup it's getting to be that time of the year. I have always used the Natures Choice strips with the distilled water and so many cc's of milk/colostrum, mix and dip the strip. There is a new test out there (can't think of the name) that uses strait colostrum on the strip, no mixing...
  7. joylee123

    Can anyone suggest...

    Merry Christmas everyone I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good equine management software? Like breeding dates, vaccinations, hoof trims, pedigree, show results ect.. Thanks, Joy
  8. joylee123

    I have a coat question too

    I have two horses that have several crusty bumps one on each around the withers, one around the center back above the hip and each has a spot or two around the point of shoulder. Its kind of like a 1/8 to 1/4" tall, crusty scab but fairly dense. Is this a form of fungus? It's not from a "Cut"...
  9. joylee123

    AMHR look up

    Could someone see if these two horses were AMHR registered for me please and if so, what their registration numbers are. NFCs Moon Shadow 4Gs Fashionable Painted Doll Thank you so much! Joy
  10. joylee123

    AMHA 2011 Final Honor Roll Standings

    Just saw that the AMHA 2011 Honor Roll standings are up!!! I am just so stoked I had to share!!! I won two Honor Roll Championships!!!! in Amateur Senior Gelding Lv1 30" and Under and Open Senior Gelding 30" and Under with Dubs! Plus I made Top Ten Honor Roll in AM SR Mares Lv1 30-34 with...
  11. joylee123

    I've Been Keeping a Secret

    I have been keeping a little secret a 28.5" secret   Introducing our new little show colt.....   Ravenwood Do You Remember!!! Thank you Craig Westergaard of Ravenwood Miniatures and Mike and Allison Rosauer of Stars for making this dream come true!   Joy
  12. joylee123

    Dreams do come true

    I just wanted to share, that this year has been the best ever for me. Things that I have only dreamt of came true for me and I feel so lucky and blessed.   First of all is the interest my husband Bill has shown in the horses and his accomplishments this year- Bill placed a Regional Reserve...
  13. joylee123

    Please refresh my memory...

    Hey all, a question... I seem to remember Will Rogers Equestrian Center as having warm water for bathing the horses?( been a long while now) Am I right or should I bring my portable hot bath set up??? Thanks, Joy
  14. joylee123

    Some suggestions please

    My mares mane and tail are dry and a bit brittle. I'm looking for a really good conditioner that will make them soft and silky. Any Suggestions???   Thanks   Joy
  15. joylee123

    Just wondering...

    Hi, I was wondering if folks in the Kansas, Oklahoma area have recieved their Miniature Horse World magazine( June July issue) yet?? I recieved the Journal yesterday but have been having problems getting the World mailed out to me. Thanks, Joy
  16. joylee123

    Could someone suggest...

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good program for documenting horse expenses, feed, vet, equipment, show costs. Breeding dates, vaccinations, Just an all around program. Thanks, Joy
  17. joylee123

    A question for show folks

    Hi there, This year I am showing several horses. I was wondering if you could tell me or better yet, show me what you use(and how to attach)to separate horses in a stall so you can put two in a stall? Stalls are sooo expensive and I'd rather have the money for classes Could you guys give me...
  18. joylee123


    We are so excited to announce Vali Mini Ranch is the proud new owners of Brenda Sellwood's outstanding little gelding Beloveds Double Divine One!!! Watch for Dubs in the 2011 show ring! We are just beside ourselves!!! Thank you so much Brenda!!! Joy
  19. joylee123


    Hi there, The past few months I haven't recieved my MHW magazine. I contacted the office and they sent them out right away. I just want to contact them right away if it has come out and I've missed it again. Just hate it, I look forward to it so much So has anyone got the lastest issue yet...
  20. joylee123

    AMHA Honor Roll!

    I Just had to share! I am so excited! This is my first year in the show ring in years and years and my Dreams first show season! In only three shows she made 2nd place on the Honor Roll in AOTE SENIOR MARE LVL 1 and is tied for fourth in AMATEUR SENIOR MARE, LVL 1, OVER 30" TO 34"! Way to go...