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  1. Bailey@SmallWonders

    Quick question about a mare that just had a baby...

    Hi, my mare just had a baby this afternoon, about 1:30pm and she still hasnt pooped yet. should we be concerned? should we do anything or just wait?? thanks in advance!
  2. Bailey@SmallWonders

    NEMHS Fall Finale Show, Greene RI, Tomorrow!

    Okay so I know the weather might be questionable, but who is planning on attending the show tomorrow? We will be going with 2 geldings for sure and maybe the colt. They will be going in halter, hunter, jumper, and color. So who else is going?!
  3. Bailey@SmallWonders

    Equusite picture!

    I have a picture of our little colt on equusite today. Please go vote. It is under "Teddy" Thanks!
  4. Bailey@SmallWonders

    Learning to drive my horses!!

    Well for the past month or so we have been going to our friends house and I've been learning how to drive. I love going! The horse that I am driving is named Charlie and he is an absolute sweetheart with the kindest eyes. So here is me driving Charlie: Haha! You thought I was going to be...
  5. Bailey@SmallWonders

    Storms anyone?

    We have been having major thunderstorms since this afternoon. The storm was right over our town, it was pouring, with thunder that shook the house, and bolt lightning that lit the sky. Now, Im really afraid of thunder and lightning, and where was I in this storm? Stuck in the barn! It started...
  6. Bailey@SmallWonders

    Problem with loose stool

    My pony, shetland/welsh cross, 14 years old this month, has been having very loose stool. It is so loose it runs down his legs sometimes. We have tried sand clear and it doesnt seem to be working. Any advice? We arent sure what to do. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  7. Bailey@SmallWonders

    NMHC show, Dighton, MA July 19& 20

    I know its a little bit early but I was wondering: Who's coming?! I will definately be there on at least saturday, but I am trying to get the money to pay for stalls so that we can stay the whole weekend. So, Who is coming?!?!?
  8. Bailey@SmallWonders

    I Saved our first ever foal!!

    PINTO COLT!!! He is adorable! I woke up around 2am, I have no idea why, but when I looked at the camera, Summer was in labor and the front legs were out! I pulled clothes on and woke my mom up and I ran down to the barn. When I got there everything but the back legs were out but the sac was not...
  9. Bailey@SmallWonders

    Okay my turn! (Picture HEAVY!)

    Okay so here are my pictures from the NEMHS Bethany Horse show that was June 1st. I did very well with my horse Aloha Acres Adars Hot Shot. Results and then pictures: Novice Youth Halter Senior Gelding: first place, both judges Youth 13-18 Senior stallion: first place, both judges Senior...
  10. Bailey@SmallWonders

    Maiden Mare Help!

    My maiden mare is at 334 days today. She was brought inside a few hours ago. She keeps laying down and getting back up, Kicking at her belly, laying down on the other side, holding tail up and swishing it. Please help, does this mean anything? Should we be keeping a close watch on her? If you...
  11. Bailey@SmallWonders

    My mare is 330 days today....

    My mare MBF Mid Summers Dream is at 330 days today. She is a maiden mare and it is our first foal so we were wondering how much longer you think she will go. Please offer any advice, it is all very much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Front view: Side view: Back view: Front view of her...
  12. Bailey@SmallWonders

    Okay so now that we are completely confused,

    So, my mare is in foal, due to pop any day now and a few week ago we did the DNA test where you pull out a couple mane hair and then send it to the lab. So, we got the results back in the mail today and we have NO IDEA WHAT THEY MEAN!!! So please help us figure out what this means??..... DNA...
  13. Bailey@SmallWonders

    Look What We Found!!

    A Horse hiding in a yak suit! Introducing our yearling colt: SRF Small Wonders Lil Spitfire Before(and this is with having his head clipped): And After(not the best pic but): What do ya think of him? ~Bailey
  14. Bailey@SmallWonders

    Purina/ Platform Recall

    From another Message board: It is important for all horse owners to know that Purina has issued two massive recalls this month affecting almost their entire horse feed product line. This recall was not made available to the general public. Notices went to the dealers directly. On 4/9 they...
  15. Bailey@SmallWonders

    300 days today

    Here is our girl MBF Mid Summers Dream aka Summer. She is a maiden mare and she is at 300 days today. How much longer do you think she will go? Also, do you think her clipping job is good or should we do more? ~Bailey This is the back view of her: Side view: And...
  16. Bailey@SmallWonders

    Close to foaling?? Mulligans run farm "Vicki" is very uncomfortable. Holding tale up and keeps getting up and down. I think she might be close to foaling...... Shes having