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  1. Champ

    dental issue

    I live in NH and use Northeast Equine Veterinary Dental Services ..... .... Leah Limone, DMV .... she is excellent, one of my minis has terrible teeth and she's done all the work on him and a lot of my friends horses, big and small. I'm not sure she'll travel that far but if...
  2. Champ

    Miracle's starting to get a little porky...

    If you have portable fence panels put up a small paddock just for her, even if it's on grass it'll be small so she can only eat so much grass.
  3. Champ

    How long does it usually take to train a Mini to drive?

    I know you are asking how long it should take to train a mini to drive but I have a question, if you don't have any driving experience or know how to harness a horse or the parts of a harness and the purpose of each part, then I'd like to make the suggestion of working with a trainer to help you...
  4. Champ

    Dream Harness

    One thing I like on a mini harness is the space between the holes to be smaller, when adjusting the harness a lot of times you need it to be just a 1/2 hole cause 1 full hole is to much of an adjustment.
  5. Champ

    Own Mini Website?

    I use Webs ID for a few different websites that I manage, they are easy to work with. is one of them.
  6. Champ

    2 steps forward, 3 steps back

    I know how you feel, I was driving with a friend and her mini ( her mini didn't even notice them) when we came across a field with would have thought my mini saw fire breathing dragons......let's just say I was VERY glad they didn't moo or start walking around otherwise it wouldn't...
  7. Champ

    Hips and Hyperbikes

    I have a hyperbike and love it however.....I agree with Peggy P. a hyperbike is not a cart for a mini that is not well trained to drive, they are also hard to get in and out of. My suggestion would be to find a trainer who trains minis for driving, there is so much to learn about the different...
  8. Champ

    how many leave their minis out

    I have 2 minis that can go in and out of there stalls as they please but because I live where there is a lot of woods and wildlife roaming around I lock them in when it gets dark.
  9. Champ

    Getting a hyperbike ready for showing?

    You should check with the CDE's your thinking of competing at, as far as I know they aren't allowed. I do LOVE my hyperbike
  10. Champ

    Looking for Mini's in Va?

    Have you tried any of the horse rescues in your area, they might have some available.
  11. Champ

    Getting a hyperbike ready for showing?

    What kind of showing do you want to do using your hyperbike......the reason I ask is cause some won't allow them.
  12. Champ

    Equine Affaire in Mass - Anyone going?

    Some friends and I are going, it's a lot of fun. Star lake tack is there so I always make sure I visit there booth.
  13. Champ

    Trailer for mini and driving cart

    Cargo trailers only have plywood floors which won't hold up to urine and aren't really designed for livestock they do not have enough supports, also not enough ventilation / windows. Some only have a single axle which makes for an extremely bouncey ride for the mini.
  14. Champ

    Conformation Information...

    Congratulations on your new mini!! She's cute, but it's hard to tell what her conformation is like with her still having her winter coat.
  15. Champ

    Traces...tight or loose?

    People do it because judges place them in classes if they stopped doing so, then maybe people would stop that practice.....
  16. Champ


    I haven't been on this forum in a very long time but I wanted to say what a wonderful job you do helping these poor minis!! It is unfortunate that people just don't get that most stallions make wonderful geldings and mares don't have to be bred.....even if they are cute mares......I also think...
  17. Champ


    Hopefully the storm goes out to sea ..... be safe everyone!!
  18. Champ

    Comparison of responsible and not-so-responsible breeders

    Now more than ever with the economy the way it is, wether your a "irresonsible or responsible" breeder unless you plan on keeping the foal for it's whole life.... 30 to 40 years ...... it has a chance of becoming food on someones plate, rug to lay on, abused, starved etc..... most stallions...
  19. Champ

    Fly Control while Driving

    I believe I just get the small..... they may seem tight at first but they do stretch out after using them a lot.....I put them on over or under the bridle & halters.
  20. Champ

    Fly Control while Driving

    I use this fly mask from Big Dee's Tack I put it right over my bridle & halters