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  1. love_casper

    Mercedes' first day out

    Mercedes had her first day out today! She likes to GO! First there were cuddles to be had in the stall... Then I held Princess in the aisle while baby couldn't figure out how to cross the threshhold After she was out of the barn she followed mama to the round pen And then they RAN...
  2. love_casper


    I HAS A BABY I HAS A BABY I HAS A BABY!!!!!!!! Also, I haven't slept in a day and a half so if this is all muddled and incoherent that would be why. I stayed up all night watching Princess stand in the corner of her stall looking quite bored. She was at day 325 today. Went...
  3. love_casper

    Adorable ridden dressage test!

    Found this, too cute! I was most impressed that a kid that small could memorize a whole dressage test, I still struggle with them lol. I want to have kids someday precisely so that I can have them do this... Enjoy!
  4. love_casper

    How do you guys get water to your pastures in winter?

    Hey everyone! This was our first summer on the new ranch. Haven't said much about it because it's a work in progress and is hardly presentable yet lol! The minis have their own barn with connected dry lot, sort of a run-in set up, and a water pump is right by their barn, so they each have...
  5. love_casper

    Any AQHA members that could do a look up?

    Name is Doc's Zany Night and I think her number is 4357875 but it may be a different one, can't read dad's handwriting lol. Tried google searching but couldn't find anything. Please and thanks!
  6. love_casper

    The grass is always greener

    Just had to share! This is my friend's QH gelding that she boards at our place. Him and my big girl were out front when he mysteriously vanished behind the trees. Dad had mowed the front pasture all but right around the tree line and the creek. While my horse stayed at the bottom of the ridge...
  7. love_casper

    Mare not letting stallion breed again,

    VERY excited to announce we'll have our first home-bred foals next year! I've owned Freedom for 2 years now, but due to 2 moves and a colic surgery on another horse, didn't have the time or space. But NOW I'm home all day on 17 acres and life is good. So mare #1 - teased her daily for two...
  8. love_casper

    Precious new barn kittens!

    Hey everyone! Thought you'd like to see our ADORABLE new barn kitties!!! First, a story I think is pretty cool about the Mama cat. So a little over 2 months ago, this gray and white cat starts hanging around my barn. We board, she's one of the resident cats, but she decided that she wanted...
  9. love_casper

    Princess, or a Yeti?

    It just won't stop snowing up here! So I get to the barn.......... I see no horses, they are all inside huddled together in the stalls. Not even any footprints, they must have been avoiding it all day! Until........ Princess comes around the corner! I can't even tell what color she was, just...
  10. love_casper

    Lots of news with me and my babies...(long)

    Hey everyone! I told you I'd come give a story on what's been going on with me, since we moved to Colorado in November. Was just waiting for the newest addition to come, and she did last Friday. Soooo we had outgrown our little house in the city with 4 stalls in the back yard. Dad was fed up...
  11. love_casper

    Merry Christmas from all of us!

    Remember me?!?!?!? I know I went from LIVING on the forum to spontaneously dissapearing, i'm sure some newer members don't even know me lol. Well - short, sweet, and to the point: we've moved! Los Angeles wasn't working out for any of us, and somehow a month ago, we found ourselves in Colorado...
  12. love_casper

    Jerry Washburn Memorial Pacific Coast Classic

    My stallion Freedom (CCMF Frankie Blue Eyes) and I are going to the So Cal MHC Jerry Washburn Memorial Pacific Coast Classic Show at the L.A. Equestrian Center, Burbank, CA. This Saturday and Sunday. Anybody on here going? Would love to meet you! I'll be the one showing a blue eyed...
  13. love_casper

    NEW (long overdue) driving pics of GHOST

    Hiiiiii everybody!! Life has been quite busy lately! Much apologies for those wanting to see new Charm pictures - he's grown up into quite the nice young man! He is SO sweet, so playful, everybody loves him. As for Ghost and her driving... we had taken some time off to sort out some bridling...
  14. love_casper

    SILVERS may I borrow your silvers???

    I'm still working away on my horse colors website. I have the hardest pages all done, I think it's coming together pretty well. I am making a simplified version of equine genetics, lots of pictures, so everyone can understand without gettin confused. Anyway, may I borrow pics of your SILVERS...
  15. love_casper

    Heyyy remember that genetics site I was working on?

    Yes I admit I sort of abandoned ship on the website project I was working on.... geez I started it a loooong time ago!!!! But with my all-consuming summer camp job it kind of got pushed to the back burner. Anyway! As a reminder, I am creating a equine color genetics website modeled after one...
  16. love_casper

    Newww Freedom pics!!!

    Been a while since i've posted anything on my stallion Freedom. We didn't end up breeding him this year, we're going to next spring though, along with starting his show career. He's doing wonderful in his training!!!! I'll be putting his better, udated pics on the website, but here are some...
  17. love_casper

    California summer pictures

    WHOOO summer!!! And I'm loooooving it. So are the horses. We just installed misters back there, which they are in love with. So today Ghost and I went on one of our adventures, where we just leave the house and have no clue where we're going. Today we ended up just wandering the local...
  18. love_casper

    FREEDOM got clipped!!!

    I was SOOOO surprised at what I found underneath the fuzz monster! He's also been doing very well in his training, and as soon as I get him transfered we're gonna show. He's such a gentleman now, yesterday when I did the first half of his clip, I had 3 little girls helping me. They were...
  19. love_casper

    Charm half naked!!!!!

    I'm so happy with the way he turned out!!! The other day it was 90 degrees here, figured I oughtta ditch the yak hair. Yesterday I tried clipping him....he jumped and kicked and -tried- to jump the fence. That didn't go so well since his fence is 35" and he's only 31" haha. Then today I stuffed...
  20. love_casper

    Run Freedom Run!!!

    Just thought I'd give you guys an update on the new fella. He's doing real good! He has his studdy moments, which I find entertaining lol, but when there's no ladies around he is just a teddy bear! We are working on his good boy manners, and he's catching on very quickly. He now comes when...