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  1. shelly

    amhr stallion report

    Can anyone tell me if there is a fee for filing the stallion service report with AMHR? I know it is $10.00 for AMHA...but it doesn't show anywhere on the AMHR form if there is a fee. HELP!!! thanks, Shelly
  2. shelly


  3. shelly

    miniature weight tape

    Is there a different weight tape made just for minis?
  4. shelly

    Prayers needed for a friend

    Many of you may know her-Stephanie Keene. She owns Hearts-N-Horses Therapeutic Riding Center in Buxton, Maine. Well she is in Maine Medical right now with a blood clot in her brain. It started out lodged in her neck a week ago and was misdiagnosed by emergency as a stroke. Emergency...
  5. shelly

    My babies kicking it up!

    Stormy and Trixie were feeling good this morning after being cooped up all weekend because of rain!!!
  6. shelly

    Is probios enough?

    My pre-weanlings and mares are more upset now that they can no longer touch noses or see each other...I am giving the foals probios, should I give them ulcer guard too? Should the mares be getting probios and perhaps ulcer guard also? I am worried! They were pretty good while they could...
  7. shelly

    Another weaning question-SORRY

    So I have begun the slow weaning process with my two foals...they spent their first entire night away from dams last night and all went very well! I will continue to leave them alone at night and in with the herd during the day until Thursday and then they will be separated entirely. My...
  8. shelly

    daily wormers

    All of my minis are due for worming this week--I want to start them on a daily wormer, which one do you all prefer and how much do I give? Also is it ok for foals at 3-4 months old? Should I give they regular paste wormer first and then start the daily wormer? I have never used the daily...
  9. shelly

    amha papers revoked?

    If a mares papers have been revoked from amha because she went over 34"(36.5)...can her foals still be registered with amha? editted to add...sire of foal is amha!
  10. shelly

    My babies all clipped!!

    Here are Trixie and Stormy all clipped FINALLY!!!!! Trixie is almost 3 months old! She is a bay dun roan She wouldn't let me clip her lower legs Stormy is almost 2 months old! He has more white under his belly
  11. shelly

    Underweight nursing mare-HELP!

    My mare Pixie has a 2 1/2 month old filly and is now looking very thin in her topline, neck and hips/butt! Her ribs are showing, her tailhead is sunken in and her neck is starting to lay over!!! I have doubled her hay(1 flake to 2 twice daily) and upped her grain another 1/4 lb.(gets...
  12. shelly

    Anyone ever had a mare...

    that while breeding during their heat cycle get "urine scald" or irritated under the vulva in the area between their legs? Not in the vulva itself but all in underneath...I just noticed Lacey was all crusty and when I washed the area it was all bald where the skin has fallen off! It is not...
  13. shelly

    Stormy is HOMOZYGOUS!!!

    I got my tests results in on my two foals... Stormy is homozygous tobiano and black-not smokey black. ( TT, Ee, aa, nn for cream and nn for silver) Trixie is definitely a buckskin. (Ee, AA and nn for cream)
  14. shelly

    AMHA Hardshipped to AMHR?

    I was wondering if you can register a hardshipped mini into AMHR?
  15. shelly

    What to feed a very FAT mare?

    I had my mare Lacey tested for IR and she has a normal Insulin count so?????? HELP!!! How do I get all this FAT off her? She is only getting 1/4 cup grain with cinnamon twice a day plus 1/4 small flake of this still too much? The grain is Horse Kwik by Nutrena. Should I feed her...
  16. shelly


    I just wanted to say how much fun I had today at the NBarH show!!!!! I am soooooo proud of my stally=Joey!!!! He did such an awesome job of behaving himself and acting like a gentleman all day!!!! It was very nice seeing everyone...hope we have a better turnout next month!
  17. shelly

    HELP-mare's tail hair falling out!

    My mare Pixie has something going on in her tail...she has big scabs and sores which are pulling all her hair out! I know she did not have anything going on before she foaled out a month ago and I have been brushing and grooming her since and never noticed anything until this morning when I...
  18. shelly

    Sahara is testing ready for tonight!!! PICS ADDED Pg. 2!!

    Her milk is testing 95% on the mother natures strips and changed very quickly, so I'm guessing/hoping for a foal by morning!!!!! All eyes welcome!!!!!
  19. shelly


    Here are the latest pics of Sahara at 324 days!!!! Her milk has jumped from 40% to 80% since yesterday morning!!! Her vulva is more relaxed and her udder is staying the same am and pm. What do you think?
  20. shelly

    Joey is finally a daddy!!!

    My stallion Joey bred 4 mares for 2009...his first ever!!!! Two days ago his first get was born...IT'S A FILLY!!!!! She is a dainty black pinto with a gorgeous dishy head! Her canon bone was only 6.5" and she stands around 15-16" at her whithers. Mom is 28" and Joey is 34". Proud...