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  1. Sassy'sMom

    Newly Acquired Pregnant Mini Mare

    Okay, I have not been on here in forever, because I didn't have minis anymore, but I just recently acquired a couple, and I have a few questions. One of them is a little mare that is pregnant and due in approxmiately August sometime. They aren't sure when exactly because they got her from an...
  2. Sassy'sMom

    Omolene Coupons

    I actually have quite a few Omolene Coupons. I went through the Omolene University and got coupons, plus I purchased some from them with my points that I earned for the class credits. However, I have decided not to use this feed. I don't show, my minis and my biggie are just my pets, so I...
  3. Sassy'sMom

    Wee Foal Results Help

    I am going to post a couple of pictures of a wee foal test that I did of my horse today. I think it is a not pregnant result, but I wanted other opinions. The directions sheet says that there is a possibility to have a positive result if there is a ghost mark by the T. I think this is a line...
  4. Sassy'sMom

    Looking for information on a Pinto Horse

    I recently purchased a Buckskin Overo Pinto mare that I was told was registered with PtHA, but they didn't know the registration name. I am trying to find out some information on this poor girl. She has been moved around quite a bit lately, unfortunately. I was wondering if anyone knows of...
  5. Sassy'sMom

    Purchase Contract

    I know I have seen this on here before, but I couldn't find it when did a search. Does anyone have a purchase contract they would care to share. I am particularly looking for a Trade Agreement Contract, but I can modify a regular one. I have searched and searched online and I can't find one I...
  6. Sassy'sMom

    Look up Please? - New Favor

    I am looking at a pinto stud, and the girl told me that he was registered, but she didn't have his papers. She was going to check with the previous owner to see if she could get them, but she wasn't sure if she could. She also wasn't sure if he was registered with AMHA or AMHR. His name is...
  7. Sassy'sMom

    Before and After Pictures

    These are before and after pictures of my new big horse, Bella. When I got her, she was pretty skinny. You could see her back bone, her ribs, and her hips. And, she still had her winter coat, and it looked brown and white, not black and white. She has been with me for 2 months now, and she...
  8. Sassy'sMom

    Big Horse Feed Advice

    I recently purchased a big horse. Actually, it was my second one. I don't know if anyone remembers that I bought a TB mare back in January, but she didn't work out for me. She was over 16 hands and acted too much like a TB for me. Go figure, I know! But, I found her an excellent home. So...
  9. Sassy'sMom

    What to put on an area that the hair has been scraped off?

    I have a horse that has scraped the skin off of their hip somehow. I am not sure what they ran into or rubbed against, but they have a patch that the hair is gone. It isn't an open wound, their is no blood. It is just pink skin, not seeping or anything. Is there something I should be putting...
  10. Sassy'sMom

    I'm getting a new horse! New Pictures Add on Page 2!

    I sold my big horse over a year ago and I only had minis. At one time I had 4 of them! Now, I am going to just have 2 minis and a biggie! I have had the bug to ride again so bad it isn't even funny. I thought I would be okay with just minis and a cart, but I miss riding! So, I started...
  11. Sassy'sMom

    Round Bale Hay Setups

    I am very curious about round bale hay setups. Where to do you keep them? Do you have them in a shelter to keep them out of the weather? I am considering building a 3 sided shelter in my paddock this summer to put a round bale in, but I wanted to get some ideas from people. Can you show me...
  12. Sassy'sMom

    Purina Coupon

    I received my Horse Illustrated Magazine today. It has a coupon in it and I can't use it. It is a coupon that says if you buy 10 of their Premium Lifestyle Horse products you get $15 Off. The list of products is: Equine Senior Horse Feed Equine Junior Horse Feed Equine Adult Horse Feed...
  13. Sassy'sMom

    How do you find out if a horse has been DNA tested?

    I need to find out if either of my mare's parents were ever DNA tested. I wasn't sure if there was some way to find out. Also, lists Teresa Anthony as the last owner of her sire. Does anyone know her or know an email address for her? I found one for the last known owner of...
  14. Sassy'sMom

    What kind of snake is this?

    The snake was in our yard, do you know what kind it is? It is about 2 foot long.
  15. Sassy'sMom

    Question for those who own Goats

    We are considering getting a couple of goats. I only want them for pets, just something else fun and cute to have in the barn! My questions are: 1. What is the best kind of goat for a pet, I don't want anything that gets real big? 2. What do you feed goats? 3. I want to get two, so...
  16. Sassy'sMom

    Looking to find Horse Management Software Thread

    I know I found a thread on this awhile back. I wasn't smart enough to copy the links or anything then, and now I can't find it. I must be putting the wrong search words in this time. I am looking for the thread where someone asked what horse management software everyone uses. I only have 4...
  17. Sassy'sMom

    Allergic to Fly Bites?

    I have a 12 year old mare that is very allergic to fly bites. She gets bumps all over her and then proceeds to itch them until they bleed. I have tried MTG and the black and pink bottle from EQyss. But, they aren't going away. I put fly spray on all the time! And, I can't do a fly sheet...
  18. Sassy'sMom

    Anyone heard of Mystic Valley Miniature Horse Farm?

    A very good friend of mine told me about a miniature horse farm in Ohio that is supposed to be very large! I did a Google search on it, but didn't come up with anything. Anyone ever heard of it. Do you know if they have a website? I was told it was in Peebles, OH. Thanks! Edited because...
  19. Sassy'sMom

    Updated pug puppy pictures!

    Well, I haven't shared new pictures of my boy in a long long time. You guys got me through a pretty rough spell with him. I got him when he was almost 3 months old and have been in love with him ever since! He is my baby! First, he got into rat poison that we forgot was in the closet from a...
  20. Sassy'sMom

    Anyone have close up pictures of a harness

    I want to hook my little guy up to my cart, but I haven't hooked a harness up in ages! I have done all kinds of research and read all kinds of stuff, and I am sure I know how to hook him up, but I can't find any close up pictures to make sure I am putting all the straps onto the shafts...