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  1. Charlene

    ever seen a pig smile?

    no? well, you have now! pigs are loathe to share. they want things to themselves. however, arnold and porkahontas have always been the best of buddies. yesterday, they took it to a whole new level.
  2. Charlene

    meet "jackson"!

    this handsome fella was turned in to kansas city rescue a few weeks ago. his drug-addicted owner kicked him outside in the cold where he stayed for a month. the idiot took him to the shelter because "all he did was whine to come in the house". ugh!! he will be arriving here on thursday...
  3. Charlene

    happy new year!

    wishing you all a happy, healthy new year!! i visited my mini boys recently and they are doing great! they have their very own little girl and she spoils them rotten. miss them but am so glad they are happy!!
  4. Charlene

    latest additions to my petting zoo

    i picked up my last 2 fainters yesterday. this is sheldon... and t-bone... they were just recently weaned and it's been so beastly hot here, they are a bit thin but i don't think it'll take long before they bulk up. the girls bossed them around for a few minutes but then they settled...
  5. Charlene

    little goats arrived

    my 3 little fainter does were delivered yesterday morning. they are about 13 weeks old and just as cute as can be! they're a bit skittish but it didn't take long before they were eating leaves out of my hand. they are not the least bit afraid of my 3 danes. in fact, when they see the...
  6. Charlene

    red & rebel

    i am just over the moon! wayne sent me these pics last night. they played with red and rebel yesterday and had a blast. they have been in their new home for a couple of weeks now, all settled in and having the time of their lives. they are getting SO much attention and they are lovin' it...
  7. Charlene

    kind of a bittersweet day

    the folks from "Pony Pals" picked up my mini boys this morning. not having been loaded on a trailer in many years, i wasn't sure how they would act. this was a HUGE stock trailer and was quite a sizable jump up for them. thankfully, red jumped right in and rebel followed right behind him. i...
  8. Charlene

    dispersing my little herd of 2

    i am recovering from very serious back surgery. i'm doing well, feel so much better but my surgeon has told me that while my surgery was 100% successful, if i mess up my back again, there will not be anything left to fix. i have come to the realization that i must make some lifestyle changes...
  9. Charlene

    back surgery

    i am having it on wednesday. i have herniated disks in 3 places, the pain over the past few months has become unbearable. i can't WAIT to get this fixed!!!! i have been pretty much a couch potato for the past 6 months and it's getting sooooo old!!! wish me luck! also, my mom had hip surgery...
  10. Charlene

    hi everybody!

    just popping in to say hi to friends, old and new. life sure does get in the way of internet play time!! it was a brutal winter here, snow on top of snow on top of ice on top of more snow. finally, we are seeing signs of spring. wasn't sure it was ever gonna happen! little horses and big...
  11. Charlene

    my son's wedding

    tuesday was one of the best days of my life! everything from the weather to the surprises i had planned (a monarch butterfly release and a wedding carriage) could not have been better. the wedding was small, only 15 people in total, very intimate, quiet, everything i have ever imagined that...
  12. Charlene

    the wedding quilt

    my former boss is a quilter and we have been in khoots for months since i asked her to make a quilt for john and melissa's wedding gift. i went with her a few weeks ago and picked out the fabric. she called me last night to tell me it was finished so i flew over and picked it up. it turned...
  13. Charlene

    wanna see my mother-of-the-groom dress?

    i have been dreading shopping for one just because i hate to shop. as luck would have it, i stumbled upon this one at a bridal shop just 2 blocks from my office! i bought it in turquoise. also picked up some shoes much like the one the model is wearing. i'm getting SO excited! wedding is...
  14. Charlene

    the bio-sponge people

    last week i got an e-mail from them asking how the bio-sponge was working for tuffy. i e-mailed them back and told them that sadly, it did not help and that i had decided to lay him to rest a few weeks ago. yesterday, in my snail mail, i got the nicest sympathy card signed by the whole...
  15. Charlene

    RIP tuffy :(

    i made this decision after much thought, conferences with 3 vets, all of whom said it was most likely intestinal cancer. tuffy has had blood in his manure for the past few days and this morning, he peed blood. he is buried in the big alfalfa field not far from where my old mare was laid to...
  16. Charlene

    big horse question

    tuffy turned 28 in may. for the last few weeks, he has had diarrhea off and on. i have tried everything from sand clear to metamucil. his diet has not changed at all. he lost a lot of weight over the winter and continues to lose. he will have normal manure one day and then for the next...
  17. Charlene

    i'd like you to meet bentley

    i've been thinking about a third great dane and was really figuring on doing some fostering. well, that just isn't gonna happen. meet bentley. he came home yesterday and he is here to stay! he's 4, returned from his previous adoptive home because he was a fence jumper. apparently, they put...
  18. Charlene

    wow, this one's teen tiny! i haven't seen many mini foals but his head seems odd.
  19. Charlene

    my little simon

    i had a portrait done of simon to go along with those of his corgi sister, maggie, and my old siberian husky. this is an 14 x 17 portrait. this artist is just amazing! she sent me a scan of the finished drawing and when i saw it, it took my breath away. this is the picture she drew from...
  20. Charlene

    i will lay simon to rest today

    i made this decision several weeks ago. simon is pretty much completely down in his back end...degenerative myelopathy. he is beginning to have incontinence issues and i have watched in agony as the sparkle has left his eyes. he is so sad that he cannot participate in all of the things he has...