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  1. JourneysEnd

    I think we have foundered

    That doesn't sound like founder to me but you could have laminitis. Could also be an abscess forming. Check the digital pulse. Are all 4 the same or is the pulse more pronounced in one or two legs ? Are there deep lines in the hoof just below the coronary band ? If so are they straight or...
  2. JourneysEnd

    Locked knees

    That's the correct one, Robin.
  3. JourneysEnd

    It couldn't have been a better weekend

    It's my understanding Haven Hill isn't going to happen this year. Unless you heard something different this weekend.
  4. JourneysEnd

    Hello Good Buddies! ....I don't know what was worse...

    I just found this post. :BananaHappy :HappyBounce :BananaHappy Finally some good news. We're still praying !
  5. JourneysEnd

    It couldn't have been a better weekend

    It was a fantastic weekend. The Pine Hill Pleasure Show in Bellville Texas is a great show for first timers. As a result, we get a lot of VSE entries. ( I think we had 10 + this year ? ) ( Do we count Al as 4 ? ) Came home last night and checked in only to discover we had lost Linda Best...
  6. JourneysEnd

    Linda passed away.....

    I'm so sorry to hear this. She fought a good fight. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family. Vickie
  7. JourneysEnd

    Here we go again..3rd surgery in 3 months..

    This one's going to do the job ! 3rd times a charm. :pray
  8. JourneysEnd

    Missing Horse Trailer in Texas

    There is a horse trailer that the owner is attempting to repo for non payment in the North Texas area. The word is this trailer has been left on an AMHA trainer's property. I'm sure this trainer is not aware the owner is trying to find it. Just a heads up to everybody in Texas. Don't want...
  9. JourneysEnd

    Colt with strange colic symptoms

    Ulcergard is the exact same formula as Gastrogard. Gastrogard is just labeled in an RX dose which makes it a vet rx. You can get ulcergard on line for around $30 a tube (the best price I've found so far). 1 tube will do 4 - 6 doses for a mini. It's labeled 1/4 tube per day (for large horses)...
  10. JourneysEnd

    Road Boots for Minis

    I bet Janie would send you a pair to road test. You tend to cover more different surfaces than most of us !
  11. JourneysEnd

    Possible Ulcer Treatment

    Margo, I thought the same thing, but they are exactly the same. The difference is the instructions on the box. Ulcergard gives the daily dose for a large horse as 1/4 a syringe, Gastrogard dose is 1 syringe per day. So Gastrogard's box reads "Contains 1 Syringe ( 1 Dose) and Ulcergard's...
  12. JourneysEnd


    Have you tried changing manufactures ? Usually it's a problem with the diluent (?) the vaccine's in. One of the vet techs can answer better. Carin ? Nathan ?
  13. JourneysEnd

    Road Boots for Minis

    Went to a CDE at Plum Creek in Lockhart Texas this weekend. Great place to drive. Discovered Janie with Chimacum Tack now has road boots for VSEs (minis) at a price I can afford. A couple of exhibitors at the CDE had been using them and were raving about how well they worked. Unfortunately...
  14. JourneysEnd

    Possible Ulcer Treatment

    You can get Ulcergard through most on-line supply houses and have it shipped within two days. You can use tagamet, malox, and there's one other I can't remember the name of. Nothing works like Ulcergard (which is the exact same think as Gastrogard)
  15. JourneysEnd

    My "new" black wheels

    Looks good. I'd also like to know where you sent them. I have several parts I'd like powder coated. Vickie
  16. JourneysEnd


    I'm having the same problem. I've tried all the fixes.
  17. JourneysEnd

    founder question

    Pete's site is one of the best. In a nutshell - Laminitis is always brought on by something else. IR, carbo loading, retained placenta, colic, etc. Laminitis is inflammation of the sensitive lamina of the hoof. While the lamina is damaged, the coffin bone can rotate down. This is founder (...
  18. JourneysEnd


    Fantastic way of putting it. The hypothetical can cause unnecessary fear issues and leave us all trapped in our homes if we allow.
  19. JourneysEnd

    Equine Websites

    Why not add a couple of pages to your existing site that you can update as you like ?
  20. JourneysEnd

    Question for ASPC Members

    "It's also my understanding--from someone who knows a lot more about it than I do--that non-profit organizations aren't supposed to used confidentiality agreements either..." Messed up my quote thingy, but I don't think AMHR is a "non-profit organization". I think it's probably a "not for...