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  1. vetasst

    Any Suggestions?

    We are looking to move in about a year. I have 2 mini donkeys that have "sensitive" tummies and moving them to a new place with a lush pasture is really scary. I am worried about colic and laminitis. One already had foundered before i got her and another jenny tried to colic on me about 4...
  2. vetasst

    My protector- funny

    Does anyone have one donkey that thinks they need to protect their people? Snickers my 5 yr old Maiden Jenny, has taken to "protecting" me. We have deer, coyotes and foxes around and my other Jenny will move her yearling into the barn if something is around. Well...lately Snickers has taken...
  3. vetasst

    On my mind

    Well just to help me i am posting this because she is on my mind. Wed evening my friends yearling got her head caught in the fence and did some nerve damage and fractured her jaw. She was rushed immediatly to the University, where she has underwent surgery to try and repair the damage. Right...
  4. vetasst

    Heat cycle

    so here is a silly question. My little girl is now almost 8 mo old (my how they grow). When can i expect her first heat cycle. just wondering Thanks
  5. vetasst


    Well i am wanting to attend halter shows maybe this year with Hershey . He is about ready but don't know of any in the area. I haven't attened any and would like to watch and learn, any ideas?
  6. vetasst

    My Protectors

    Well this should put a smile on everyones faces. The other day i was out feeding, brushing and spoiling a little bit when my little Hershey man went nuts. I was in the barn with the "girls" and he started sounding off, stomping and just being obnoxious. I looked outside and low and behold...
  7. vetasst

    Mini Jack Breeding / behavior

    OK, well Hershey is going to be bred to my two girls this spring, he will be 3, and Snickers 4 and a maiden Jenny, Butters 6 with a 5 mo old foal now. Here are my questions. Hershey has never been bred and I am hoping he will not loose he absolutely loving personality once I breed him. I would...
  8. vetasst

    droping weight

    Well Butter is droping weight, she has a 3 1/2 month old foal, milk dud, on her. She is getting a total of 3/4 cup mare and foal feed daily split in 2 feedings, lots of hay. She is on a regular worming schedule and was just done about 4 weeks ago. she is also getting hoof abscesses has had 2...
  9. vetasst

    Soo Sad

    Well I just got home from a trip to Memphis and went to the zoo there. I was sadened by what I saw. There was a beautiful spotted small standard donkey there who was severely obese. I just wanted to put a lead on her and walk out. She had no "toys" other than a stick she was carrying around...
  10. vetasst

    A smile in the morning

    There is something about going out to the barn in the morning on a wonderful fall day when you have mini donks....The crisp morning air, light dew on the grass and 4 donkies giving you the wonderful sounding bray to tell you.... MOM YOUR LATE GETTING BREAKFAST!!! Cars driving by as you have 3...
  11. vetasst

    I have a wonderful Farrier

    Just wanted to say, I realize it is hard to find care sometimes/knowledge for our donkeys, but I have found a wonderful farrier . She was referred to me a year and half ago. My kids all but the baby , of course, love her. Hershey will start to get so excited that he will show his stuff...
  12. vetasst

    I need some opinions

    OK, now that Milk Dud is on the ground and doing WONDERFUL (tried her Hee Haw yesterday, Way cute). I have a few questions on her deworming and vaccinations. When and what should I start her off with for her deworming. I have kept the others on a regular rotation schedule. And the other is...
  13. vetasst

    Meet Milk Dud

    Meet my beautiful little girl . She was born outside at about 8:30 this morning . Doing well I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Here are some links of her just about 2 hours old. The last one is her first Rump scratching, lol...
  14. vetasst

    Yummy Snackies

    I know last year there was this same topic. But I thought it would be fun to open it up again, like myself there are plenty of newbies to the donkey world and I would like to share some of my "kids" favorite snackies. They ALL like chunks of bananas (will do anything for them) and like wheat...
  15. vetasst

    Happy Days

    Well the days are getting better since my purchase on Saturday of my new "girls". Snickers has become quite comfortable trying to get under my arm or sticking her head between my legs so she can get her head scratched. Butterfinger, AKA Butter, has started to trust me more and more every day...
  16. vetasst

    Advice needed please

    Help. Yesterday went to purchase a 3yr old jennet and came home with 2, the second was a 5 yr old Jenny who is preg. Here is my problem I will try to keep it short... This is my first baby, not sure of when she was bred but she is getting large, her feet are horrable (farrier coming on...