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  1. albahurst

    Still Waiting

    Thanks for the invite to this chat board! I am needing some support right now, cuz I am worn out with worry and waiting! My older mare, 24 yrs young, is in foal. We had a vet check prior to breeding her nearly a year ago. At about 220 days she started showing signs of bagging up so she was...
  2. albahurst

    Still Waiting

    We are at 357 days now and still waiting for our old mare to foal. I do hope everything is ok. Talked to Bonnie Fogg and she reassured me that my old mare says her pg is fine -- but I can't help but worry some. Has anyone on here ever had a mare go this long? Should I be concerned something...
  3. albahurst

    pH question

    When testing my mare 's fluid for pH and Calcium, a question has come to my mind, so thought I would ask you folks here - pH was testing in the 7.2 range then started to drop. Calcium was up to 100. pH went down as far as 6.4 then suddenly shot up to 8.0-8.4 It has been in the high range...
  4. albahurst

    Pg older mare

    I hope to get some opinions (and encouragement) from you all- whom I respect so much. My older mare, which I have mentioned on here awhile back being treated for possible placentitis, has now made it to 310 days! I am very, very happy about that, as you might have guessed! Anyway, it appears...
  5. albahurst

    I think we are going to make it!

    A couple months ago I posted about an older mare that was developing a bag around 230 days. Well, I am happy to report that she is at 298 days and doing great! We have been treating her for possible placentits for the past two months. I am sure keeping my fingers crossed for a live, healthy...
  6. albahurst

    Placentas after delivery

    I would like to hear your experiences and observations in examining placentas following delivery.
  7. albahurst


    I would like to hear more experiences with Placentitis. How long after you start Regumate do you notice an improvement in bag size? Does the bag go down to a 'normal' nothing or does it retain a bit of 'puffiness', even though much smaller overall size? Anything else you would like to share.
  8. albahurst

    Electric Hoof Trimmers

    Has anyone used the electric hoof trimmers? Can you share your thoughts on them? Thanks!
  9. albahurst

    Just heard on NPR

    I just heard on NPR that the drug, Ceftiofur (hope I spelled it correctly), will no longer be available from vets for animals starting later this year. This is the drug, Excede, I believe, and is an excellent drug for treating some serious bacteria- like Strangles. This drug was approved for...
  10. albahurst

    Input asap- Necropsy report is in 12/5/11 Pg 6

    I would appreciate input frpom anyone regarding the situation I am having with one of my horses- fine last night, this am he was in obvious pain- no appetite, slow walking, no drinking He appparently stood out last night in a snowstorm - he always goes in the barn, but not last night Started...
  11. albahurst

    AMHR Forms Online

    I am looking for AMHR forms on their website and cannot find the particular ones I need. The AMHR office told me they do not manage the website any longer and to contact one of the Board members - which I did - but have not heard back in days. Who are all the board members? I need to ask...
  12. albahurst


    I have been trying to find this past info, but to no avail. For those of you who have used carrafate (sucralfate) for ulcers, how long do you give it, how many times a day did you give it, does it affect ulcers in the stomach or intestines better (I have heard Gastro Gard is better in one area...
  13. albahurst

    Shoulder swelling

    When we got home from vacation last weekend, one of my Jr mares was limping quite significantly. Had some shoulder swelling on the right side. Got one vet's opinion to just watch it. 5 days later- still having trouble- extremely difficult to walk. I do have her on pain meds. Heading out in...
  14. albahurst

    New Photos

    I am so excited- my daughter came for a couple of weeks and she and I did our very first ever photo shoot! It was fun, tiring, and a learning experience, to say the least! But, I am very proud of the photos she took! Many of them are up on my website now. We still have to update my homepage-...
  15. albahurst


    I have been looking for the stall reservation form and haven't found it. Can anyone guide me to it, please?
  16. albahurst

    photo edit?

    I have a couple of photos I would love to have the halter and lead rope removed (and my husband's arm). If anyone knows how to do this and would like to give it a shot, I would be very appreciative!
  17. albahurst


    IF anyone can help me figure out why my avatar just disappeared and now will not work (says file is too large), I would really appreciate advice on how to get it back up and working. Thanks!
  18. albahurst


    My EquiPage isn't working properly- any ideas? Won't beep when red light comes on - have replaced the batteries and restarted it. All lights are on- don't know what else to do. Mare is due to foal any time.
  19. albahurst

    An Interesting Observation

    This evening, while checking my mare's vulvar area, I noticed a small marble-size water blister-type looking 'thing' inside of her at her inside opening. I have not ever seen anything like this before in a pg mare - it is not the bag, as she is not in active labor. She is showing many signs of...
  20. albahurst

    Diatomaceous Earth

    Does anyone use Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for fly/pests/wormer control? If so, please share your experiences and recommendations--