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  1. Frizzle's Gal

    Rice Bran Oil

    A friend told me that rice bran oil would really help give my gelding that extra he needs to be competitive in the show ring. Does anyone else use this? Has it worked for anyone? I'd love to hear opnions! Thanks!
  2. Frizzle's Gal

    Laube Clippers?

    I was thinking about buying laube clippers but Im not sure which style. Does anyone use laube for body clipping? If so which style do you like best? Thanks!
  3. Frizzle's Gal

    Converting Cargo Trailers for Minis

    I am buying my first trailer, and a friend of mine has a converted cargo trailer. It looks very nice adn she loves it. Does anyone else have one? If so could I see pictures or measurements? I was going to buy one big enough to hold about 3 minis, with a walk down ramp, and windows but i have no...
  4. Frizzle's Gal

    Showing Shetlands and Miniatures

    I was wondering how showing a Shetland and Miniature in halter are different/the same? Thanks! Oh and the shetland is Foundation if that makes a difference.
  5. Frizzle's Gal

    Obstical Class

    I'm thinking about doing obstical with my gelding next season and he knows the basics, but what are some things you would find in obstical? I know theres sidepassing, backing, trotting poles, walking over tarps ect. But is there anything else you can think of? Thanks!
  6. Frizzle's Gal


    My parents and I are trying to decide weither to go down to Nationals to look for a new horse or not. I was there back in 05' and there were many horese for sale, but I havnt been there recently, and I know many of you have. What do you think? Is it worth the money to go down? Thanks!!
  7. Frizzle's Gal

    Produce of Dam

    I was just looking at a new show bill and theres a class called Produce of Dam. I've heard of it, and kind of have an idea about it but never figured it out exactly. If anyone knows I would love to know a little more about it. Thanks
  8. Frizzle's Gal

    Show Halters

    Hi! I am going to be getting my colt a new show halter and I was wondering what everybodys favorites are? I've went on a few websites but I'm not sure what to get, so I figured I'd ask all of you. There are so many different styles! Thanks for the help!
  9. Frizzle's Gal


    Hello, everyone! This will be my first year sweating horses. I need to sweat the stomache and neck. A friend at my barn had said to leave the horses winter coats on and sweat them unclipped. He also mentioned having hoods on them to keep the heat in. I'm not sure about any of this so I figured...
  10. Frizzle's Gal

    Red Cell...

    I was talking to a friend of mine, and he says he give all of his show horses Red Cell. I'm not to sure about it so I thought I'd ask you guys. Does anybody here use it? If you do what are your opions on it? Also how much do you give your horses? Thanks!
  11. Frizzle's Gal

    Showing Stallions

    I was wondering if there is an age limit or something like that to show a stallion? I am 14 well I'll be 15 by this coming show season and I would be showing a comming 2 year old stallion. Can I do that or are there age restrictions? Thanks for your help!!
  12. Frizzle's Gal

    Co-Owning a horse...

    I know many people co-own horses. But I was wondering what you thought about it. ANd exactley how it works? Is it like leasing a horse? I know of a situation where the co-owner took the horse to her farm and is showing him and paying for all his expenses and taking him back to the original farm...
  13. Frizzle's Gal

    Transportation Companies

    I am thinking about getting a colt from Idaho and I am located in Ohio. So I was wondering if anybody knew of any good, resanoable, reliable transportation companies? Thanks in advance!
  14. Frizzle's Gal

    Cow hocked Weanlings

    I have a 6month old colt. When I bought him his legs were straight, now he looks cow hocked. His hoofs are a little long but were getting them done. Will getting his hoofs done fix it? Will he ever grow out of it? Thanks in advance.
  15. Frizzle's Gal

    Showing Weanlings

    I am taking my colt to a show Thursday and I clipped all but his legs and ears. He just wont let me touch them. I got him about a month ago and he was never worked with until now. Will I get points off for not having him fully clipped? I would think the judge would understand but maybe not. Has...
  16. Frizzle's Gal


    I just got a new colt, and I know its still to early to lounge. But at what age do you usually start?
  17. Frizzle's Gal

    Maverick is 6 Months old Today!

    Today Maverick is 6 months old! I havn't posted about him yet so I figured it would be a good time too. He came to the farm about 3 weeks ago, from Jones' Mini Whinnies and is going to be my new show horse! He is a little chunky but were working on that.
  18. Frizzle's Gal

    A few Questions......

    I was just wondering how do you get a horses stomache nice and thin and tuck up without the ribs showing? Also I just got a new 4 month old colt who WILL NOT trot. Any suggestions? This is the first time he is really being worked and he leads pretty well but when you ask him to trot he will...
  19. Frizzle's Gal


    I am looking at a 4 month colt and he seems a little high butted. But I'm not sure if he will straighten out or just get worse. At a few weeks old he looked straight across the back. I mean its not bad but he's not straight. Is there any way to tell if he will straighten out?
  20. Frizzle's Gal


    I am looking at a colt and his body type is very refined and he has a very dished head. As he grows will his comformation stay the same or will it change so he no longer looks refined? I have never had a foal before so I was just wondering. Thanks