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  1. Celtic Hill Farm

    What to wear?

    What is the 'normal' thing for men to wear when showing Shetlands in halter classes? I am handling a modern roadster pony in a halter class at a pinto show next weekend and I don't know what is appropriate to wear?
  2. Celtic Hill Farm


    What do guys/boys wear when they show in showmanship?
  3. Celtic Hill Farm

    AMHA look up please

    I was wondering if someone could do a look up on the "the painted avatar" i think he is temporary reg, im just looking for his sire and dam. Thanks! Ian
  4. Celtic Hill Farm

    Where can i get a harness like this?

    Is there a place i can get a harness like this without the buckles on the traces? Thanks, Ian
  5. Celtic Hill Farm

    Just Pets? *sigh*

    I think this is more of a vent, I know i haven't been on here in a while. My big horse has been in training with a trainer for the past month so i have been working with the donkeys. Just longing them in the round pen. But they don't walk or trot with out being hit with the whip, which i don't...
  6. Celtic Hill Farm

    Hey Guys! It's Been a while!

    I think the last time I was around I was talking about getting an Irish sport horse… Well we got her! Her name is Fiona, her show name is Celtic Hill’s Forever Moore. She’s going to be my show horse. She’s very green so ive had my hands full with her! I can’t wait for the weather to get better...
  7. Celtic Hill Farm

    I got a horse! she's Far from a mini but she's a horse! (ugh, this picture makes her look skinny! trust me she's far from skinny!) Meet Fee... She's a 16 hand 7 Year old Irish sport horse Mare! She's green broke, and needs work, but she's going to be my Dressage horse. My trainer thinks she...
  8. Celtic Hill Farm

    Driving Dressage Information

    Hey guys, I was wodering if anyone knew of any good sites or books on Drivin dressage. Im doing a reserch paper on school about the positive effects of basic dressage training on driving horses. Thanks Guys, Ian
  9. Celtic Hill Farm

    Im Getting Two Minis...

    I think i've talked bout 'em before but, my school has two miniature horses and the girl who was taking care of them over the summer can't keep them at her house any more so were bringing them home! Im really excited, im going to talk to my teacher and see if i can keep them at my house till i...
  10. Celtic Hill Farm

    I need some insperation to draw...

    Okay, so i feel the need to draw, dose anyone have any action pictures of there horses?
  11. Celtic Hill Farm

    Okay, Okay. I need a Shetland!

    Okay, so after seeing the Shetlands Sunday, i fell in love with them! My mom agreed that they were amazing, and she really liked them. She said i could get one, As long as i get a full sized horse that i can trail ride with. So basically the Shetland would be my show horse. . Im really...
  12. Celtic Hill Farm

    Show Pictures!

    Okay so... I got a 3rd in Pleasure, the judge told me if she backed i would have had first. I got 3rd in Reinsmanship, 1st in the Second Pleasure class...i MADE Viola Back. and 2ed in Trail! i was in my second class and i almost started crying because i was so scared of the draft horses, it was...
  13. Celtic Hill Farm

    I met my first Shetland

    Okay, so i have met a Shetland, but these are Congress level Modern and Classics!!! They were so amazing! They had this one horse named Hot Rod and he was Gorgeous!!! OMG! a trot to die for! So yea, they said i could come and drive there ponies... My mom LOVED them she said they were Amazing! :wub
  14. Celtic Hill Farm

    Driving Day End Champion!

    OMG! today was AH MAZ ING! I drove my 4-H leader's Donkey Against a Shetland and a Draft and got Champion!!! Pictures soon! So excited!!!
  15. Celtic Hill Farm

    Show Whips

    When you show you have to have a Whip correct? like im pretty sure it's a rule that you have to have a whip in your hand according to the ADS. Then my next question is, what kind of whip? Like a whip with a long tassle or a short "thinggy" on the end lol. sorry for the bad wordage.
  16. Celtic Hill Farm

    new donkey pics!

    I had to PAY! my brother to take these pictures for me, so i thought i would share, they are from the other day. i have been working with Leia on her show pose and finally got her right, she stretches about one step forward and stretch her neck. in these pictures she looks extremely...
  17. Celtic Hill Farm

    4 weeks untill...

    you guys im so excited :yes at the end of the month the girls are going to there first show!!!!! It's the 4-H show in my county. I got them to put in Donkey classes just for me and the other ppl who have donkeys my brother is showing aura in the clover classes wich is for kids who are too...
  18. Celtic Hill Farm

    Converting a bridle to a side check.

    is there a way to convert an over check bridle to a side check bridle?
  19. Celtic Hill Farm

    Maintaining healthy hooves.

    What can i do to prevent cracks, and chips? Right now im just using a foot oil im going to apply every day. Is there supplements or anything like that?
  20. Celtic Hill Farm

    Hoof Issues...

    :No-Sad . Okay so today i went out to drive Aura and when i was picking out her feet (first thing i do) i noticed her feet were weird. In the frog area when i picked it white stuff came off the frog, so immediately i thought it was thrush, well it ain't smell like it. I also noticed that just...