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  1. River Wood

    the gal who just won the world title

    Whoever was hugging the gal Kristina (sp) that was handling the world champion in class 51 I believe it was...lost something out of their pocket into the ring when they were leaning over the rail to hug her. Just in case it was a wallet or something important...just thought I'd let someone know...
  2. River Wood

    Just a few photos I took and played around with

    Just a few photos that the hubby and I took last year of one of our foals. Played around with grey scale too. I have always liked the look of black/white. I think I may have "sharpened" them too much...a bit grainy looking Thanks for letting me share
  3. River Wood

    I Found a Few Old Things

    Oh just for fun, I thought I'd share a few photos I ran across.......OLD wow... First is of a drawing I did of a carousel horse.....13 years ago YIKES. I would have been how old? hmm ok never mind....... Also found one of my beloved Sparky my Shih Tzu....boy that photo must have been...
  4. River Wood

    Forced Air vs. Radiant Heat

    Anyone have Radiant Heat? I was wondering how you like it??
  5. River Wood

    I'm really angry

    First off, this is NOT is about the media/news etc. I'm just really upset.....with some of the graphic images, videos etc that the media puts out there. I am talking BAD! Many probably have already heard of the women from Tehran.......and the video that they have of her all over...
  6. River Wood

    Anyone Else Getting Sick Of Tornado Warnings?

    I'm worn out watching for tornados here in Southern Minnesota. We have had 3 days in less than a week with afternoons filled with Tornados hitting everywhere around me. UGH... We have so many touch downs around me right now I can't keep them straight.
  7. River Wood

    If you have a metal roof

    Question for anyone that has a metal roof... I have heard that it is a myth that it is loud when it rains.....what do you think. Do you like it? Is it loud? What would you say that you don't like about it. Thanks
  8. River Wood

    No No for Sugar, Flour, Yeasts etc

    Is there anyone out there that has had to refrain from eating any foods containing sugars, flours, yeasts, etc... I am finding that I have intolerances to those types....and am pretty sick when I eat them. Not sure what the heck I'll eat lolol What are your experiences, what do you eat. etc.
  9. River Wood

    Window Coverings

    I am trying to figure out what type of window covering that I would like to get.. I wanted some opinions about what you guys have/like/don't like and how easy they are to keep clean.. It seems like there are so many types of coverings out there....... wood, vertical, shades etc etc....
  10. River Wood

    Sorry I think I asked this before

    Sorry I think that I have asked this before.......and can't remember, but can someone tell me what kind of bird this may be? It is a lovely song bird here in Minnesota. I blew the photo up a bit. Not sure how to describe the color, not red, not brown, kind of a reddish brown? I would say it is a...
  11. River Wood

    Controversial Issue In Minnesota

    There is an issue going on in Minnesota here...and I am curious to know what you all think. Do you think the judge is wrong? Long story short...a young boy of 13, has Hodgkin's lymphoma but his parents (and the boy) are against the idea of chemo as it is against their religious beliefs, their...
  12. River Wood

    Is there a simple and easy way

    To find out if an email from two different people are coming from the same computer? I have no clue. Not a computer person at all lol. Thanks!
  13. River Wood

    I wish I could explain it to my dog

    Yesterday morning, I found my dogs very best friend (our cat Lucy) dead on the gravel road in front of our house after having been hit by a car. I cried for myself.....and have now cried for my dog. He won't stop looking for her! That cat and dog loved eachother so much and were always...
  14. River Wood

    Do you think that dogs dream

    I was doing some computer work, my sheltie laying by my side where he always is, and he started breathing VERY heavy, then, he did something that I have never seen any of my past dogs do while they selpt. He started wagging his tail. Real wags like he does when he see me. I can only wonder what...
  15. River Wood

    Ok my first dumb joke lol

    What did the Zero say to the Eight....... Scroll down for the answer Nice Belt (was that funny)? and would you believe when that was sent to me I had to think for a second??
  16. River Wood

    Bulldog Owners

    Do bulldogs have problems with slobber....or breathing problems with such a short nose? I always called is a smushed up nose. Not sure the correct term for that. Also do they have good personalities around children?
  17. River Wood

    Utility Expenses

    I'm curious to know what people are paying around the country for some of their basic utilities. Share what you care to. Propane here.....$295.00/month..that is a fixed budget year round. Electric.......varies greatly.....lows during the summer of $75.00 to $275.00 in the winter per month I...
  18. River Wood

    Is Granite as great as they say?

    If you have granite counter feel that they are as wonderful as they are advertised to be? Are they worth it? It would be nice to find something a bit less expensive that works well. Sturdy, non staining etc.
  19. River Wood

    Kitchen Cabinets

    Has anyone ever purchased their kitchen cabinets online?
  20. River Wood

    If you could change your home

    If you could change your home..... What would you change