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  1. Steph G

    Need help with Parent Qualifying

    Do you have to send in the DNA kit to register a horse? And do they have to be parent qualified to have registerable foals or just DNA tested?
  2. Steph G

    Nationals Pics Arrived!!!

    Thank you so much everyone! CASINO, I remember talking with you. I was fighting back tears of joy as we were speaking. To know that people had her picked out as their favorite in a class of over 50 other horses just amazes me. One of the judges had her pinned first as well in that class. That...
  3. Steph G

    Nationals Pics Arrived!!!

    Thanks everybody. She's a really cool horse. I wish she would keep her color through Nationals. She's a deep golden palomino until August and then starts turning white.
  4. Steph G

    Nationals Pics Arrived!!!

    I entered my girl "Spring" in a total of 6 driving classes and came home with 6 top fives! I just love this girl. She's definitely a once in a lifetime kinda horse and I'm so happy I have the priviledge of calling her mine. I owe a huge thanks to Ricky Wardlaw of Cygnet Training for making her...
  5. Steph G

    WHF Ultimate Shock

    That's great news. I ordered a few on Sunday before flying back home. They stopped printing at the show on Friday, but I wasn't done showing yet. Congrats again Tammy. You did a good job conditioning him and he looked good. He got lots of oohs and aahhs as I walked him to the wash racks each time.
  6. Steph G


    I do the same thing RhineStone does and I don't have any problems. I also have a forgiving horse who doesn't mind being blind for a few seconds... That helps a lot. ETA: I have Barb's and I love them. Very customizable to get exactly what suits you.
  7. Steph G


    Sorry, double post...
  8. Steph G


    The spray I talked about turns to a dusty chalk material when dry. The rulebook says you can't change the horses coat color. This would not change the color. It would be blending the bald spot.
  9. Steph G


    There's also a black spray that I've used to cover scars on a bay horse's lower legs. I would feel pretty good saying that one of the tack vendors at Nationals should have some. They make them for any color horse.
  10. Steph G

    AMHR Nationals OMG 1 week away

    I can't wait! I will be flying out with a friend of mine and two youth on the 7th. I'll be staying through the 18th! I think the only day we don't show is the futurity day and the day we leave.
  11. Steph G

    AMHR Nationals OMG 1 week away

    Tammy do I not count? Although my horse has gone to Nationals once before, this will be my first time. I'm super excited, but also VERY nervous. I will be there the whole time stalling with Ricky Wardlaw of Cygnet Farms! My girl and I will be in Showmanship, Hunter, WCPD, and versatility...
  12. Steph G

    in the show ring

    Here's my girl. She's in my avatar as well.
  13. Steph G


    I can add to this one! This is my girl PPFS Cheaters Spring Felony (AKA Spring). She's snow white in winter and a very deep gold in the summer. I love her to death. She's going to Nationals this year where I as well as two youth will show her (one five yo and a 14yo). That is also her in my avatar.
  14. Steph G

    AMHA/AMHR lookup

    Is it possible to look a horse up in both A and R by name and get a registration number? If so can someone look up I'm An Exceptional Encore owned by Stephanie Greenway(me)?
  15. Steph G

    Youth Show Clothes You can go to tack and show and then there is a kids section. Way more reasonable than hobby horse. There's also drysdales(not sure of spelling), cripple creek, and panhandle slim. Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I've shown since I was five and we always...
  16. Steph G

    Carriages in Weddings

    LOL... Actually if it weren't for horses I wouldn't have met my fiance. The last big horse I had coliced one night and my fiance was the vet on call. We agreed to meet at the clinic, but by the time we got there the little stinker seemed better. Since we were already there he looked him over and...
  17. Steph G

    Palominos horses

    They're both adorable!!!
  18. Steph G

    Carriages in Weddings

    That's what I'm leaning toward. I'm a very petite person so I don't think Spring would have any trouble pulling me with someone else. The only thing is that the horsey people I know would want to stay and watch the ceremony so I'm thinking maybe after we drive up they could just stand at the end...
  19. Steph G

    Carriages in Weddings

    Thanks everybody. I'm really hoping we can to do this. She is my dream horse so I want her to be in my dream wedding.
  20. Steph G


    He is listed on MCC's website. I just googled him, so that's all I know.