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  1. AceyHorse

    Sick horse, any ideas?

    My 5 year old gelding Hero has been unwell since saturday, we are thinking Rye grass staggers but I would love some other opinions. His symptoms are lethargy, reluctance to move about, a bit un-steady on his feet, ears hanging out to the sides and just a general uncomfortable look to him, he...
  2. AceyHorse

    OMGosh! Help advice needed!

    Hi all, looking for any words of advice here! I just found out my "gelding" has been mounting and well "doing the business" with the in-season mare in his paddock!!! I got him after he was "gelded" and the date of his gelding has been written on his registration certificate. However today...
  3. AceyHorse

    Tassled Arabian Style Miniature Horse Show Halter

    Hi all, I'm getting married in February and of course my horses are going to be a part of the ceremony (as ring bearers) And I was thinking it would nice to put them in the tassled Arabian style show halters. I remember seeing a photo of one someone had made here, and I was wondering if she...
  4. AceyHorse

    Suggestions for business name?

    Hi all, I'm going to be starting up my own business making mini and some pony and big horse under rugs, tail bags, float boots etc. etc. And I've been racking my brain trying to come up with a name for the business!! So far I've come up with Exquisite Equine or Show Star Any other ideas...
  5. AceyHorse

    Blinkers in competition in New Zealand

    Hi there, Could anyone tell me if Blinkers are required for showing in New Zealand Thanks Anna
  6. AceyHorse

    Just thought I'd share

    Just as all of you on the other side of the world are relishing removing those fluffy winter pjs, my boys are just getting growing theirs for winter. I just thought I'd share a couple of pics I took this morning, its just starting to get a bit crisp here in the mornings now, but its so clear...
  7. AceyHorse

    Really neat website I found

    Hi all, I just thought I'd let you know about a really neat website I found its Its the Natural Horse Networks Online Community, just a really great site for learning more about natural horse care, herbs for horses, natural remedies, holistic medicene, flower essences...
  8. AceyHorse

    My boys got a cold, the Vet can't come till tomorrow

    Hi all, My 3 year old gelding has had a bit of a runny nose for a couple of days but its not been much and has been clear, I went out this morning to see him to find his nose had gross green lumps of mucus, and weepy eyes. I called up the Vet who'll come and see him tommorrow and have put...
  9. AceyHorse

    Cart styles

    Hi everyone, Is a easy entry cart suitable for use all aspects of a CDE or is a sulky type design better for the marathon and cones? Thanks,Anna
  10. AceyHorse

    Toys, games, entertainment

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering what you all do to keep your horse/horses amused while they are the stable or pen. Ours are stabled ( we have massive stables so 2 to a stable) at night and they go out into a large yard type area for the day and then into the paddock for a couple of hours...
  11. AceyHorse

    Building Trust

    Hi, I have yet another questions for all you talented and clever forum members out there. I have had my mini Ace ( he is a 4 year old gelding) for 15 months now and I feel I still haven't connected with him. He is a very sensitive, wary horse, but I would have thought by this time he would...
  12. AceyHorse

    my crazy parrot

    I just had to share this story with everyone. I have a male Indian Ringneck Parrot called Jimmy and a female called Lemon ( shes yellow) and they are coming up to 1 1/2 years old, so they are starting to get a bit curious about each other although they are far to young to do anything too...
  13. AceyHorse

    Some 'before' photos

    We are going to be clipping in a few weeks so I thought I'd better get some 'before' shots to document the transformation from Teddy Bears back into show horses! : I just have to say thank you to everyone for all the advice on feeding programs for show horses. Special thanks to Jill, my...
  14. AceyHorse

    Photo Bucket

    Hi all, I've would like to put some photos of my horses in the photo forum, but everytime I practise putting them on my post there either is an error or they show up as a link. I could post one at a time but would like to know how you post a few photos at a time. I am using photo bucket...
  15. AceyHorse

    Forelocks when driving?

    It will be my first season showing in harness this summer and I was wondering, what do I do with my horses forelock? Do I plait it or tuck it or have it sitting under his browband? I am having a beautiful browband made to match my driving outfit so would rather not have it covered up? Any...
  16. AceyHorse

    I'm looking for a driving bit

    I am looking for a driving bit for my cat B mini. I was bidding for one in an auction and missed out by $3! :o I was so disapointed because it is exactly what I want. It is a Low Port Mouth Snaffle with inlaid copper strips and I think the brand was "Kelly Bits and Spurs" I think I want a...
  17. AceyHorse

    Ideas for Show Outfits?

    I'm in the middle of trying to buy some jackets for showing but I am lacking in ideas and funds :no: So I was wondering if anyone could help me with some suggestions or maybe some photos of what you all are wearing in the show ring. That would be a great help, Thanks!
  18. AceyHorse

    soaking hay?

    Hi everyone, I recently read elsewhere that some people soak hay overnight before giving it to their horses. They said this was to 'remove the sugars' from the hay, therefore making it better to give to overweight horses or horses that gain weight easily. I had never heard of this before and...
  19. AceyHorse

    How to avoid stomach ulcers?

    I have horses that will soon be brought in to be stabled for the upcoming show season ( i'm in NZ) . I recently read an article reguareding stomach ulcers which blew me to the weeds when I learn how easy these are for the stabled horse to get. :new_shocked: My boys have been turned out to...
  20. AceyHorse


    Hi, I have seen Flaxseed mentioned a few times now as a natural additive to help your horses coat and colour? I was wondering how much to give each feed and also can you use Flaxseed oil? Are there any other 'natural' additives you can give your horse to encourage a glossy coat and great...