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  1. Cedar Ridge Farm

    Passing of a long time AMHA member

    I am still in shock, but wanted to let ya'll know that yesterday James O'Neal passed away. James was a friend of mine and while feeding his horses and other critters last night, he died of a massive coronary. Some may not have ever had the previlege of meeting James, but he was a nice fella with...
  2. Cedar Ridge Farm

    Fractured hock in Mini

    :(Hi Everyone...I am finally back from the stone age and back on-line !!! Whoohoo!!! I was wondering if anyone out there has ever had or heard of what I am going through.In Jan. I found my show mare in the pasture with her right rear leg up.We have no idea what happen, we can only speculate. I...
  3. Cedar Ridge Farm

    Friends horse diagnosed with Anhydrosis...

    Just wondering if anyone on here has had a horse diagnosed with this disease. We know what it is, but we are wondering if anyone has tried anything to cure them of this and if it has worked. (For those that don't means the horse does not sweat.) Thanks, Peggy
  4. Cedar Ridge Farm

    Having surgery to remove Lola...she is not my friend!

    Lola is the name I have given to my brain tumor. I got tired of complaining with the pain that this stupid thing has caused. I thought I might as well find some humor in it, so I decided to give her a fun name. Now when I am having a really bad day I just say Lola is being bad. I am having...
  5. Cedar Ridge Farm

    Questions about Allstar points

    I was just wondering if anyone has received their letters for top ten or has any indea on how long it takes to get them. I found out today I was 7th in ammy halter obstacle..
  6. Cedar Ridge Farm

    Movie to come out in December***

    You may already know about this, but I just learned about a kids movie coming out in December starring Nicole Kidman. I believe it's called The Golden Compass, and while it will be a watered down version, it is based on a series of children's books about killing God (It is the anti-Narnia)...
  7. Cedar Ridge Farm

    Clumsy me...broke my toe

    Okay, I will admit it, finally. It is not just because I am blonde, but I am a very clumsy person. Tonight I went out to feed and my right foor slammed into a small tree stump that has been out there for years. I fell and if not for my mare Daisy, I would have fallen flat on my face! Now, I have...
  8. Cedar Ridge Farm

    show carts

    Okay...I am just starting out on driving and was wondering if I can use an easy entry cart to show in.......what are the rules. Thanks! :