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  1. PrestigeMiniHorses

    Please welcome and Color Help

    Indian Peaks Dust in the wind This is my newest herd member. OK I am so confused John and them said Silver Smokey Black, AMHA said Silver Buckskin and AMHR says silver dapple. From where they clipped his bridle path and the side of his neck. I would said say silver dapple. He has been color...
  2. PrestigeMiniHorses

    posting pictures

    This make me so angry I went back through to the practice board and it will not post a picture from my photobucket account.... I don't get it.... Why is this happening to me....Someone please help
  3. PrestigeMiniHorses

    James Jack is now 2 months old

    James is actually closer to 3 months old. LOL But the other day he went to the doctor and he weighed 12.7 lbs and is 24 inches long. He sure is one big boy.
  4. PrestigeMiniHorses

    Finally pictures of James Jack

    Believe it or not it took me forever because I totally forgot how to post pictures. Lately it seems like I lurk more than anything..So I made my announcement and now here he is.... I still don't know what I am doing wrong LOL I think I...
  5. PrestigeMiniHorses


    On January 5th, Aaron and I welcomed a precious little boy. James Jack was born on Tuesday by a planned c-section due to me having Lexi that way. He weighs 7 lbs 15 oz and 21 inches long. Couldn't believe he was that big that's for sure. We are both doing well though. I have been trying to rest...
  6. PrestigeMiniHorses

    Wanting to buy a cart for my pony...

    I think I am just about lost when it comes to buying for a pony LOL. My Shetland is 40" and I have no idea what size shafts I should be looking for. This little dude wears a 52" inch blanket. Not sure if that will help any. Please help someone I don't know what size I need.....Any and all adivce...
  7. PrestigeMiniHorses

    anyone want to start up a

    I got my email from Robin and now its time to start shopping... Would anyone like to start a Secret Santa hint post that can be pinned? I know it has always proved to be helpful in years past.
  8. PrestigeMiniHorses

    Just wanted to let everyone know....

    I know I haven't talked much to you all lately. I have been sorta lingering and staying busy. My doc appt that I told you all about was ok. Told me to take it easy and all that stuff. I am hoping to start going to some sort of therapy. I feel like it won't do much good. I say that only because I...
  9. PrestigeMiniHorses

    Thank you all so very much

    I am so sorry I have not been able to get on here and update you all on my status. But I am doing ok. I still am having a hard time coping. Its been very hard to do so thanks to my mother's family. They have done nothing but stress me out and everything. I have heard the worst things ever. I...
  10. PrestigeMiniHorses

    please mother died

    I don't know how to put this but yesterday was the hardest day of my life. Or should I say the worst. My beautiful mother of us 3 kids last night committed suicide. I don't know what to say or what to do. NO ONE AT ALL SAW THIS COMING. She had the perfect life. She had everything. She was so...
  11. PrestigeMiniHorses

    Yay we finally found out....

    BOY!!!!!!!!!! We are so Thrilled its a lil boy... Now just more waiting til he actually gets here.... I just couldn't resist telling you guys... We already have a name picked out too... James Ryan Rayner
  12. PrestigeMiniHorses

    Finally Now Introducing

    I just love this stallion... He is super sweet but alas I have no use for a colt so he is getting gelded this fall. My daughter just loves him though and he is still adjusting to her but he's coming around... He sure thinks he is hot stuff though.. I can't thank Kelley and Judy of Hardings...
  13. PrestigeMiniHorses

    Just curious...

    Just thought I would ask to see if anyone else is expecting a real baby...LOL. Not sure if many of you know or not but Aaron and I are expecting a precious bundle of Joy on January 9, 2010. I am thinking we will be lucky to make it that far, since last time with Lexi I didn't make it. Anyhow we...
  14. PrestigeMiniHorses

    Does anyone recognize these two names?

    Red Rocks Tomorrow Wht Lightning Red Rocks Tomorrow's Sparkle Or what about a breeder that was I believe around in Colorado by the name of Joe Baker??? Any information at all would be great. The only thing I know so far is that Sparkle was owned at one point in time by Red Stone Farm. I am...
  15. PrestigeMiniHorses

    Information need on

    Anyone out there know what this costs for a healthy dog and cat?\ Who provides it? Any information would help a ton. Thanks
  16. PrestigeMiniHorses

    Prayers and thoughts greatly needed

    I talked to my mother today and she called and told me what it was that my grandma was holding back. Well a couple days ago by grandma was notified that she has a hole in her heart. She's working on getting a second opinion right now. And she has made the decision that if it really is true that...
  17. PrestigeMiniHorses


    I am so crazy about freebies like samples and such...Is anyone else crazy about them like I am? Got any sites to share.. I have few but I need to dig them up
  18. PrestigeMiniHorses

    Got some new pics of my boy as promised...

    Sorry it has taken me so long to post new pictures of my new lil guy but between bad weather and no time I just wasn't able to get pictures of Skeeter sooner...Here is BSR Gentlemen Start Your Engines AMHA/AMHR grey pinto colt...All 26" of him!!!! P.S. Forgive us we are still in training mode...
  19. PrestigeMiniHorses

    OK, I can't hold it in any longer

    OK, many of you know that I had to sell my horses to pay for my divorce almost 6 months ago now. Since then I promise you all I have felt so very empty inside. Alot like I have been depressed and lost without my equine companions. So after many months of looking online at horses in hopes of one...
  20. PrestigeMiniHorses

    Found a good informational site

    I was pretty bored today and came across this interesting site that actually might be helpful to some. I know when I was especially in 4-H that this would have been nice to have around. Hope this is helpful to some of you all... Ranchway Feed Horse Book