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  1. CrescentMinis

    My newest boy is home early! :)

    I can see them now! He is very nice have fun!
  2. CrescentMinis

    My newest boy is home early! :)

    Congratulations! The pics aren't showing for me...they say they have been "moved or deleted". I want to see him! Hope you'll post some more when he's settled.
  3. CrescentMinis

    Mini on TV

    Hadn't seen the ad so searched YouTube, here it is and you're right, it is a very cute ad! Hillshire Farms Auction
  4. CrescentMinis

    Wish Me Luck -- First Oncologist Appt This Morning

    Prayers coming your way today Jill! I love what you wrote about "Barbie hair" and "enhancements" cracked me up. I think your positive attitude is already making a big difference in how quickly you've recovered from such a major surgery, and will keep you going no matter what the onc...
  5. CrescentMinis

    Time Goes So Fast!

    Aww, she IS special, looks absolutely perfect!
  6. CrescentMinis

    Pictues from my visit to Fla. to see my GrDaughters

    Beautiful girls Theresa, and I love the closeup of you and Brianna--she has her grandma's eyes!!!
  7. CrescentMinis

    An evening with family... two and four legged kind.

    I can see 4 pics, and the kids are grinning from ear to ear. They will have a lot to talk about!
  8. CrescentMinis

    Appy Minis

    So what are the chances a horse (not a speck of Appy in her pedigree) who was diagnosed with ERU as a several-weeks-old foal, could have a NON-genetic form of this? If it's of genetic origin, I don't want to breed her and have it show up in her foal. Apparently there is not a genetic screening...
  9. CrescentMinis

    Art show coming up...

    Kim, that is beautiful work! If that doesn't take home some top ribbons I would be shocked!! GOOD LUCK, you deserve the blue.
  10. CrescentMinis

    I really need some prayers and good thoughts

    Wow, the roller coaster ride you have been on is really something, Jill! You have been in my thoughts and prayers every day. I am SO glad the doc was able to give you this information today and let you come away feeling that you will be FINE when it's all said and done!!!
  11. CrescentMinis

    Shetland registration eligibility

    Thank you for this excellent information.....I truly appreciate it! Just found out since posting earlier that the foals this Shetland stallion is siring are doing almost all their growing really early, by the time they are yearlings; after that they are nearly done. So he may stay AMHR after all.
  12. CrescentMinis

    Shetland registration eligibility

    I think this is going to be a "no" answer, but can't find what I need on the ShetlandMiniatures site.... Have a colt from this year with both parents AMHA/AMHR and sire is also ASPC; colt is 62.5" Arenosa. I am trying to familiarize myself with the shetland rules and world, so please bear with...
  13. CrescentMinis

    SMHC Ringmaster - Sold to Australia

    Congratulations!! I watched that video over and over and showed it to whoever would watch with me. I want one like him. Absolutely takes my breath away ..... ENJOY!!
  14. CrescentMinis

    I really need some prayers and good thoughts

    I'll be thinking of you Jill, and pray they work you in much sooner than 2 weeks. It's so frustrating and stressful to have to wait that long for more information, especially for people who are used to taking charge and getting things DONE...NOW!!
  15. CrescentMinis

    ~Stick Family Decals~ ~~Car Windows~~

    Found some here:
  16. CrescentMinis

    Anyone famous in your family tree?

    I think we'd rather be connected to Mark Twain but my mother's side were the original Pirates of the Caribbean. More like infamous.
  17. CrescentMinis

    Pasture Sweeper

    Tall grass hasn't been seen here in a few years, so it sure sounds like it's worth a try...thanks for the input. I'm hoping the rolling brush won't "spear" the horsey apples if they aren't dry enough, and fling them back up at me instead of dropping them in the basket! Ewwww....
  18. CrescentMinis

    Pasture Sweeper

    The recent threads about stall cleaning and pasture vacs have me thinking about an easier way to do outside cleanup. In lieu of the 3000.00+ Pasture Vac, has anyone tried an option like this? Did it pick up manure very well? The reviews I've found sound like it handles things like pine cones...
  19. CrescentMinis

    Precious is foaling!!!

    Dear Joanne, I am so sorry for your tremendous loss. I too have followed Precious' foalwatch thread but not posted before now, and my heart is heavy with this outcome.
  20. CrescentMinis

    Stall cleaning

    You'd like the Woody Pet fine tines fork....we don't have Tractor Supply here, but they carry it, so I ordered it online (could be the same one Christy is talking about). It's designed for pellet bedding to fall through so less waste, but also the tines are so closely spaced that it picks up...