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  1. twister

    Jazz's picture from Nationals

    I just the other day got my picture from Washburns so here it is. Yvonne
  2. twister

    God Bless America

    I don't know how to make this a link in the post but go there and you will be teary eyed. A friend sent this to me and I just finished watching it. Yvonne
  3. twister

    Jazz at the nursing home

    I took Jazz to the local nursing home on Friday, he was so well behaved and he was in some pretty tight corners because he visited the seniors in their rooms. Here he is in the elevator with me. Here he is with one of the seniors, her smile says it all: Yvonne
  4. twister

    clipped a buckskin

    I finally got around to clipping Romeo, our 28" buckskin stallion, legs are still on lol. I had to stop, my back was hurting me. Pardon my silly expression, I must have blinked as she pressed the button lol.
  5. twister

    Trip to PA

    I have been asked to judge near Grove City PA the first weekend in August (dogs not horses lol) so I wondered if anyone on the forum was local to Grove City so I could visit them on either the Friday or the Monday. It would be wonderful to meet some more forum members and see their horses. Yvonne
  6. twister

    just clipped Twister today

    Well I just clipped Twister today aka Stonemaples' Twist N' Shout, it is the first time I gave her a complete clip, she was so good and patient. I am going to show her this year. Here she is: Before: After: Yvonne
  7. twister

    Cleaned out the sheep barn finally

    We got rid of the sheep 2 years ago, we had them in a coverall building where they thrived because of the natural light. So I thought why not turn it into an indoor arena where I could work the horses and the dogs. We still have to get some gravel and sand but it is cleared out and I have been...
  8. twister

    Fish Jumping

    I took some pics of hubby feeding the trout we have in our pond, we have speckled trout and brown trout. They look like piranhas when they get their feeding frenzy on:
  9. twister

    Going along with the dieting theme - Healthy Recipes

    I thought we could post healthy recipes to this topic, ones that we have already tried at home and so: Mediterranean Vegetable Couscous Ingredients: 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 small cloves garlic, chopped 1/2 teasp cinnamon, 1/2 teasp turmeric, 1/4 teasp black pepper 1 can/pkge low sodium...
  10. twister

    I bought a horse today for $25

    Here it is: I am going to paint it and put it in front of the barn surrounded by flowers when spring gets here. Yvonne
  11. twister

    Hickstead 2009

    Here is a compilation of various events, I especially like the mini dressage team Yvonne
  12. twister

    fabulous dressage performance

    You have to see this horse, talk about awesome, he got a 90.7% score. Yvonne
  13. twister

    just some pics I took the other day of the horses

    Twister (bay with 1 blue eye) Jazz (silver dapple) he is enjoying his summer off Carrie (silver dapple 2 year old homebred) Lilly and Munchie (my driving horse) Twister and Munchie Yvonne
  14. twister

    4 or 5 tornadoes in Southern Ontario

    Well 4 or 5 tornadoes touched down in Southern Ontario yesterday, the hardest hit were Durham just north of here and Vaughan in the greater Toronto area. My daughter and her boyfriend were camping in the conservation area at Durham, just before the tornado rolled in they took a walk to Durham...
  15. twister

    Show clothes

    Here are 2 show jackets I bought yesterday, I especially like the red one.
  16. twister

    went to a show and sale today to sell my soaps

    Went to Never Ending Ranch today for a show and sale and look what I came home with a breeding pair of Silver Pheasants, they are so beautiful and happy in their new pen.
  17. twister

    Foxes paid a return visit

    We had the foxes back yesterday for a visit, they stayed right on our lawn for about half an hour, the cubs were running to and fro and playing games. They were one less though, I don't know what happened to the other baby. here is mama fox It is maybe appropriate that our farm is...
  18. twister

    Twister in the round pen today

    My hubby was free lunging Twister today so I took the opportunity to snap a few pics. We are trying to get her conditioned for the show season, please excuse my bad clip job. I don't know how she stayed on her feet in this one; Yvonne
  19. twister

    fox cubs on driveway today

    I looked out the front window this morning and saw something on the driveway, they were too far away for me to see with my bad eyes, so I got the binoculars and it was a pair of fox cubs playing like puppies, they made me laugh. By the time I thought to get my camera I could only get one shot...
  20. twister

    Jazz goes visiting

    The nursing home that we went to last year wanted us to come back again so we went on Wednesday and here are a few pictures, we were out in the garden this time and all the seniors had ice cream cones. It was a warm, sunny day, the weather was perfect. Jazz was as always a perfect gentleman with...